They’re Making a Veronica Mars Movie! I’m Good at Faking Enthusiasm!


Alright, alright, I will admit that I have never seen a second of Veronica Mars. I’ve heard it’s a fantastic show, and I’ll be sure to put it on my download que after Californication and Gossip Girl are done. But fans of the show are undoubtedly pretty jacked that Rob Thomas (of non-Matchbox 20 fame) has confirmed the project. We’re all assuming that Kristin Bell is attached as well, and not being replaced by Hilary Duff or someone similarly young and blonde.

I truly hope the movie kicks ass for all the fans because I had a similar experience when I heard they were bringing my beloved Firefly back to life on the big screen. Fans of a far-too-quickly canceled show deserve a quality big-screen treatment to wrap things up. I’m only hoping that the Arrested Development project gets on track so I can enjoy the rebirth of yet another one of my favorite shows ever. Or maybe I’ll just finish watching Veronica Mars by the time this comes out…

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  1. Watch Veronica Mars June 26, 2009

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