There’s Bad Cosplay, and Then There’s This

We’ve been slacking in featuring some kickass cosplay on the site here in a while, and posting this picture certainly isn’t helping my cause any. It’s perhaps the absolute worst Star Wars costumes I’ve ever seen, though if that’s the guys actual hair on the left there, it’s mildly impressive.

It’s so bad it’s almost meta, and though that Threepio is probably going to haunt my dreams, I have to applaud these guys for having the balls to not only dress up as Star Wars characters in public, but to do it so terribly even other nerds won’t respect them for it. That’s an impressive feat.

Hmm, now I need to make a good cosplay gallery for tomorrow to make up for this. Any suggestions?

  • johnny buongiorno

    i’d like to see good firefly cosplay.
    is there such a thing?

  • Bert

    For some reason the dude dressed as C3P0 reminds me of the late John Tenta’s stint as Golga in the WWE in the late 90’s.

    In keeping with that theme, my suggestion is pro wrestling cosplay, if such a thing even exists.

  • Wite Boy

    thats just a hippie on the left

  • milruko

    I worked at a movie theater when Episode I came out. Hated the people that came in costumes to watch the movie.

    So, my buddy and I went as Luke’s severed hand and R2 costumes, made entirely from supplies readily available at the movie theater, including a clean new trash can that I wheeled him around in, and five garbage bag fingers that I taped to my shirt.

    Needless to say, we were not popular.

  • Filthwizard

    Have you seen the Team Rocket cosplay over at Geekologie?

  • dimensionallyT

    Ok, they are totally taking the piss. There is no way they are doing that seriously. It HAS to be meta!

  • wacka

    HaHa I like the geekologie plug