The Top Ten Most Paused Movie Scenes

You’ve all done it before. There’s a particularly “interesting” scene in a movie, and you feel the need to rewind and pause on a certain moment. European Netfilix clone LOVEFiLM decided to poll their users to see which scenes in movie history were pause the most. They came up with a top ten list that’s 60% nudity, 30% easter eggs and 10% bloopers. I’ve given away number one in the lead picture here, but that shouldn’t have been too hard to guess.

I’ve tracked down each of the scenes on the list, and did my best to put up screencaps of the exact moment in question, though some were harder to find than others. Turns out I Googled “Brad Pitt ass” for twenty minutes for nothing. Time to clear my search history…

So yeah, check them out below. I had to censor some of the more proactive ones as that’s a no-no for our site, but if you’re as determined a Googler as I was writing this list, you’ll be able to find them for yourself if you try hard enough.

10. Nicole Kidman rear-end flash – Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – 1%

Really? It seemed like she was naked this entire movie.

9. Pacman cameo – Tron (1982) -2%

I thought this was pretty easy to spot without pausing the first time I watched this.

8. Dust spells out ‘SEX’ – The Lion King (1994) – 3%

The official story is that it spells out S.F.X. for the sound effects team, but that’s highly questionable.

7. Captain America’s shield appears on desk – Iron Man 2 (2010) – 4%

Then they use it as a huge prop in the second one, so it’s a little less cool.

6. Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital – Fight Club (1999) – 5%

UPDATE: OK I had to re-do this one because I totally misinterpreted what I was looking for. I haven’t seen Fight Club in forever, but I do remember what this is referencing now. Brad Pitt wasn’t flashing someone his ass, he was flashing onscreen for a brief moment. The event in question is panel two, and the other three show other moments where his character, Tyler Durden, show’s up in the narrator’s life for no more than one quick blink-and-you’ll-miss it frame.

Thanks to you commenters for directing us to various other places to find Brad Pitt’s ass though…

5. Jessica Rabbit goes commando – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) – 6%

I’m not sure I even had to censor this as you can’t really tell what the hell’s going on down there.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis flash – Trading Places (1983) – 8%

A far cry from “Freaky Friday” despite the similar titles.

3. Stormtrooper bangs his head – Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) – 15%

We’ve all seen this blooper by now, but isn’t it better watched on video?

2. Jennifer Lopez in a thong – The Back-Up Plan (2010) – 16%

Really, The Back-Up Plan is #2? If this is really the moment in question, I doubt it’s worth sitting through the entire movie for.

1. Sharon Stone crossing her legs – Basic Instinct (1992) – 31 %

Back before the MPAA would have banished all copies of this film to a landfill for such a scandalous moment.


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