My Top Seven Superhero Movies of All Time

Given that a whole host of new superhero movies are both cropping up as well as being released in the near future I wanted to take some time to reflect back on the memorable movies that we’ve seen containing superheroes.

It feels as if the superhero movie is so common these days (which it is) but it really wasn’t until the 90s that we saw repeats, sequels, and some kind of comic/hero movie crop up at least once a year.

I know I may get reamed for my picks here but these are my favorite seven superhero movies of all time….

7. Spider Man

You have to admit that everyone (including me) was truly surprised at how good Toby McGuire was in this movie.  Personally I’m not a big fan of Kirsten Dunst but other than her this movie kicked ass.  Great action.  Awesome acting by Franco and Defoe.   And let’s not forget the action and uses of new technology.   Plus you can’t go too wrong with Sam Raimi.

6. Iron Man

I gotta say that in the theater this was one of my favorite movies that I saw in the theater that year.  I was so psyched that Jon Favreau directed it as well.  You kind of knew there’d be humor and Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect cast for this role.   I have to say I absolutely hated the sequel but the first one will always be one of my favorite superhero movies.

5.  X Men

I’m pretty sure I saw this movie at least 20 times while on Spring Break in college.   Every single time it was on in our cabin (I was on a cruise) we would just leave it on.  Plus I happen to love Bryan Singer so you knew going in this movie would rock.   The follow up movies were OK but none compare to the original.

4.   Superman II

Following up Richard Donner’s original was a very tough task but what I loved about the sequel is not only the obvious Zod and his crew, but that this movie kept up with the great humor of the first.   You gotta remember how funny the first one was.   Anyway, I loved the plot, and I felt this one had a better ending too.   I mean can’t Superman just revolve the Earth whenever he wants if he doesn’t get his way?  Seemed a little dumb if you ask me.

3.  Batman

Who would have thought that Tim Burton would be the catalyst to start up the superhero movie train that we have rolling now?  Think about it.  The 70s saw Superman but nothing much after that.  It was the Batman series that jump started all the comics to being turned into movies.  Plus Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger?  Awesome.   Michael Keaton wasn’t too bad either.

2.  Superman (The Original)

I was debating putting this movie at number 1 simply because of its history.  However, I just couldn’t stand the ending.   Reversing the Earth?  Eh.  Not a fan of that.  Plus his enemy was a pair of missiles?  Just didn’t make it for me.  However, Richard Donner directed and Christopher Reeves being the perfect Superman made this movie a classic and deserves a high ranking.

1.  The Dark Knight

To be perfectly honest I don’t think there’s a superhero movie out there that even holds a candle to this film.   It’s not only a great action movie, it’s a great movie movie.   There’s Ledger’s performance which was flat out scary good.   Bale held his own and Nolan directing along with an eerie score puts this film above the rest.   The only mistakes here are Maggie Gyllenhaal and Bale’s really stupid low voice.  Other than that this movie was perfect.

Honorable Mention: Blade, Robocop, Batman Begins, Hellboy, Unbreakable