The Top Five Christopher Nolan Directed Movies

One of the most coveted directors in the last five years has got to be Christopher Nolan.   I mean The Dark Night pretty much sealed the deal but a nice follow up with Inception solidified Nolan as being one of the elite.   And now that The Dark Night Rises is getting hyped (as it should be), and Nolan has reached the ten directed film mark, it’s time to start doing some rankings.

I generally put together lists without assigning a ranking but I figured with five it wouldn’t be that tough.   While you may not agree with some of these, I look forward to the comments.

Here are what I consider to be Christopher Nolan’s top five movies….

5. Batman Begins

I love the style of this movie.  I love the way it moved.  I loved the acting.   I even loved the story.   Nolan did a fantastic job of bringing back the Batman franchise to a respectable level and he introduced Christian Bale as a kick ass action hero.   But there was one thing I found lacking in this movie.   Didn’t it feel like it kind of dragged on a bit?  I mean yeah there was action but there was a lack of “flow” if you will.   As in sitting down and watching this whole movie through felt somewhat boring.  Granted it was still a good film, it just didn’t compare to The Dark Knight where I felt every single moment was worth watching.

4. Inception

Hmmm.  Inception is a tough one.   It was a cool movie.  No question about it.  But I think it dove too far into complexity for complexity’s sake.   Everyone was wondering what in the hell that movie meant after seeing it.  And while I get that might have been part of the intended focus, it was still pretty annoying that there wasn’t a more straight up plot.  How many levels of consciousness do we need????  I think South Park did an incredibly parody of the movie.


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