The Top Ten Realistic Wonder Woman Candidates

Wonder Woman

There’s been plenty of hype about a potential upcoming Wonder Woman movie.  And some actresses like Jennifer Love Hewitt have openly expressed interest in playing the role.   So taking into account a number of factors, I decided to come up with a list of 10 actresses I felt could capture the role quite well.

What factors might you ask?  Well first of all, no blonds.  Sorry Paris Hilton.   Second of all?  I’m trying to take into account their popularity as well as acting experience.  I mean sure I can strap on 10 really hot brunettes we don’t know, but there’s at least something about these 10 women that would probably “work” here.

So let’s dive right in.

Jessica Alba


Alba is an obvious choice but certainly appropriate.  Anyone who’s seen Sin City and Dark Angel can certainly understand where I’m coming from here.  She’s had experience with action movies and wouldn’t you just love to see her in that outfit kicking ass?

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Hewitt is the furthest from this role out of anyone on this list simply because she just doesn’t seem like the action type.  However, given she wants to play the role I think she could nail it.  Just imagine Hewitt going to the gym for 6 months and then blasting out with an amazing body.  It could work.

Megan Fox


Any Questions?

Kristin Kreuk


I think she’s got a great look for Wonder Woman.  Plus she’s got the comic book experience with her role on Smallville.  She may seem too sweet and innocent but no way.  Anyone who’s seen Smallville knows she has her badass moments on the show.

Carmen Electra


I think Carmen Electra would be great for any superhero movie female lead.  It’s just a question of her acting.  Is it good enough?  Frankly I really wouldn’t care.

Demi Moore


You have to admit.  Demi Moore, even in her 50’s would kick ass as Wonder Woman.  Think about it.  She’s a very good actress.  She’s been in action films.  She’s got the perfect hair and body for the role.  I think she could pull it off and quite well I might add.

Olivia Wilde


Just because she’s like the “it” girl right now.  It would make perfect sense for her to step in for this role.  Something tells me she’s already been asked 100 times.

Leighton Meester


Yes, Leighton Meester.  The Gossip Girl star was born for that uniform.  And given her impending sex tape you know she’s got the attitude.

Jessica Biel


Action movie experience.  Rock hard body.  Sexy, yet very tough looks.  Biel could easily do well on that invisible airplane.

Mila Kunis


I think this is a great selection.    I’m not sure what happened to her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but Kunis is a bonafide hottie right now.  I think she simply grew up.  She looks more like a woman now.  Attach a “wonder” in front of it and I think we have a great candidate.

I’m sure there are more out there but I like these 10.

  • ComfortableMadness

    I definately like the ten you mentioned here but I’ll throw Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Connelly into the mix. Connelly has the look but Beckinsale has both the looks and the ass-kicking ability.

  • Madison

    @ ComfortableMadness

    Connelly would make a real good Wonder Woman if she could pull off the action. She’d have no trouble with the acting.

    I think I like Demi the best out of all the potential choices.

  • Nattyb

    I think Connelly looks too much like a dude but I agree that she does have a wonder woman look. I almost think Beckinsale is above the role. Sure she’d be good but she’s all British and classy and stuff.

  • xtheenderx

    I have to say I disagree with most of your choices. The Wonder Woman character was made to look like an “Amazon.” They have to be somewhere along the lines of Brooke Shields or Lucy Lawless. But I could definitely see either Demi or Jessica Biel playing that role.

  • Dave-O

    I have to agree with xtheenderx.

    Most of these women are too small in stature. You need someone in the 5’9” and up range I would think.

    I personally think Rebecca Romijn would be a solid selection.

  • Josh

    Where is Angelina Jolie? Surely she is a little old for the role but if there is anyone in the world who possess the “Amazon” look, it is her.

  • it’s just that easy

    one name and one name only….rupaul

  • Olivia Wilde has the face. Jessica Biel has the body. The rest are too soft, too small, too child-like, too old, or too whore-ish. Megan Fox is horrible for Wonder Woman – you need a strong woman you admire for her strength as well as her beauty. Not someone you want to throw over the couch for a quickie.

  • Z1

    (Except for a couple) That was a pretty shitty list.

  • SirEdward

    Most of them would.. I guess… work as Wonder Woman. Olivia Wylde is my best bet though.

    As for Megan Fox.. She’s a pretty girl. But such an attention whore. If she had the least bit of acting ability to back up her looks I’d care a little bit for her, but I’m getting very sick of this obsession over her this past year or so. She’s not the best looking girl in entertainment today, by far, and she’s certainly not the best actress either. It just seems to me like all these dudes who go on about how hot she is are only doing so because the dude next to them is saying it. And he’s just repeating what everyone else down the line is saying.

    Sheep mentality. Hello Idiocracy!

  • SquallyD

    It’s been mentioned already, but I think Lucy Lawless would definitely nail it.

    Lawless in her prime “Xena” days is practically already Wonder Woman with a color scheme change.

  • Korinthian

    Megan Fox might be good-looking according to people that don’t mind dead, talentless eyes. (So the question would be: did you just pick her because she’s everywhere nowadays, and “hot”, or do you actually think she could pull off a role that doesn’t just require bending over different parts of machinery?)

    And Kristin Kreuk is just terrible in every aspect of the word, so I will just assume that you hate Wonder Woman.

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  • cutebutnerdy

    Please Joss Whedons original pick of Charisma Carpenter is spot on. I don’t have half the enthusiasm for this flick that I had when he was at the helm. And whoever said Megan Fox wasn’t hot. Puh-lease! The woman is a looker, but her acting… idk I’ve never seen her act. And Demi is awesome, but she is too too old for this role I think. I do think it should go to a woman in her 30’s.

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  • ogie

    check out Bridget Regan ..she is on a syfy show called The Legend of the Seeker…she would be perfect for the role.

  • Trey

    Wonder Woman is an Amazon – ergo a tall woman. Several of these choices are clearly not Amazon material (even though they’re hot actresses with talent). They would have to go with someone with actual size – she doesn’t have to be 6 feet tall, but she can’t be short.

  • Stranger

    IMDb “Monique Ganderton”… uber hot stunt woman that could nail down the Wonder woman action… has doubled for Rebecca Romijn (Mystique in x-men) and Bridget Moynahan… plus, she’s tall.

  • James Pope

    Another vote for Bridget Regan. The woman IS Wonder Woman.

  • biggusdickus

    Yvonne Strahowski of the Chuck TV series would make a very good Wonder Woman. She’s got excellent set of knockers (always a requirement), she can act, she’s tall, and she can do action scenes. Actually, I think she’d be close to perfect for this role, except that she’s a natural blonde, but she would still look good as a brunette. She’s just that HOT!!

  • THF

    Olivia Munn FTW.

  • Victor Castillo

    The woman to play wonder woman whom ever it turns out to be has to have amazonian qualities.Tall and curvacious are the qualities whe must have.Unfortunately lucy lawless seems to have lost some of her size but if she can regain it she would be perfect.I really don’t see too many women today fitting this bill.If Helga from American Gladiators could act she would be perfect for the part.She is a strong,curvy and gorgeous woman.

  • silverhorizon

    I honestly dont like all 10 of them… i do love Kristen Kruek from smallville but shes short gal. but theres only one actress that definitely fits the role ….its BRIDGET REGAN of Legend of the Seeker. She is just PERFECT….c”, )

  • Lightengale

    Reading the description, I had such hopes for this list but it was essentially the same carbon copy of all the vapid ‘let’s put any remotely hot chick in the suit’ kinda list. Carmen Electra?! Mila Kunis?! Megan *yaawwnn* Fox?! Feel my wagging finger of shame!

    … and why eliminate blondes or redheads from the list? Yeah, they have this stuff called dye. Lots and lots of actresses use it. Totally changes your haircolor! Pfft.

    silverhorizon is made up of ample amounts of genius! I almost credited you with complete genius genetics but Kristin Kruek is heinous. Short is the least of concerns in regards to casting her as Wondy.

    Bridget Regan is the first and so far only choice I have felt completely able to embody Wonder Woman. Beautiful, great (natural) figure, impressive and believable in her fights scenes and best of all a very talented actress… and a natural redhead who looks incredible with her raven locks.

  • Mike

    Sarah Lancaster,who portrays Chuck’s sister on Chuck would be an excellent candidate.

  • Jorn

    Mila Kunis is cute but too short. Demi Moore is too old – though she could totally be Diana’s Mom. Megan Fox is disgusting, Kristen Kruik is too frail, Carmen Electra is laughable, and Jessica Alba is over done. I’ve never seen Gossip Girl, so I don’t know who Leighton Meester is, but based on the pic you used, she’s completey wrong for the role. Olivia Wilde wouldn’t be a terrible choice, but she’s got completely the wrong aura to be Wonder Woman (Though I’ve only seen her in House, so maybe I’m not giving her enough credit as an actor)

    I could see Jennifer Love Hewitt pulling it off if she hit the gym for a while, but that would be kinda sad – she’s quite alluring as she is, and Beil could probably do quite well, but I think there is a better choice- I’d not heard of her before she was mentioned in the comments here, but Monique Ganderton looks like she’d be perfect as WonderWoman – of course I have no idea how good an actor she is, she looks absoluely perfect

  • p.w.

    i think katy perry looks exactly like wonder woman but sadly she isnt an actress

  • Eliza

    Zooey Deschanel looks JUST like Katey Perry & she’s an awesome actress. She is also too short.

    Whoever plays her it will undoubtedly end up being either crappy lads mag wank fantasy bollocks, or just awful trite post-feminist garble.

    I try not to write off comic movies before I’ve seen them, but this one…truly I have no faith.

  • Randy

    I think Bridget Regan from The Legend of the Seeker would be a great choice to play The Role of Wonder Woman. She has an amazon look, an angelic face, gorgeous looks and does not use her sex appeal to her advantage. Great Choice!

  • Ares

    Brooke Shields nice
    Jennifer Connelly *snif* yep maybe
    Lucy Lawless goood

    But my options.

    1.- Roselyn Sanchez
    2.- Patricia Velazquez

    | Patricia Velazquez | Roselyn Sanchez
    Actress* | yes | yes
    Face | 10 | 10
    Body curvy | 10 | 10
    Musculature | 10 | 9
    Height | 10 | 8
    Amazon** | 110% | 100%

    * your choice, the points
    ** literally are Amazons

  • Edgardo

    English text :
    Hello my name is

    The idea that Katy Perry is the best for my Wonder Woman this original since the Warner Bros studios think that once along with DC Comics (Detective Comics) and better not forget to Megan Fox, knowing that this actress rejection paper is only a matter of talking and negotiating with Katy Perry for the character of Wonder Woman for 2011 to speak with Warner Bros studios and, along with DC Comics (Detective Comics)
    that’s all thanks to cooperate until then.

    Español texto:
    Hola mi nombre es

    La idea de que Katy perry sea la mejor Mujer Maravilla para mi esta original ya que los estudios de la Warner Bros que lo piensen una vez junto con DC comics (Detective Comics) y que mejor se olviden a Megan Fox, sabiendo que esta actriz rechazo el papel solo es cuestion de hablar y negociar con Katy Perry para el personaje de la Mujer Maravilla para el año 2011 hablar con los estudios de Warner Bros y junto con DC comics (Detective Comics) eso es todo gracias por cooperar hasta luego.

  • some girl


  • Em
  • Sugigaya


  • Darkfire

    Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova is the perfect Wonder Woman, just look at her stunning looks! very close to Lynda Carter!

  • Amber Heard is very sexy and she is very very pretty, i wish i could marry her `

  • the great thing about jennifier connelly is that she still looks hot eventhough she is already a bit old these days “

  • i love those eyes of amber heard, they are very beautiful and she got a very sexy body too “*`

  • Jen connelly is the actress that i have a huge crush. here eyes are really very pretty ‘`’

  • roy

    There is a perfect choice for wonder women. This person brings all the perfect physicall atribuites and timing . My choice Cote De Pablo from ncis . She is an incredible actress and extremely bueatiful.

  • WW Fan

    Gemma Arteton all the way. No skinny waifs. No failed acting talents (Carmen Electra). You need a woman with curves, attitude, and heat. Give Wonder Woman the curves she needs, not just another model.

  • Robert

    Gina Torres or Lucy Lawless are the two not mentioned that should be mentioned. Plus all of those other girls are too short to be Amazonian.

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Those are yout choices boy? You need to get out more
    Plus, any actress that “plays” WW will go DYKE

  • Broneyes912

    NO MEGAN FOX!!!!!!!

    Weight:140 lbs (64 kg)
    Hair: Black is how the comic books states Wonder Woman Physical Statistics.

    I would agree with Xtheenderx that person should look like an “Amazon”. Khloe Kardashian should think about the role. She beautiful, statuesque , bit of tomboy (no disrespect!!!!) and has the right build do Wonder Woman justice physical build strong but still soft………Please don’t get it twisted Wonder Woman is far from being a average size woman.

  • Tim

    I actually have to say I don’t like any of the choices. Alba is a joke. Hewitt never had the presence, never will. Fox is limited as an actress. Kreuk is even worse (Smallville fans can disagree, but she is only “good” compared to the wooden lead in that show). I said she’s worse only bc at least Megan is good as WW from the neck up, looks wise. Electra is not an actress. Moore is too old, unfortunately. In her prime it would have worked. Wilde is quite good, has the it factor, can sort of act, has presence, is young enough, but for WW? I still have to say no. Biel is a good supporting actress, she is just not A list material and doesn’t have the talent for it. Mila is a good actress but wrong for this part. In the whole list though, she is the best, just not physically large enough but that can be overlooked. I would not choose her though.

    Some other suggestions people gave: Connelly. Great actress. A list material. I *always* loved her. But you know what? In every single one of her movies, I want to prick her with a pin to see if she has a pulse. She may be pretty and classy and can act dramatically, she may even have screen presence – but she is always kind of dead in movies. It’s the Famke Jansen syndrome.

    Kate Beckinsale? She is gorgeous. Can sort of act. But she is bland as hell and just not A list material. I like her, I really do. But she’s just not that good.

    Legend of the Seeker fans keep suggesting Kahlan. I watched both seasons, and as much as I love Kahlan, I have to say NO. She is OK as an actress. But you know who I find much more interesting? Cara. The actress who played her was believably tough, can handle her fight scenes, had great deadpan humor, was hot, can act hot, is classy, can be dirty, can be rough, and all the while, she can surprise you by being sweet (in the episode of the alternate world). She can handle her dramatic scenes better than Kahlan, too (when she found out the truth about her father).

    To be WW, you have to have experience as an actress, you have to have the skills, and the presence. Tabrett Bethell has all of that. And she has the looks too, by far. She also has the “unknown” factor, but yet she is experienced with acting and fight scenes. This is a pic of her with dark hair:

    She is perfect for this part. That’s my recommendation.

  • crazyhobo

    A couple of good choises (not the post, but the comments), but most are WTF. Just because you have a celebrity crush on someone doesnt make it any good.
    And.. Mexican people? Black people? Seriously?

  • Cyber

    I’d like to add Alexandra Daddario

    she’s had experience with super movies, she’s hot, has the body needed for wonderwoman, and the looks. not to mention she’s a gd actress!

  • WW fan

    These picks are TERRIBLE!!!!! have you read any WW comics!? WW had a very strong physique- wide shoulders muscular arms, and strong facial features, these woman are nothing like WW. the only person I would agree on is Lucy Lawless/Xena as wonder woman. That’s it!

  • Mark

    Serinda Swan hands down could nail this part. She needs this role for her career.

  • len

    For those of you who are not a comic fan/geek, please read the comics first. “Realistically” and “Idealistically” Wonder Woman is a Princess and an Amazon (warrior princess) first before she became Wonder Woman. So who ever is going to play her role should be at least has a height of 5’9 (5’10 is perfect) and should be at the age of 24 to26 (27 will be pushing it. Diana Prince is a young woman when she became Amazon’s champion). The physicality can be built by going to the gym and hard training, but the height – you can’t have the actress wearing high heels.
    Don’t forget that Diana Prince is a princess (beautiful as Aphrodite so she doesn’t have strong facial feature at all) prettiest of all on Paradise Island. So please read the comics first before you think you know who’s best as Wonder Woman. Don’t ruin it for us comic fan/geeks.

  • I R

    Oooookay… First of all… Dude!!! Really… The only actress in your list remotely hinting at WW is Beil. Although I don’t think she could pull it off. She’s got the body though. Among all the post I found a couple that I could agree with.

    First of all WW is an AMAZON!!! Which means she’s a tall woman. She’s also a warrior. Which means a lot of muscle. And that doesn’t necessarily mean she’d have to look like a ‘roid freak. Lucy Lawless would be perfect for the role if she was 20 years younger and hadn’t already played Xena. A character with similarities to Wonder Woman.

    So… The actress would need to be tall, physically fit with nice muscle definition and would have to have the backbone to carry out a character like Wonder Woman. If only Gina Carano could act *sigh*

    I liked the idea about Bridget Regan, but I don’t know if she’s a strong enough actress to pull it off.

    Oooh I almost forgot… The no blonds policy… Um, did you know Lucy Lawless is a natural blond *grin* And she looks really hot as one too. Although I do find appealing the contrast between those baby blues and the dark hair *drool*.

    In short… We need an actress that physically fits the character as close as possible and is a good enough actress to carry the weight of it.

    I’m not sure I can come up with any suggestion… However if I see a Wonder Woman movie with any of the suggestions from your list, with the exception of Jessica Beil /so hot *drool*/ I would hunt down the movie makers and deliver retribution. The “Rogue” fiasco with Anna Paquin was enough for me. She’s a nice enough actress. But seriously… If that was Rogue, I’m the Queen of England!!!

    P.S. To the person who offered Kathy Perry… I know almost everything is a matter of opinion… but, seriously… get some grey matter!!!

  • Ronb

    Kate Beckinsale would be my number one choice. Looking at the list there are some that just will not work. For example, Carmen Electra and Kristin Kreuk just don’t work for me. Demi Moore you are so hot, but lets face it to bring on wonder woman they will go for someone younger, again Demi is still looking good. Olivia Wilde could work I think she may be my second favorite behind Kate Beckinsale. I know she is not on this list but Katherine Mcphee, the girls from small would be an interesting look. My top five would be # 1 Kate Beckinsale, #2 Olivia Wilde, #3 Megan Fox, #4 Katherine Mcphee, #5 Jessica Biel (they would have to change hair color to make this one work)

  • Raziël Makenshi

    this list is far from realistic

  • WonderWomanFan

    This may be the single worst article I’ve ever read on the Internet. Megan Fox? Jennifer Love Hewitt? Carmen Electra? Mila Kunis? What the serious f#%k? You just want some random attractive actress to play the role? We need an actress that has charisma and acting ability. Without that, Wonder Woman turns into a generic popcorn movie. It’s because of people like you that s#%t movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get sequels. I am worried about the Internet when drooling idiots like you get to be paid for this. Good day.

    – Actually reads Wonder Woman comics unlike every poser fan on the Internet.