This Exists: Bugs Dressed Up as Jurassic Park Characters

What the…? I don’t even…? I’m very much struggling to understand what’s going on here.

Apparently there’s an Etsy user who is selling dead giant beetles fully dressed up in Jurassic Park clothing to look like various characters from the movie. It’s so WTF, that “WTF” doesn’t even cover the magnitude of how WTF it really is.

I guess seller Erin Pearce is just a really big fan of both beetles and Jurassic Park, and those two passions came together in the most unlikely of ways.

Check out the other characters if you dare below:

  • anon

    I love this.

  • Oh that’s too cool! And they’ve all sold so she’s not alone in her love of beetles and JP.

  • Sam

    Hold onto your bugs

  • donpureevil

    i had to laugh for a minute before i was able to klick on the link for more pics.

    this is so awesome! realy weird, but awesome!

  • Mr Teufel

    Maybe the creator likes to pretend s/he’s a dinosaur, and the bugs are people?

  • Jim Lahey

    I wonder if this is a profitable venture. That would surprise me more than the fact these things exist.