The True Iron Chef

It definitely took me a few looks to decide that this wasn’t in fact Robert Downey Jr. wandering off the set of Iron Man 2. I’m still not entirely convinced, as that armor set looks pretty freaking elaborate, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Downey smile like that.

In any case, it’s a great pun to be sure, and I couldn’t pass it up. I would imagine that between all his flamethrowing and other gadgetry, Iron Man probably would be the guy best suited to making dinner at Avengers HQ, and I’d love to see a Joss Whedon-written script in that film where he, Thor, Captain America and The Hulk all argue about what they should have for dinner.

What exactly is he carving up there?

  • Hopton

    That looks like Gyro, a type of Greek meaty goodness!

    Wiki link:

  • Filosoraptor

    I would say it’s a type of pork meat that’s called “Trompo” or “Pastor” in Mexico, which is very popular for tacos. I’m assuming this because if you look at the banner behind him you can read “La Parrilla” backwards, which is spanish for “The grill”.

  • Its Kebap and its probably the most popular fast food here in Germany. Its a turkish dish

  • JohnYo


  • looka

    yep its a kebap..

  • thegreatfatsby

    I always thought it was kebab? At least that’s the way they pronounce it over here in Ireland, but it’s probably kebap if those guys above are from Germany. Wouldn’t have thought it would be that popular in Germany though.

    Thought it was more a thing for the English to chow down on after a night out drinking.

  • vaex

    In Germany it’s also written kebab. The Turkish pronounce it as kebap… But that doesn’t matter. It’s delicious and yeah it’s f*** popular here. I like it before drinking 🙂

  • Anon E. Moose

    Where I come from it’s a Donner (pronounced Dune-err) kebab. Donner for short.

  • Heen

    Paul, if you’ve never eatin this before, please do so ASAP. Get a lamb gyro and thank me later.

  • erye5yey

    its shwarma, popular in saudi arabia.

  • pedro

    Here in brazil its called greek bbq, and only 1 place out of 20 do this the right way, the others are just some meat that is 1 day to be considered rotten and would be in the garbage bin anyway. Its sad because, aside from being a waste of food, look like a nice meal. The wrong places do this with a giant onion at the top

  • Bert

    Looks like shawarma to me – and it’s amazing.

  • Hopton

    Turkish Donner/kebab and Greek Gyro are basically the same thing. Greece was under turkish rule for a few hundred years, so I’m guessing that’s where we got it from 😛

    I think the biggest difference is the kind of meat used. Traditionally in Greece I think lamb is the meat of choice (with chicken being the alternative). Outside of Greece though they’ll pretty much use any kind of meat, which would make donner and gyro precisely the same thing.

  • This actualy Gyros guys, I am from Greece I eat it all the time its our favorite! Gyros + Tzatziki… The difference from the turkish kebap is that kebap has only cow meat in it, in Greece the most popular is with pork, or chicken meat. I guess in Turkey they dont use pork cause of their religion.

    Gyros actually is the greek word for “Round” or “circular” and its called like that cause of the round movement this whole thing does!

    Hope you find the info helpfull!

  • Josep

    By the looks of the floor, baloons on the roof and the face of the guy, it is most probably “Pastor Trompo” lamb meat prepared with annatto for tacos.

  • You’re all kinda right. But I’m gonna go with Tacos al Pastor. The setting is definitely Mexican (no kebab restaurant would be named “La Parrilla”, would it?)

    It is very, very similar to kebab indeed.

  • matt

    thats definitely mexico!! its TACOS AL PASTOR, best food you’ll ever have

  • houssamica

    no …this is the real shawarma …we have in syria a lot of places …this is shawarma for sure …the guy is really in the role as iron man asked for shawarma in avengers movie !

  • Joe

    Of all the things to be debated, the internet debates what the guy is making?

  • Aaron

    It actually is Schawarma, I’ve seen it on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” once, I think it was made of some kind of marinated Chicken and roasted as you carve it, the outside cooks for about 20 minutes or so and shaved off, esposing the less cooked stuff beneath, then that cooks as well.