10 Movie Scenes that Can Make Guys Cry


It doesn’t happen very often, but there are a surprising number of scenes in movies that can actually make guys cry. This is opposed to most females, who I’ve found start bawling every time anyone kisses in the rain during a movie. What do you mean I’m generalizing?

In any case, these ten scenes will at least bring a hint of a tear to even the manliest of men, and ladies, if your man doesn’t look mildly affected by any of these, you’re either dating a robot or a serial killer. At times I was even choking up watching the scenes to put this thing together as they’re that good, even out of context. Check them out below, and keep in mind that this is clearly going to be SPOILER HEAVY for the movies mentioned.

1. Up – The First Ten Minutes


I think one of the reasons the beginning of Up is so touching is that it comes out of completely nowhere, seeing as most guys think they’re about to see a movie about some old dude who sails around the world in a balloon house. But we should have known that Pixar is more than just a bunch of flashy colors, and without a doubt, the death of Carl’s wife is the saddest moment found in any of their films.

2. Forrest Gump – “Is he smart, or is he dumb?”


Many people would point to Jenny’s death as the tear-jerking moment in Forrest Gump, but while yes, that was emotional, I think it’s when Forrest first meets his son that really hits home. It also helps that it’s the insanely adorable Haley Joel Osment before he grew up to be an awkward teenager.

3. Gladiator – “Go to them.”


There are a lot of “manly hero death” moments in movies. There’s Bruce Willis in Armageddon, William Wallace in Braveheart, but I think Maximus’ final battle in Gladiatior stands above the rest, thanks in part to the fact that we get to actually see him reunited with his family in the afterlife after they’d been cooked and raped by the Romans earlier. Fun fact: There was actually a Gladiator 2 script where Maximus comes back from the afterlife to kick ass. Seriously.

4. Return of the King – “My friends, you bow to no one.”


No one died here, but the moment where everyone, including the new king and queen bow to the lowly band of Hobbits due to their extreme bravery walking across the world to destroy Sauron made many a geek shed a tear at the end of Return to the King. And that’s when the movie should have ended, not half an hour later.

5. Schindler’s List – The Red Coat


Most people will want to feel like bawling throughout Schindler’s List, but the most impactful moment of all is when we see the adorable little Jewish girl’s body in a wheelbarrow full of corpses. Even though we only briefly saw her earlier in the film, by giving her a red coat in a world of black and white, it’s clear Spielberg wanted this to hit home with us.

  • illeaturfamily

    I can still remember the first time I saw The Lion King. It was the first movie that actually made a tear drop down my face. Anyone remember the video game for SEGA Genesis? Damn I loved that one.

    Also, Rudy and LoTR made me tear up at those scenes, but they were tears of joy. Return of the King is still one of the most epic movies of all time, but I do agree that it took way wayyyy wayyyyyyy too long to wrap up. Yes, I realize there were a shit load of loose ends that needed closure, but come on… The movies left a ton of stuff out that was in the books so they might as well have abridged the ending.

  • Gamer

    Good list, almost brought a tear to my just reading these!

  • Hikkaro

    For me, it’s the death of Spock in The Wrath of Khan.


  • Josh

    I cried through most of these. Especially Up. Seriously… I cannot remember EVER crying the first ten minutes of a movie before. That was one of the most emotional scenes I have ever seen.

    Also… why is the Ewok trying to awake his mother/friend (can’t remember which) after they had just died not on this list? That gets me every time, even though I have seen it a million times.

  • ComfortableMadness

    Good list. I think the ending of Saving Private Ryan is the biggest tear jerker on this list. However, I think you missed the biggest one of all time. Braveheart. Even thinking of the ending of that movie is getting me a little misty-eyed. “Freeeeeddddoooommmm”

    Man remember when Mel Gibson was awesome?

  • jibson

    Once Were Warriors when his daughter kills herself and the ensuing scenes
    and the end of the Elephant Man had me crying like a little girl

  • Pepe Veraz

    No doubt it’s a very good selection, one that made me cry was Grave of the fireflies, when the five years old, Setsuko, realized her mother is dead because of the atomic bomb, you can’t be strong enough to hold your tears with that movie believe me, and also at the end of the movie.


  • skikes

    hello!? WHEReS BAMBI!?

  • Quiksnowboard

    You got to add the scene in “Field of Dreams” when Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) gets to address ‘John’ as Dad, and asks him to play catch. Ooooh, that one gets me!

  • zero

    I have to agree with Up 100%. It was so unexpected. Pixar is truely the king of animation. I mean come on, they were able to make a mute (Wall-E) and a old guy an star. It takes skills…

  • Ryan Cooper

    The Green Mile is the only film that made me sob uncontrollably. Cinderella Man was really moving, too.

  • Cor

    Totaly agree with UP Pixar is king in the land of animation.
    I still let a tear drop when I lissen tot the sountrack of LOTR when they bow

  • http://jenrathy.fajitas.fr Jenrathy

    Last scene of Dead Poets Society, gets me everytime.

  • Dude

    Forrest Gump,

    When he meets Jenny on stairs and when he says:

    “I may not be a smart man Jenny, but I know what love is” cried like a baby at that one.

    Currly Sue,

    “When she thinks that James Belushi has left her”

    Again baby tears :) and laughter cuz I am crying over stupid movie. :)

  • Smockonallama

    I have to agree with you Hikkaro. Wrath of Khan, Spock’s death got me the first way through. Now, I get it from Dark Knight when Harvey is on the phone with Rachel and the explosion happens…

  • Ethan

    The final scene from The Wrestler. Once he begins climbing the top rope and the music starts to swell, I always lose it.

  • http://xaotikdesigns.com adam

    Definately had me with Saving Private Ryan.

  • Madison

    So glad you included Life is Beautiful. There is no way I can make it through that movie with dry eyes.

    Good call by Quiksnowboard – Field of Dreams is a tear-jerker, too.

  • Nattyb

    I cried in Hoosiers when Jimmy said “I’ll make it.”

  • Nick

    Only times i have cried during a movie was:

    John Coffey’s execution in The Green Mile (shed a tear)

    last 30 mins of Marley and Me (bawled my eyes out)

  • Lagrange

    Oh, yeah Lion King is so sad.
    I think the end of Brokeback Mountain might be my #1 here.
    And the episode from ER where the bold doctor dies. That is the saddest piece of TV I ever saw.
    The end of Private Ryan is terrible, ew.

  • Wendell

    Great list, I’ve cried in almost all of these but HOW DID YOU FORGET ADAM SANDLER DYING IN ‘CLICK’??

    That scene is half sad half funny, quite hard to explain but I gotta confess I’ve cried.

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  • Prof. Frink

    AIR BUD!! How can you keep it together when a fatherless boy is abandoning his dog because a psychopath clown is beating it. Oh and also Marley & Me…I guess I have a thing for dogs.

  • Mr Jim

    Pretty much agree exactly I will say though that the ROTK scene I’d say isn’t the saddest.

    I’d say that actually the scene where Sam and Frodo are on Mount Dom and Sam says:

    I know I can’t carry it for you but I can carry you…COME ON!!

    That just makes me well up.

  • http://www.madmup.com MadMup

    The scene in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where Raph wakes up in the bathtub after being in a coma for days always gets me.

  • Snoowy

    Holy crap yes.
    Up always gets me. I love that opening so much. And Life Is Beautiful.

    The music really makes the RotK scene so much more better.

  • Diego

    Brooks hanging himself in The Shawshank Redemption always makes me struggle not to cry.

  • MisterMJ

    A couple off the top of my head … there was a scene in La Vie en Rose where Edith Piaf reacts to her boxer/lover dying in the airplane crash. Got a little dusty in the room. Also, in Toy Story 2 (damn you Pixar/Disney!), Sarah MacLachlan starts singing “When Somebody Loves Me” during the Jessie the Cowgirl montage … yikes. And the dying flower scene from Brave Little Toaster. And a scene from a Peanuts flick when Snoopy was leaving, the gang was throwing a going-away party, and EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was bawling his or her eyes out. Come to think of it … most feature-length animated movies have an incredibly sad moment and they impact people so much because the time they see it – as a child – it’s usually at an innocent and impressionable time. And jeez, we don’t remember the happy endings … just the sad parts.


  • jeff

    the end of an american tail, where fievel finds his father gets me every time.

  • Cheryl

    Good Call on whomever said The Green Mile, I almost got dumped for crying so loud during basically that entire movie years ago!
    I could make alist full of chick movies but nah….how come no mention of when Optimus Prime dies in the irginal (cartoon) Transformers movie? =)

  • Ashweee

    I have to agree with Jenrathy, Dead Poets Society brings tears to me EVERY TIME. The kids all stand on top of the desk, it shows him that he really did inspire them and in doing so it doesn’t matter where he goes or what else he does, he’s made an impact that will last.

  • Sverrir Sigfusson

    The one from Saving Private Ryan gets me every single time…. :'(

  • jinhe

    friday night lights the movie. the scene when they lose

  • Laura

    I remember watching The Green Mile in my basement when I was like ten years old, and I wasn’t just crying. I was hysterically bawling. That hit me hard.

    My Dog Skip. That is just awful. The dog can’t jump up on the bed because he’s so old. And Up I saw in theaters, and there were kids behind me bawling crying and yelling at their mom, “But you said this was supposed to be funny!!”

  • http://whatever Ryan

    Great list couldnt agree more except Forrest Gump at Jennys grave hits me real hard “He’s real smart jenny” tear tear tear sniffle sniffle sniffle….And John Q when Denzel gets on the operating table and is gonna shoot himself gets me everytime even though i know he’s not gonna do it…and for some reason i can’t explain this for the life of me but in 50 first dates when Drew barrymore tells Adam Sandler she doesnt want to see him anymore because its not fair to him while in the pouring rain just kills me and i cant explain why…maybe its bcuz he would do anything for her no matter what and that to me is real love

  • Mike

    It seems awkward, but I did cry a little bit during Jean claude van dammes monologue in his movie JCVD.

    You could tell that was from the heart and it was beautiful

  • Ellie

    Love it that you put “Up”–well—up.
    My two younger brothers didn’t cry at the first ten minutes (one of them is 13 and 11) though. They’ll probably cry in a few years once they’ve had girlfriends and all.

  • Lauren

    I’m a girl, so maybe I shouldn’t weigh in, but…

    @LaGrange: I own Brokeback and have so have seen it countless times. Still, when Heath Ledger goes up to Jake Gyllanhall’s childhood bedroom and finds their two shirts intertwined I lose it. Seriously lose it, like my mom just died or somethin’. Saddest love story ever.

  • Stiffs

    Good call on the ewok trying to wake up his dead ewok friend moment-
    so sad

  • Timoteo

    I think the scene in “Into The Wild” when Chris McCandless’s dad (William Hurt) is walking/staggering down the street in disbelief, realizing that his son is dead is extremely moving.

    Also, in “A Little Princess” when Sarah is reunited with her amnesiac father.

  • Pharoah

    How could you leave out “The Bucket List”? I bawled at the end of that movie!

  • James

    Your forgot two classics, Ol Yeller and Brian’s Song

  • Brad

    what about castaway when tom hanks lost Wilson in the ocean. that scene always makes me cry like a little bitch.

  • ByJingo

    I bawl like a baby at the Iron Giant. Its got so bad that I start going in the run up to that bit.

    • Danny

      I feel that one film in particular has not been mentioned ? Good Will Hunting Its not your fault … The tension and emotion in this scene is immense, makes me cry every time :) nothin like a good cry … And i am hard as nails

  • jaisuis

    the boy in the striped pyjamas destroyed me

  • agent_orenz

    yeah, i agree with you skikes..

    although both The Lion King and Bambi shared a common tragic (a family member dies), Bambi had me heart broken when the poor little fawn suddenly realize his mother is nowhere behind him, and survies the cold winter with his father he barely knows.

    the “superman” scene in The Iron Giant for me was the most moving part for me.

  • Ernesto

    The bucket list… YES… if u dont cry at that movie you’re gay dude… IF YOU DONT.

  • Thomas

    It’s not technically a movie scene, but Charlie’s death on Lost just destroyed me. The music, the rushing water, how he sacrifices himself…gets me every time.

    I don’t know if any of you have seen Saints and Soldiers (it’s really not that great a movie) but the scene where the British pilot is trying frantically to keep his promise and light a cigarette for the wounded soldier who was carrying him before the soldier dies…that’s pretty powerful too. It starts at about 7:10 in this clip:


  • Naz

    what about the movie big fish?

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  • MacGyver1138

    Somebody else mentioned it, but Old Yeller for sure. Also, Where the Red Fern Grows. What is it about dogs that makes me choke up?

    And damn Disney for all of the childhood trama. Bambi, Mufasa, the Fox and the Hound. I’m sure there are more, but damn.

    Charlotte’s web is another cartoon that got me when I was little.

  • H

    Nope, Fail: You missed off the end of The English Patient when he’s carrying the lady out from the cave. That should be No.1 of all time.
    Instant tears…

  • Bret

    Great list!

    With Gladiator, I actually get a pre-sob build up started when Juba (the African gladiator) buries the little idol of Maximus’, and says something like, “I will see you again, but not yet… not yet…” And then the music swells up? Sweet jesus, gets me every time. It’s a crazy juxtaposition of bromance/masculinity and familial/primal love.

    Also, I have to agree with the guy that mentioned ‘Click!’ I’ve discussed that scene with several of my friends, and we’ve all cried during it. (Even though most of them would’n’t admit it in front of the fairer sex.)

    Has anyone here seen Casshern? The ending of that movie, where you see brief glimpses of the “figure” (non-spoiler, but if you’ve seen it, you know) against the evening sky, on a hill, with a tree? HOLY JESUS, it kills me. The entire ending sequence, where you see sort of “what could have been,” with the super-powerful music… dear baby Jesus, I bawl.

    The Fountain had a significant impact, too.

    For me, the best scenes are always accompanied by incredible music.

  • saintsman

    It’s a tv show, but when Bodie gets killed in season 4 of “The Wire”, I was really affected for days. “Yo, this is my corner!”

  • alanthegreat

    i watched ‘i am Sam’ in bed with a hangover. i cried like a fat kid without cake.

    the ending of ‘Turner & Hooch’ always gets me too.

    also, several parts of ‘dead man’s shoes’ brings a tear!!
    “i don’t want to go Richard” = man tears.

    let’s not forget the bit in jackass the movie when he puts a toy car in his a**. i cried then too. why would you do that!!??

  • Lisa

    I’m not the kind of woman who cries during movies (I didn’t even feel tears coming on at any point during Titanic or Steel Magnolias, 2 HUGE tear-jerkers for most women) but here’s a couple that got me.

    Return of the Jedi, when Luke is burning Darth Vader’s body at the end……always gets me.

    One that makes me cry through the whole movie is Passion of the Christ.

    • Fredo

      In Passion of the Christ, the scene that got me the most, is when Mary is running towards Jesus, who is carrying the cross, on his way to be crucified. She then trips and falls and then she has a flashback to when Jesus is a child.

  • Guy Gaduois

    totally manipulative, but “The Kid” with Bruce Willis:

    “our Mom’s going to die, isn’t she?”

    “Glory” when Matthew Broderick says “There’s more to fighting than rest, sir. There’s character, there’s strength of heart. You should have seen us in action two days ago. We were a sight to see!” and the “if this man falls carrying the flag, who will pick it up?” and “I’ll see you inside the fort.”

    The Band of Brothers documentary disc, when Dick Winters says
    my grandson asked me
    “Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?”
    and Grandpa said “No . . . but I served with a company of heroes.”

    Well, hell, now I’m crying. You guys are mean – how am I going to explain the crying?

  • http://moessexymovieblogofthunder.blogspot.com/ moe

    yeah UP hits me like a ton of bricks every time…i start crying right before the doctor’s office scene and usually finish wiping up the tears as he’s whacking the guy over the head for breaking his mailbox…that movie ruins me (shameless plug: you can read my review of it by clicking on my NAME!)

    but seriously, great list also the end of ONCE when the man delivers the piano, that gets me too

  • Mango

    The War made me cry twice-when the dad died, and the very end when they get their new house. So sad.

  • JeffersonSpyplane

    agree with Elephant Man, dog movies and Field of Dreams–imagine getting one last chance to play catch with your dad.
    Since a couple of people have thrown tv episodes in, here’s one more:
    DS9–The Visitor(Jake never being able to let go of his pain because his dad would reappear just often enough to keep that last little flame alive)
    bawling through half that episode

  • Tishy

    Someone mentioned Steel Magnolias and how they didn’t cry at it, but every time it gets to that scene were Sally Fields is breaking down at the cemetery, I start bawling. Maybe it’s because my mother is a look-a-like for Fields and she has 4 daughters… It just tears me up inside.

    But then again, I tear up at almost everything.

    Gran Tarino nearly killed me.

    Lars and the Real Girl. Poor, poor Bianca. She was gone too soon.

  • CNA

    Putting my girl opinion on this; awesome list. I bawled in Up and was mortified by the fact… until I realized my three male friends were crying harder than me.

    Agree with whoever mentioned My Dog Skip.

    Also, The Land Before Time, when Littlefoot’s mom dies.

    AND, pretty much all of Legend of the Fall.

  • Puck

    All good ones, and I have to add, even though it a TV scene. It’s on the last episode of Quantum Leap, when Sam realizes he was jumping himself through time. He appears to Al’s first wife, tells her to wait for Al (he was a POW at the time), then leaps away. The screen blacks out, says that Al & his first wife are still together, and that Dr. Samuel Beckett never made it back home. So heart-wrenching. Makes me teary-eyed just thinking of it.

  • Lauren

    Saintsman – Oh yeah, Bodie was my fave character and it was absolutely heartbreaking when they killed him.

    Tishy – I saw Lars and the Real Girl at the premiere and sobbed most of the way through. My sister, sitting next to me, didn’t think it was sad at all, just funny, and was dumbfounded as I went through tissue after tissue.

  • Dan

    Another vote for Click. That scene, all the black, the rain, the father/son thing… That scene kills me, but not NEARLY as much as the scene from Crash where the little girl realizes her dad isn’t safe because of the heartwarming scene where he gave her his “invincibility cloak” and rushes out to save him…. Dang I seriously just got choked up right now! If you haven’t seen it… PLEASE do. Very great movie about racial interactions

  • Brandon

    The scene at the end of Crash, where the Persian shopkeeper is about to shoot the locksmith and the locksmith’s daughter jumps into her dad’s arms with the “invisible shield blanket” just as he fires – it always gets me. It’s so heartbreaking until you realize that the guy loaded his gun with blanks inadvertently…

    The big car accident scene in Crash is pretty emotional also…

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  • Mike

    Seeing E.T. in the bathroom near the end of the movie all gray colored and dying always gets me.

    Another is King Kong at the end when Kong is ontop of the Empire State Building and he’s just sitting there and points to the sun and then to his chest stating that it’s beautiful.

    The end of Where The Wild Things Are really teared me up when Max was leaving and never said good bye to Carol.

  • Mike

    John Q when he’s telling his son how to be the man of the house when he’s about to kill himself……even though it worked out in the end, when i saw it the first time i was definitely holding back the tears!

  • Jes

    up – so true – i had to run out like a little girl and sob for 10 minutes into my pillow!

    unbreakable with bruce willis and sam jackson – when bruce loses his job and you see how pathetic his life is

    iron giant – good flick – i love his big guns at the end

    toy story 2 – yup good call – everytime – poor jesse

    incredibles – when the family is flying to the island and shot down by missiles – uber tense

    never ending story – when the horse sinks into the quick sand

    original korean version of marley and me – dog stumbles and breaks neck on pavement – i cried for days as i had only just lost my own dog – geez *sob* it still gets me

  • Kayakguy67

    Up definitely caught me off guard, that was a very nice bit of writing and animation. I honestly cheered when Maggie Gylennugly blew up in the Dark Knight, she was the only flaw in an otherwise perfect film. I can’t believe nobody put down when Goose gets killed in Top Gun! That scene gets me every time. Oh, and anyone who put or agreed with anything to do with the English Patient has to turn in their Guy membership cards, you’re out. Sorry dudes, Man law.

  • Shane

    Iron Gian for sure, where he closes his eyes and whispers “suuuupermaaaaaaan” then tilts his head back and hits the missile, my chest hurt and I wept over that one!
    love that movie!

  • Kelly

    Another vote for Click! I watched it with my brother (who had seen it 5 times before we watched it together) and he was crying harder than I was. Pretty much the entire 2nd half, but especially when Adam Sandler’s character realized that his dad had died and it flashed back to the last time they saw each other.

  • Gordon

    “The Champ” with Ricky Schroder and Jon Voight. “Champ champ dont die champ!!!” gets me every time

  • Adam

    I cryed and cryed when I went to the cinema to see Elf. Oh, but that was because I actually paid to see that piece of garbage. What with cinema prices in London I have a good mind to bill Will Ferrell for my time and money. Not even james Caan could save that one.

  • http://sg-techlandscape.blogspot.com Seth Greenblatt, Ph.D.

    “Brian’s Song”

    All of it. At least all of it after Brian Piccolo became ill. Gale Sayer’s speech, during which he has trouble continuing…

    I can’t go on. Tough to see the monitor through my misty eyes.

  • Moist Flaps

    Benders, the lot of you!

  • Number6

    Al Pacinos “Inches” speech in Any Given Sunday: It isn’t sad but it gets into the emotion muscle and twists hard. Any guy that has played a team sport SHOULD get a moistness in the corner of the eye at least.

  • Junon

    It’s funny how I’ve gotten more emotional over movies with robots dying than living things. I definitely agree with the Iron Giant and it still makes me wanna bawl, but some other robot deaths I still find full of emotional impact are the lowering of the T-800 into the molten metal at the end of Terminator 2 and the death of Optimus Prime in the animated movie. So sad.

  • Abby

    Secondhand Lions during Hub’s talk with Walter about him staying around until Walter’s grown up. My boyfriend was in tears.

  • popcorn

    The end scene in Run Fatboy Run always has me choking back tears, when he runs to hug his son, regardless of his injured leg.

  • hav0c

    Up, hard one not to shed more than one tear.

    Not many animal movies talked about:

    Eight-below… very very sad. sad when the dog(s) die, and tears of joy when they come back!

    (A long time ago) Milo and Otis.. when milo gets into the box, is swept away and ends up in a desolate, unfamiliar place.

    Bambi’s already been talked about.

  • Bokica

    Marley and me, final scene

  • andwhynot

    Why has no one mentioned Pay It Forward ?

  • got me

    A Perfect World (with K. Costner and C. Eastwood)

  • cally

    the boy in the striped pyjamas –the end

  • Brittany

    I’m a girl so maybe this doesn’t count, but I rarely cry in movies.
    3 that always get me:
    1. The Green Mile- When the guy with the pet mouse gets fried, and when John Coffey dies.. saddest movie ever
    2. (This is so girlie and stereotypical but)The Notebook- at the very end when u see the old couple laying on the bed dead, the music and everything just gets me.
    3. Agreeing with Lisa, Passion of the Christ. I do’t just cry, I fucking breakdown.

  • daria

    I agree with the Iron Giant wholeheartedly, as well as Life is Beautiful.

    Has no one mentioned One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? That movie had me in hysterics.

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  • Adam

    How about posting up some “SPOILER ALERTS” – not that I was going to watch The Notebook anyway, as I have a penis.

  • Diggie

    I Am Sam! I’ve never cried in a movie, but I mean, I felt tears forming in my eye, and eventually being sucked back in…as usual.

  • Jeff

    I have to agree that when Charlie died on Lost I BAWLED. It was bad enough that when he was hanging in the tree earlier that season and we thought he was gone and I wept. But Jack, oh Jack… he revived him and we had Charlie back. And then… in such a selfless act to save the rest, he went into ‘the looking glass’ and saw the man float up with the grenade in his hand and tap on the window… KA PLOWIE… water rushing…Charlie floating…tears flowing… but while that was sad, the fact that he wrote on his hand that it’s ‘not Pennys boat’… OMG OMG OMG. I wept for days. “you allll everybody” RIP Charlie. Thank God he’s back on Flashforward!

  • Mikey

    The scene in Lilo and Stitch where Stitch looks at the book in the forest with the little duckling and wishes he had a family was also very touching.

  • hak

    i can’t believe no one mentioned titanic.
    especially the part when di caprio dies.

  • hak

    i can’t believe no one mentioned titanic.
    especially the part when di caprio dies

  • Breauxdie

    Man, the one movie that I know will always make me cry is Pay it Forward. While watching all other movies with other people I can control the tears but that one gets me every time. Even while typing this I’m starting to tear up!

  • Macaca

    The cavalry-charge of Faramir on Osgiliath in Lord of the Rings, while Merry sings “All Shall Fade” allways hits me hard. Maybe not full crying, but a tear may fall.

  • Scott

    Agree with LOTR. “My friends… you bow to no one.” The ending of Dead Poet’s Society definitely should be on this list. Also, Terms of Endearment gets me everytime – the scene where the dying mother says goodbye to her two sons, and the little one starts bawling…

  • PJ Be

    Wow, the one on here that hits me the most is The Iron Giant, just thinking about him saying “Superman” makes my eyes well up.

    There are alot of movies that people in the comments are suggesting, and a few on the list like Schindler’s List or Life is Beautiful, thats whole job is to make you cry like little girl. I mean, I cried through nearly every minute of Hotel Rwanda, but thats not a movie that makes guys cry, its a movie that makes anyone with functional tear ducts cry. HOWEVER, there are movies, like Iron Giant, that a woman would never cry in but reduce men to tears.

    COOL RUNNINGS…is one such film. When the Jamaican team’s bobsled crashes at the end of the movie, and the power music swells in the background, and they lift the bobsled on their shoulders and walk toward the finish line, and the crowd starts a F-ing SLOW CLAP!…tears pour down my cheeks. this list needed more moments like that

  • Rachel

    The only movie I’ve seen my bf cry in is the notebook, i cry in practically anything but never as much as I did in that movie.

  • Chuck

    Bambi, no one mentioned Bambi? I didn’t read every comment, but, I read the first 20 or so, and, I didn’t see Bambi mentioned. Am I the only old fart reading these posts or none of these posters saw Bambi? I cried like a baby when I was a kid when Bambis mother is killed.

  • Peter

    Have to agree with CNA, the land before time always makes me bawl. I also cried in one of the old lassie movies when her owner dies.

  • solsag

    The list is very good except that it is not the ten most to make yuo share tears. As for me, 1996 up to now, I have been sharing tears whenever I see the movie call SARAFINA. Especially when corcodia got shot right in front of Sarafina and when they were singing at the grave of their friends. The setting was South Africa in Soweto.

  • Reindom

    I have to agree with the movies mentioned in the list (that I have seen anyway).

    I got 2 movies that get me every time.

    1. Crash – Where the daughter rushes out to the dad with the protective ‘cape’. (just thinking about gets me tearing up.) Note to self, never tell your daughter something is bullet-proof.

    2. Notebook – Final Scene.

    Somewhat related, but a little different there are 2 songs that make me tear up a bit.

    1. “That’s my job” by Conway Twitty (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS-IGyAimfo)

    2. “Don’t take the girl” by Tim McGraw (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-TXBniRz1g)

  • Dak

    As far as I’m concerned, I always shed a tear when watching the cemetery scene in “Saving private Ryan”. I promise myself every time I see this scene to visit the colleville war cemetary in Normandy. As I live in France, this should be possible. :o)

    Anyway, the scene in The right stuff when Yeager flew his F104 close to space, just enough to see the stars shine over him always got me…

    And of course the end of “Shawshank redemption”…

  • Nik

    Yeah…the scene from Shindler’s List with the red cap girl…I cried like a abandoned girl…it was so painfull…gosh…

    And guys, common…the scene in Rambo II. When Cho died in front of John J.

  • somebody


    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

    Be Kind Rewind.

    Stranger Than Fiction.

    These are truly modern tragedies. The endings, were not happy, despite what they appear to be. Haunting, all of them.

  • kevin

    The Green Mile should have made that list, the same with The Land Before Time (the original, not the 15th or whatever it is now) made me run to my mum when i was about 5. I always found the opening scene in Oliver and Company, where all the other kittens in the box get taken and Oliver is left in the rain to be so sad. As some tv has been included i would have to say ER had the knack of getting me teared up. Mark Greenes death is something i cry at everytime. When i watch Greg Pratts last year I had to pause it to control myself. Also when Leo Mcgarry dies in The West Wing, that got me going too. Although I would wholeheartedly agree with UP being there. You just don’t expect it in the first few minutes of an animated film! The Lion King is a classic too. My daughter crys at that now and we just sit there comforting each other. The circle of life and all that.

  • hannah

    when I first saw Life is Beautiful I cried for about a half hour, then calmed down, then at dinner I started to tell my parents about it, I started crying again, and continued to cry for two hours, through dinner, my shower, brushing my teeth and going to bed. When I returned the movie to my teacher the next morning I got really mad at her for not warning me and started to cry again and had to miss first block.

    Titanic makes me cry, not because of Jack dying but because that really happened, that many people died in one night.

  • Taylor

    I’m surprised you didn’t include anything from The Shawshank Redemption… the sequence narrated by Brooks after he’s released from prison gets me every time.

  • xenothaulus

    The beginning of the new Star Trek when Kirk is born gets me every time… hell it’s getting me right now just thinking about it. 😐

  • http://seekng.com alien

    In Zombieland..
    the 2nd time that Tallahassee talks about losing his “pup”

    I must agree with the Iron Giant scene, and Gladiator, as well

  • Jimbosis

    I’m welling up just thinking about Neverending Story

    You’ve gotta move or you’ll die! Move, please! I won’t give up! Don’t quit! Artax! Please!

    And the rockbiter – They look like big, good, strong hands. Don’t they?

    gonna go drown my sorrows

  • Clay

    Very few have made me get watery, agree with Up and Marley (side note: my wife and I just bought our first house right when Up was on DVD. We watched it one of the first nights there, I thought she was gonna lose it).
    Courage Under Fire – when Denzel confronts the parents of the soldier he mistakenly killed. All the ladies were tearing up when the daughter got the medal of honor.
    SWe6:ROTJ- Yoda’s death was way worse than the ewok

  • metephore warrior

    the scene from the Patriot when Mel Gibsons daughter goes running after him saying that “she will say what ever he wants, as long as he doesnt go” or something very similar. That rips me to shreds every time.

  • Mike

    It may seem wierd but in Pokemon 2000 where Mewtwo turns Ash to stone and Pikachu is trying to save him makes me well up. And then all the pokemon surrounding start to cry and I just lose it.
    And I agree totally with the Lion King and LoTR where Frodo and Sam are on Mount Doom.

  • big

    I have been known to well up during movies although I refuse to when they “crank up the strings” to try and get a response out of the audience. One movie that got to me HARD was “The Wrestler”. There were several times in the movie where I was openly weeping in the theatre and didn’t care who saw me.

  • scott

    Remember the Titans, Men of Honor

  • Arturo

    Bambi-I do not know if the original English versión is similar to the Spanish one but when Bambi´s fater says to him ” Your mother has been taken by man” I still have a wet eye wen I remember and that was 65 years ago…

  • Arturo


  • sunflower

    “Up” made me bawl in cinema, it was embarrassing.

    However, “Imitation of Life” with Louise Beavers and Colette Colburn took the cake, my entire family nearly flooded the house and my dad refuses to watch it again, LOL. Especially the part, when the daughter disses her mom in the cigar shop when asked by a white customer, “Do you know this woman?”, and she replied, “Do I look like I could know her, do I look black.” Louise Beavers face made it impossible to keep a straight face.

    Also “Rosewood” with Ving Rhames, eye bustin’ time.

    “Remember the Titans”
    “Forrest Gump”
    “Anna and the King” with Jodi Foster, when the two lovers were executed.

  • http://PaulDCandelaria.Com Paul Wall

    -The episode of Quantum Leap where Scott Bakula helps Dean Stockwell’s wait for him was excellent. I could barely hold it in (and didn’t) when Dean slowly dances with the wife without touching her.

    -I didn’t cry here but in Billy Jack when the National Guardsman shoots the boy with hooks instead of hands carrying the bunny and the bunny flops away when the boy hits the floor, I saw everyone in my family including my wiseguy uncle cry like the proverbial little girl.

    -Curiously, I DID cry in the Yellow Submarine when the Nowhere Man song finishes and the Nowhere Man is left sitting alone on ever-shrinking concentric circles realizing how empty his existence is.

    -1900: When the fat trumpeter is telling the pawn shop owner the story of how 1900 died preferring to die in the hold of the ship rather than venture into the outside world.

    There are more but I’m having trouble recalling them right now.

  • Travis McGee

    I know it’s old but “La Bamba” gets me every time with that final scene.

    Also “Armageddon” when Bruce Willis has to say goodbye, if you don’t cry there, you should have your eyes checked.

  • kuhnzoo

    Field of Dreams for certain. I’d do almost anything (including building a baseball diamond on my 38 acres) for another chance to play catch with my dad one more time. That movie makes me think it is almost possible…

    Taking Chance is another movie that is will put a tear in one’s eye.

  • Guy

    I’ve never cried while watching a movie.
    Movie’s aren’t real…

  • nattuli

    I’m probably alone on this but I cried for a good 10 minutes during Shrek 2 when the giant gingerbreadman is hit and gets milk thrown on it… I’m tearing up just thinking about it

  • Redguy

    The end of Harry & Tonto were Tonto is dying and Harry sings to him.

  • Colin

    The Green Mile.. enough said

  • Ashley

    Basically the ones that did make me cry have been listed and I am not one to cry easily.
    Anyways I thought I’d share a story.

    Away from Her: This movie is uber depressing.
    And oh my I didn’t cry during this but it was the most depressing movie ever. My date brought it over to watch and after it was over and an uncomfortable silence later he is like “I am so sorry. I had no idea it was gonna be like that.”

  • omg!


    okay why hasn’t said anything about Pearl Harbour!!!

    the scene where Rafe comes back and sees Evelyn and she starts crying and then danny shows up and just when Rafe puts his head down i cry so much!!!

    and the saddest saddest saddest bit of that move or any that i have ever seen is at the end where they are in china and danny gets shot and Rafe is telling him he is going to be a dad and danny say’s “no you are” and dies and Rafe balls. . . gets me and everyone i’ve seen it with (my whole english class lol) we all cried

  • Adam

    He does what with Rafe’s balls? I think no-one has mentioned Pearl Harbour because it sucks the sweat off dead chimps balls.

  • Madison

    @ Adam

    Yeah. The only people crying in Pearl Harbor were those who realized they spent $10 on a movie so awful it borders on offensive.

  • Adam

    @Madison – So glad there’s a shred of integrity in here. :)

    “You gotta do the safe picture. Then you can do the art picture. But then sometimes you gotta do the payback picture because your friend says you owe him.”

    Ahh Ben. When you gonna get back on the Good Will train?

  • Zach

    The end of Big Fish always gets me.

  • Sugarfairy

    AI and the new AVATAR movie. Both get my husband and the end of Bicentennial Man where they die. Oh and Lonesome Dove and Tomestone. And we still won’t watch Titanic alone.

  • Marie

    7 pounds. Pretty much the whole movie made my bf cry, but especially the scene where the old lady tells Will Smith she is being abused. Cried like a baby.

    The beginning of Finding Nemo is pretty sad too.

  • Ricardo Furioso

    My Life as a Dog. I know it’s from 1985, but it’s great.
    Brian’s Song.

  • Guy Barton

    Empire Of The Sun – Where young jim is finally reunited with his parents at the end in that huge greenhouse full of missing POW kids, and as he tearfully confessed to nigel havers earlier in the film; truly can’t remember what they looked like and fails to recognise them as they finally spot him standing shellshocked amongst the crowd.

    American Werewolf In London – Although we don’t see him transform back after being shot, the process is revealed through the tapestry of shock , disbelief, and crushing grief on jenny agutter’s face as the cops run up the dead end alleyway behind her, to find not the huge beast they chased down it but her naked bullet riddled lover in a pile of rubbish, the only sound being her heaving, wracking sobs. I’m usually in floods way before all that, as the flying squad ominously load their rifles in the back of the van. A tragic end to such a shit-scaringly funny film.

    Dead man’s shoes – The last guy alive confessing to his wife what happened to anthony, bringing her to tears of horror, and hitting us with the sledgehammer twist revelation of just why richard has gone so utterly and murderously beserk on the petty gang who bullied his brother.

  • Me

    you forgot the scean in Click where he is dieing as an old man. I cried so hard

  • Cody R.

    I love how Life is Beautiful is first, but it’s certainly not the scene he picked. Very soon after the concentration camp is being attacked, it’s daylight again and the boy comes out from his hiding spot thinking he won the game. It’s eerily quiet outside of his hiding spot, when all of a sudden his tank comes around he corner. The boy was the biggest winner of all in that movie.

  • Cody R.

    OK it’s not first, but last…but the list should be from ten to the best…

  • s2_tennis

    I have never cried during a movie but one that almost got me was bridge to terribithia. Thats one sad kid movie.

  • lani

    Grave of the Fireflies always got me, when Seita’s 5 year old sister Setsuko dies near the end. I couldn’t keep the tears in. Also when he dies in the very end and you see his little sister and him reunited again, but it’s still a very melancholy scene, makes you cry from joy and sadness at the same time. One of the most serious & depressing, yet beautiful anime movies by Studio Ghibli ever.

  • Sleazey

    For me, the post-WWII movie, “The Best Years of Our Lives”, directed by William Wilder, has the best guy-tears worthy scene of all. The armless young veteran (all of 20 or so), tells his high-school sweetheart fiance that they shouldn’t marry because he’s too crippled to take care of her, and breaks her heart. Later that evening, she comes to his home to confront him, so he shows her what he has to go through every evening for bed; once he has removed his artifical arms, he’s helpless. He’s afraid that it will be awful for her. She watches, and he explains all the indignities he has to go through without arms. She steps forward and makes it plain she doesn’t care about all that, and still loves him. A kiss goodnight, and she leaves him in bed, with him smiling and crying, knowing everything’s all right now.

    I cry like a faucet when I watch that scene.

    It really hits home that the actor really was an armless vet, who lost his arms while in the service. He deservedly got the Academy award that year.

  • Frank

    Serious, “Million Dollar Baby” have to be #1, when Frankie explains
    to Maggie the Meaning of the Word “ma Cuzla” (?)…
    even Rambo would cry the hell!

  • Nastee

    For me it is Lucas…

    Getting the Jacket at the end with the classic 80’s group clap…

    Still gets me

  • Wade

    For me, it would have to be the ‘Feed the Birds’ scene and song from Marry Poppins.
    I was an adult when I first saw this movie. I never saw it when I was a kid. It prolly wouldn’t have affected me as much if I was a kid.

  • phreakyh

    The saddest moment I have ever seen is the end of Bridge to Terbaithia. They call that a kids film, pshhh.

    Titanic also, when the old people are dying together on the bed. Tragic!

    Anddd Closer, the last scenes, as Natalie Portman’s character tells him she doesn’t love him anymore and he finds out she used a fake name. And the look in Julia Roberts eyes as she stares into the camera at the end and you can see how unhappy she is. *WEEP*

  • layne25348

    E.T. still gets me today. I don’t know what they told that poor kid to make him cry like that, but it must have been seriously messed up. Oh and finding out what “macushla” meant in Million Dollar Baby.

  • John

    I can’t remember the scene and I’ve only seen the movie one time, about a decade ago (?); however, The Bridges of Madison County had a scene that made me cry. That is the only movie to have made me cry so far.

  • Lizz

    I remember in The Bridge to Terabithia (Spelling?) when the girl dies the whole denial part of the boy’s life will always make me cry

  • good.news

    while im not sure if it belongs on the list, theres one scene in the first rugrats movie that gets me every time.
    the scene where tommy and dil are fighting in the rain and he goes to pour the baby food on him so the monkeys take him away.
    THEN he covers him in the torn blanket when they make up

    first time i ever cried in a movie.

  • good.news

    wow, i also just finished reading the comments and i agree, the end of dead poets society had me fighting back tears (i would hav just cried but i was in the middle of a class that found the movie incredibally dull, so if i cried i would never have heard the end of it)
    although sadly, BECAUSE i watched it at school and we spent about 3 months analysing every detail of the movie, im sort of immune to it now (we watched it 3 times in the span of 1 week).

    also, another one the comments reminded me of grave of the fireflies. although neither that mentioned it said the scene that got me. what made me cry was when SPOILER the brother makes her a little coffin from a cardboard box and fills it with all this junk that she loved (including a box of sweets that he gave her)

    and last but not sleast, someone said the EXACT scene that made me tear up in lilo and stich. when he takes the ugly duckling book to the woods and yells out “lost” hoping that his family will find him (like in the book he has)

  • John

    Alot of good movies stated both in article and the comments and some of them are tear-jerkers but I can never watch the end of Hercules (1997). After he makes his true heroic act wins his entrance to Olympus to join his family, and then gets immortalized as a constellation and the crowd remarks “Hey, That’s Phil’s boy!” Ugh, I get teary just remembering it.

  • Trey Jacobsen

    The ending of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas has to be the saddest scene ever, I’m surprised it isn’t listed here.

  • http://jtype.blogspot.com/ Jonathan

    STAR TREK when captain Kirk is born…!!

  • Jeremy

    seriously? no one cried when Optimus Prime died in the transformers animated movie?!?! i mean, i was a little kid, but c’mon!!!

  • jimmyduds

    This isn’t a movie, but i always tear up at the episode of Futurama where Fry finds his petrified dog from the past. He has the chance to clone it, but makes the decision not to revive the dog, thinking it lived a long and happy life after his disappearance.

    The heartbreaking part is the montage at the end, set to a sad song. It shows the dog waiting faithfully for him in front of the pizza parlor day after day for 12 years until it finally lays down and dies.

  • Client

    Futurama episode again, end of “The luck of the fryish.”

    When Fry realizes his brother Yancy named his son after Fry.
    Very powerful moment for a cartoon there.

  • Kim

    Alright, Up, YES! I just about died in the theater.

    Why has no one mentioned Angel’s whole life in RENT? –
    “there’s only us, there’s only this
    forget regret, for life is yours to miss
    no other road, no other way
    no day but today”

    I sobbed like a little bitch. Disney movies have gotten DARK.

    Saving Private Ryan definitely wasted some tissues, and the Lion King still kills me. “Run, Simba. Run away.” That fuzzy bastard.

    Others, ehhhh.

  • Joe

    Up was the only movie I have ever cried at. The first ten minutes did indeed have my quietly sobbing into my goatee.

    The “My friends, you bow to no one” scene isn’t what got me in ROTK; what got me to well up like there were onions directly under my nose was the charge of the Riders of Rohan onto Pelennor Fields. Hits me every time.

  • islandguy73

    All of these are great movies and i shed a tear in almost all of them.. but i didn’t see any reference to the movie that every guy would cry if they watched it. I know i’m “dating” myself when i say this movie, but “The Champ” when Rick Schroder is a little kid, trying to wake up Jon Voight,(his dad) right after he died from a boxing match.
    Man just remembering him as a little boy trying to wake up his dad screaming”Champ..wake up Champ..please wake up.. i’m tearin up right now…hehehe

  • MR

    another vote for GLORY. another amazing scene – the whipping of the character played by Denzel Washington. also, on the same theme, Gettysburg: “This has not happened much, in the history of the world: We are an army out to set other men free. America should be free ground, all of it, from here to the Pacific Ocean. No man has to bow, no man born to royalty. Here we judge you by what you do, not by who your father was. Here you can be something. Here is the place to build a home. But it’s not the land. There’s always more land. It’s the idea that we all have value, you and me. What we’re fighting for, in the end… we’re fighting for each other.”

  • tmoe

    I’m a gal btw, but I don’t cry much at movies compared to my brother :) … as a young boy he was a complete basketcase watching that aforementioned scene in “The Champ”. Even as adults now, he cries more at the movies than me 😉

    A great list (plus more from the comments)!

    Agree with all the comments on tear-shedding moments in ROTK:
    – Faramir’s desperate charge to Osgiliath, accompanied by Pippin’s haunting song… the sound mix (voice, orchestra, minimal use of sound effects) was pitch perfect. Oh. My. God. First time I saw that in the theater I felt like my heart was in my mouth and tears flowed. That scene was SO unexpected (I was already a fan of the books before the movies came out, but they didn’t prepare me for this) and it packed an emotional wallop! *goosebumps* even as I’m typing this…
    – The horns of Rohan blowing over Pelennor fields, then Theoden leading the charge of 6000 Rohirrim, shouting ‘Death! Death!!!!’

    – and also: …. Eowyn collapsing in sobs over her uncle’s body

    And a scene from FOTR: Boromir’s dying farewell to Aragorn, “I would have followed you, my brother… my Captain… my King” …. *sob*

  • tortebelly

    For any husband and father “Grace is Gone” is a real tearjerker.

    As well the ending of “On the Beach (2000 version) is also a choker

  • Breechu

    I think one of the saddest things in a movie that I have seen is the very beginning of Oliver and Company.

  • Lambo

    How come no one has mentioned the part in “I Am Legend” When Will Smith has to hold his dog down while she is transforming and has to snap her neck? That was the first and only movie that had made me cry so far.

  • Lambo

    Along with “I Am Legend” As I mentioned earlier I just remembered that the part in “Pet Sematary” when the little boy gets hit by a car always jerks a tear.

  • pj-reader

    Has anyone ever seen ‘Testament’? Post apocalyptic, but the scene where mother describes ‘ice cream’ to her daughter is a killer, though the whole movie is intense.

  • Caroline

    I cried at the end of Schindler’s List, when all the people were putting stones on his grave, people who wouldn’t be allive except for him. Also, of course, Bambi, but I was 5 when I saw that. Titanic, when the woman down in steerage, (Vasquez from Aliens?) was telling her children a fairy tale to try and get them to sleep before they drowned, and tell them they were going to a good place (and the music the band played last on the deck gets me going whenever I hear it too). And another tv one, the end of the episode of Dr Who with Sarah Jane, when she’s saying goodbye to him, properly, but that’s more about my aging! lol. There are loads more, and this was about making guys cry, but I just had to stick in a few

  • Caroline

    …oh, and Grave of the Fireflies was so heartbreaking I couldn’t watch it a second time, I had to give away the dvd!

  • Dan

    Babe. I watched it when I was 6 or 7 and never had the stomach to watch it again. Similar to Bambi, just with a pig on a farm. Also contributed to me hating hot dogs.

  • Bryan J.

    I also have to throw out “Casper” when his mom comes down from heaven to turn him into a boy so that he can dance with the girl, “Hellboy 2” when Father dies, “Tears of the Sun” when he team is willing to sacrifice their lives so that they can make it to the border, and “Star Wars: Episode 1” when the only way that George Lucas can kill off Darth Maul is to edit his light saber into the other hand.

  • Mike

    wow, am I the only who tears up watching Armageddon when Bruce Willis tells Ben Affleck to take care of his daughter as she’s watching on the big screen?

    I second the death of Optimus Prime.

  • TheChubbyDon

    I love all of the movies that people have listed here so
    far(especially the LOTR, Iron Giant, Bridge To Teribithia, Saving Private Ryan, I Am Legend, Glory, and John Q references), but am I the only one who got a little teary-eyed on “P.S. I Love You”. My wife showed it to me and I could not stop myself. One more that also got me was “The Last Samurai”, when they make their final
    charge, and the ensuing scenes(especially the throne room), I
    lose it every single time.

  • Ryan

    I have to add Band of Brothers on here if no one else has yet. The one where they find the death camp with all the starving-to-death prisoners and then Liebgott (who is Jewish) has to tell them all to get back into the camp and stop eating while they sort out what to do with them all. That scene brings tears to my eyes every time.

  • Brandi

    I’m so glad you didn’t put “Old Yeller” on here… That was sad when I was like 5, but after that it was just kind of dumb…

    For me it’s four different episodes of MASH. Of course the last episode “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” leaves me crying for the next two hours, the one where Colonol Potter gets his horse from Radar, the episode in which Henry Blake dies, and where Radar goes home, namely becaus he leaves his teddy bear on Hawkeye’s bed….

  • Brandi

    I think the most tear-jerking part of “Band of Brothers” is when they find the concentration camp and the Jewish man comes up and starts crying, hugging, and kissing a G.I. That’s sad. And the man carrying around his dead father…. Oh man that’s bad.

  • Brandi

    @ Mike (way up on the list!)

    I saw Pokemon the movie in theaters. I was the ultimate fan and my mom went to see it. I cried so much when Ash got turned to stone and all the pokemon, clones and real ones, started crying too. Then I got mad at my mom because she had no clue what was going on…..

  • Lumina

    Bridge to Terabitha; Hands down the movie guaranteed to make a grown man cry.

    Spoiler Alert:
    Specifically the part where the young girl dies.

  • KebertXela

    I don’t know any guys that have cried during movies….until now. I know my bf cried after he finished his Final Fantasy game but I’m not sure that counts….

    Anyhow, I know that all that I’m about to mention has probably already been listed but here goes:

    Land Before Time: Really, the whole movie is sad. Littlefoot is always calling for his mom. Not only is her death sad but his constant struggle and crying for her after the fact just continually chokes me up.

    P.S. I love you: I didn’t think I’d like this movie, because it really was just mediocre but if the point of this movie was just to make you feel bad and sad the whole time…then success…

    Requiem For A Dream: When the mother ends up in the insane asylum gets me, just because she simply misses her family and wants to make them proud. Ugh…ugh…depressing just thinking of it…I really can only watch that movie once a year.

    I agree with a lot of the list though, with Saving Private Ryan being right up there.

    I do cry at the beginning of Titanic when all the people are waving goodbye all happy not realizing that they are heading towards a terrible death…and the fact that it’s real.

    There are so many other movies….damn…

  • zachary

    i don’t know if ya’ll ever saw a strangely bizarre movie starring nicolas cage entitled the weather man. but theres a scene where his dad has cancer and his mom has the idea to have whats called a living funeral, she read it in a book, it’s where everybody that would come to his funeral comes and says to him what they would want to say before he died. when it was his son’s, nicolas’s, turn to speak he said “when i think of my dad i think of bob seger’s like a rock.” and then the electricity goes out. and by the time the electricity comes back on everybody had forgot about the thing, and the last words he got to say at his dad’s living funeral was that he reminded him of a bob seger song. the movie drags on a little bit longer, very depressing at this point things can’t get any worse for old nicolas, and he gets hit with a slurpee on the side of the road, cuz people always throw shit at him because he’s the weather man, he’s basically in tears already and his dad pulls up in a car beside him, rolls down the window, and says get in. when he gets in the car, he jams that shit out, that bob seger- like a rock. he says, you know i son i never did really understand, and old nicky starts balling and talking about how theres nothing to nuckle down on. when his dad jams that jam, i’ll shed tears.

  • scott

    Two of the worst are the end of Armagedeon when Liv Tyler is talking to Bruce Willis and of course Old Yeller. Noone even brings up old Yeller any more, the kid had to kill his own dog.

  • Jay

    How about the one perfect day with his mom in AI? There is another movie that no one knows about called Used People that makes me cry. Especially the two old ladies who complain about each other throughout the whole movie and one wants to move to Florida and the other one wants to stay in a depressing nursing home in New York. The one who wants to stay in New York eventually says “when the end comes I want to be with a good friend like you.” A movie not to miss “Used People”

  • Daboos

    Good list. And I agree with some of other movies that were mentioned in the comments (Grave of Fireflies, Shawshank etc.)

    Okay so this isn’t a movie, but has anyone seen that episode of Futurama, “Jurassic Bark”? Where Fry finds his fossilized dog, wants to bring him back, but decides against it because it lived a full life?

    But then the credits rolled. And then you see how that dog was waiting for Fry for 10 years. Oh god, I sat there crying … at Futurama no less! Freakin’ writers.

  • The Geezer

    The benefit of being a man in his 9th decade gives me the chance to mention the monologue scene between Tom and Ma Joad in the Grapes of Wrath ….. Real is real … and for those of us who lived through those times in a like manner that was real … and struck to the heart of all feeling men … i still weep throughout that film … all too real.

  • Lei

    I went to see The Road this week and had to try to stop myself from bawling the theatre down. And films like Schindler’s List, The Pianist and Life Is Beautiful always knock the wind out of me! It’s when horrific true stories remind you that children were there to witness certain events too; it’s horrible. Talking of children, being about 10 and watching The Green Mile gave me nightmares for months. I just couldn’t believe the electric chair was a real thing, that was so messed up.

  • Gynophile

    I saw Lion King on Broadway a couple of weeks ago and the Circle of Life song in the beginning is so powerful, it made me cry. And the scene where Mufasa dies, of course. It’s a really incredible show.

  • Nada Nuff

    @ Brad

    I agree with you on Cast Away. I rarely cry at movies, but when Wilson floated away and Hanks’ character started to go after him but realized he couldn’t, it hit me hard. Hanks really sold that performance.

  • Aleks

    Definitely is the winner “The champ”.

    Platoon of soldiers ,cried like a baby’s ,when his father is dieing.
    Wake him up… I want The Champ!

  • Klingon

    What about. Boy in Striped Bajamas at the end where he goes into the gas chamber and dies looking for shmalls dad

  • Megan

    Umm, I’m not a guy but Pan’s Labyrinth?? Hello??? I cried like a baby and some of my guy friends shed a few tears.

  • Maggie

    I was on a first date with this guy and we were watching Marley and Me in theaters and in the last seen I look over (me being sad but not crying) and see him wiping tears that were flowing down his eyes. After the end of the movie I stopped in the bathroom and there were all these older women wiping their eyes and chatting with each other about how they cried from during that movie… haha priceles

    I would have to say that I pretty much cried during the whole ps. I love You movie.. and Gladiator gets me every time

    but another movie I wanted to mention for the list would be the pursuit of happiness, how the father tries so hard to get by

  • Anthony

    the only tv show or movie that has every made me sad was fry’s dog in futurama when he waits outside the shop. i consider my stoicism one of my best qualities but that scene is just so sad it even gets to me.

  • bryan

    The ENDING scene of UP, with the grape soda bottle cap

  • Kieran

    Grave of the fireflies is legitimately the most depressing movie ever. But as far as individual scenes go I find that one scene in “Into the Wild” where the dad just lays down in the middle of the road and thinks about his missing son to be one of the saddest.
    I know that people may not agree but that part in zombieland where you find out the truth about tallahasse’s “puppy” is actually quite powerful for me.
    And I know this doesn’t count and has been said but oh man that Futurama episode where the dog waits ten years for Fry and then slowly lays down and dies? I never thought I would get emotional over an animated freaking T.V show but I defy anyone to not feel the tears well up there. Same with the Episode where Fry finds out that his nephew was named after him.
    Good list!

  • Smith

    Santa-speaking-Dutch scene in the first Miracle on 34th Street.

  • http://www.listerart.com Gary

    1. ‘UP’ – Just KILLS me. Bawling.

    2. ‘Rocky’ – He’s lost the match to Apollo, he’s being mobbed by reporters but he doesn’t care, all he wants is the woman he loves – “ADRIAN!”

    3. …which goes into the newest Rocky, ‘Rocky Balboa’ Rocky is talking to Adrian at her graveside. Another one that kills me.

    4. ‘A Christmas Story’ – When Ralphie finally beats up the bullies after being hit in the face with a snowball. When Ralphie starts crying, I start crying. That whole scene hits close to home for me.

    5. ‘Shawshank Redemption’ – Red narrating after Andy escaped Shawshank. There is a line that gets to me, “I guess I just miss my friend.” Instant tears. That and Brooks’s suicide.

    There are more, but these are the ones that do it every time.

  • Mac

    The only movie to ever make me even flinch was the Lion King. I can’t take the death scene. Can’t even read about it. The opening scenes were pretty moving too. Truly a masterpeice!!!!!

  • mynameisBatman

    Right, the “death of a salesman” is one of the most heart-ripping books i´ve ever read.

    And yeah, the poor dog of futurama…bouhouhouhou…seriously..

    You all forgot:


    “The Father” (or something like that), an old sovjet film about an old father im WW2 who goes in search after his son through the whole war just to Berlin.
    Then he finds him. Finally.
    And the son is shot in front of the fathers eyes.
    The father goes home to bury his son, while Germany has been defeated.
    No comment..watch the film.

    ALL BRUCE LEE fights!!! (whoOoOoOoo—BAM!)

    Jackie Chan, Jet Li:
    >snake in the eagles shadow (the cat!!) XD
    >Forbidden Kingdom: Monkey King returns!
    >and many more else (good fights)

    Kung Fu Panda!
    especially the overwhelming gung fu stunts

    Rambo 1 (joy..)

    Choristes/Children of monsier Matthieu:
    The end when the orphan child is adopted by Matthieu.And the music. oooh im weepin´again..

    the moment in the end when the father sees his daughter walking; the soft bread for the blind “grandma”; the moment when Heidi returns to the old grandfather-he thought she would leave. Yeah, thats it..bouhouhou..XD

    Spielbergs new robot film about that boy (forgot the name)

    The secret Garden :
    father sees his son walking , son has eyed bound, touches and recognizes his father..and the music.)

    Spiderman 1
    in the end when Parker decides against his love for mj, because its too dangerous for her.
    “i´m spiderman!” XD
    Gets me every time
    (intriguing: joy)

    Superman 2 (the old film)
    in the end, the same plot: Kent deletes his love´s memories and decides to live for Superman (joy)

    The Dark Knight
    also a similar plot: Batman´s decision to be hunted, because Gotham needs an idol.

    Star Wars 4:
    the death star explodes

    Star Wars 5:
    ->scene with star destroyers, then the huge shadow over them, the super star destroyer appears, the imperial march..;
    ->!Lea senses Lukes cry for help when he has been defeated by Vader (great!)

    Star Wars 6:
    Vader kills the emperor; the final celebration.

    Star Wars 1:
    Anakin leaves his mother; Qui Gon is killed+the following fight.

    Star Wars 2:
    Palpatine sees his clone army, and then the ingenious imperial march (joy?!?)

    Star Wars 3:
    perhaps Amidalas funeral (may be not..)

    Harry Potter
    many moments. Examples:
    >1st film:the music-main theme.combined with the thought of a bad treated orphan who gets a new beautiful life and good friends for the first time.Moving.
    >The sadness of Potters biography (orphan; relatives are monsters; gets to know his godfather and shortly after his death; Dumbledores death and funeral in the book(!)(feeling something like Santa Clause would be killed by someone or else..)
    >many joyful moments : e.g.the ride on the hyppogryph(the flying horse-hawk)
    >especially the books are moving (end of 7th)


    Battlestar Galactica:
    >Starbuck´s reappearance
    >leaving New Caprica
    >the theme the final cylons hear, how that story evolves
    >much more.

    maaany very moving/joyful moments in

    Dragon Ball Z
    (e.g. when Son Goku becomes a super sajan the first time and its reason; the moments when Son Gohan thinks his father has come back; and so on.
    And yeah almost every good fight when one character has to overcome and improve himself and wins in the end.)

    One Piece
    (e.g.when Mr.Crocodile is defeated+the music!; when Lysop calls for help for Sogeking on the thriller bark(!great!); and hell yeah almost every good fights and departures/leaving friends behind/moving life stories)

    Avatar-the master of elements:
    Zukos Unkle is in prison and does a secret workout;
    Aaang defeats fire nation fleet (book one);
    Aang learns from the Guru about the blockings of chi (the avatar state);
    Aang defeats firelord;
    and more.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    almost every good fight.

  • alfredo

    in no particular order.

    Up- all throughout the film it gets dusty, but the harder ones are the opening montage, kevin talking about his dad around the fire, kevin talking about the ice cream shop, carl and the adventure book by the falls, and the ellie badge.

    Wall-e- eve’s reaction to wall-e essentially dying and then reviving are ridiculous. -tear-

    The Wrestler- when he and his daughter begin to get close again and it all comes crashing down

    Away we go- the scene where Krasinski is talking to his friend in Montreal and the friend starts talking about how his wife just had her fifth miscarriage, while she’s upstage amateur pole dancing. such juxtaposition made the point hit that much harder.

    Milk- Harvey Milk getting assassinated and the candle light vigil.

    The Pursuit of Happyness- “The cave” scene. so sad.

    House- not a movie, but the finale where wilson says goodbye to amber is a heart wrenching piece of television.

  • mynameisBatman

    For those who dont watch animated movies/series:
    there are quite a lot good of them, many very good or excellent.
    Animes are not only Pokemon,Sailormoon or Mickey Mouse or that else.

    Putting all Animes in one category is as wrong as putting the Teletubbies together with Saving Private Ryan in one show.

    Just to make things clearer.

  • Isaac

    Simon Birch has to be at the top of the list, for me. The whole movie moved the shit out of me, even as a teen.

    Definitely agree with The Green Mile and Marley and Me.

  • Ryan

    Have to agree on Up, but seriously, that LOTR bow scene was not even the most emotional scene in that movie.

    What about when Samwise realizes he can’t carry the ring himself and just picks his friend’s body up off the burning ground and keeps plodding one bare hairy foot in front of another up the mountain to almost certain death? It’s got amazing friendship and heroism all rolled together in a character that seemed for awhile to be nothing but a comic relief tag-along.

  • Bess

    Oh god, So mannnnyyyy.
    Land Before Time oh my GOD WHY IS IT SO SAD
    I Am Sam- Watched it in class for psychology and BAWLED MY EYES OUT. Just like all of my classmates.
    Click- All of like, the second half. When he realises the remote is making him miss out on his life and stuff… *sniff*
    Howls Moving Castle- That bit where he catches the star made me cry DON’T ASK IDK.
    Brokeback Mountain… just… the shirts… at the end
    Has Anyone put um… My Dog Skip? DAMNIT ITS NOT A KIDS MOVIE.
    Yes the Iron Giant, yes UP (ohdamngodwhysosadddd), Yes LOTR but not that scene… Faramirs chrge and Pippins song was better.

    Oh and mynameisBatman… Mickey Mouse is not an anime.

  • Bess

    OH GOD

  • mynameisBatman

    something with “Sun” (1st major role of Christian Bale, as a boy in a fashistic Japan camp, WW2)
    The traumatized boy meets his parents again. Very good acting.

    Free Willy 1
    The jump!
    (based on the thought of an disguided boy who transforms to an idealistic and reliable person, finds loveful parents)

    Kevin in New York
    in the end when Kevin gives one dove to the outcast woman

    Cast Away:
    Hanks on the selfmade boat, “Wilson” leaves him, Hanks cant “save” him, he has no power to swim

    Godzilla dies (just kidding XD )

    A.I. the scene with the “boy” freezing for thousands of years in front of the “fairy” under water.

  • mynameisBatman

    7 years in Tibet
    In the end when Harrer´s son opens the musicbox and the Dalai Lama´s music sounds- remnants of a lost time and culture.

  • mynameisBatman

    when his big love and wife is erased with a single knivestroke. Then in the end when he is executed the kerchief falls out of his hand.

    The 13th knight
    When King Arthur Pendragon dies.

    When the Kelts decide to free women and children and when they have to perish from hunger in front of their eyes

    When he comes to Ithaca and meets his son (who doesnt know his father at first), then when his wife recognizes him

    Animals Are Beautiful People
    When the water is gone, the pelicans have left their children and these begin to..walk. Walk and walk.
    Then the rain arrives.

    The mask of Zorro
    the mine-3fingerJack dies.
    Diego dies; the end.

  • danny

    man how can you leave out We Are Marshall. The scene where red’s wife realizes he didnt die and she just loses it. wooo

    im glad someone up there mentioned the rugrats movie scene. i just remembered that.

    also its a newer movie but Brothers starring natalie tobey and jake had me bawling through the whole thing, along with the guy a few seats away.

    one last is Two Weeks starring sally field. the majority of that movie can get you misty, especially the end

    i agree with most of the ones listed as well

  • http://None Patty Vee

    I would also add the final scene of Blow with Johnny Depp. That is one of the most heart wrenching scenes I’ve ever experienced, moving from absolute happiness to bitter defeat. Please, screen this film as soon as you can if you haven’t seen it.

  • miasaurusrex

    The end of ‘Uprising’ (about the rebellion in the Warsaw Ghetto) after David Schwimmer and Hank Azaria kick Nazi ass. One of the lesser known Holocaust films but one of the most emotional.

    And, like everyone else said, ‘Grave of the Fireflies’. The whole movie, from beginning to end.

  • mynameisBatman

    hheyyy What about commentaries to the animes I named? There are really great scenes there..

    Why do you all only mention sad scenes?

  • Blake

    The one scene in Schindler’s List where they are helping him and his wife escape and he begins lamenting about how he could have saved more. Tears all down my face at that scene.

  • bobby

    Decent list, but on Forest Gump, when he sees his kid for the first time he asks, ” Is he smart, ….. or is he like me?” —that’s just f’d up & sad.

    Yes, I too was caught off guard with Up.

    Passion of the Christ had me frantically trying to conceal tears and hold my face together.

    Yeah, the Pursuit of Happiness scene, when the father had to sleep in the bathroom holding his son. The f’n desperation & shame in his eyes is what every father fears.

    Shindler’s List – when Schinder considers how many more people he could have saved…. hmmn….

  • angel

    why in the world is Sean of the Dead not listed? I always cry when i see Sean’s friend turn into a zombie…
    don’t you all have a heart???

  • unidyne

    For me, it’s the end of the film “Ghost”. The last 5 minutes always get me in the heart.

  • nip

    My Life with Michael Keaton. This movie should be at the top of this list.

  • sufyan

    how cud u forget ‘titanic’,just how cud u? jack going down was the saddest,anyone agrees?

  • Locke

    Am I just old that I am the only one who cried during Highlander when Heather died in his arms. I always find myself choking back tears.

  • Bagley

    This one is kind of TV/Movie, but when wash dies at the end of Serenity. Having loved the character through Firefly and Serenity, then seeing him die right in front of his wife always gets me.

  • Ivan

    The end of “Fox and the Hound” when you hear young Tod and Copper saying they will be friends forever as their adult selves go their separate ways…so sad.

  • H

    Kramer V Kramer

  • Jayftl

    Okay I don’t want to sound like a woman but have any of you ever seen “Bridge To Terabithia”?
    I can’t remember the last time I cried as hard as I did when the little girl dies.
    not even when my own grandpa died.

  • Sina

    I’m surprised “My Dog Skip” wasn’t added onto this. When I heard that man’s best friend (his dog Skip) died, I almost cried my ass off.

  • Woof

    I think someone mentioned “Sophie’s Choice” already… that moment when Sophie must choose which of her two children she will give up.

    Also, while I’m thinking of Meryl Streep, way back in the mists of time, children, she was in a movie called “The Deer Hunter”. The scene I’m thinking of was the wake, when in their sorrow and love of country they begin to sing “God Bless America”.

    Private Ryan… a great movie! But I was not so affected by that final scene as others. When Ryan says to his wife, “Tell me I’ve lived a good life”, I just want to say “No, Duckhead, you’ve lived a sh*tty selfish life, you’re a useless piece of sh*t and a bunch of brave young men died so you could live a long life.
    Okay, so I’m a wiseguy, but seriously I think the line should have been, “Have I’ve lived a good life?” rather than “Tell me I’ve lived a good life.” Nuance.

    One that no one mentioned is “Urban Cowboy”, when Bud and Sissy finally get back together. Gawd, that scene tears me up.

    And Cold Mountain, when Inman finally returns from the war and finds Ada, only to be killed.

  • Ajax

    Bicentennial Man!

    I know, real shameful.

  • Marty

    I agree with so many of these….a character dies=I cry.

    The topper is probably “Moulin Rouge” when Nicole Kidman dies; it’s not so much her inevitable death, but when she dies in Ewan MacGregor’s arms and he’s just this HUGE wrackin sob of a mess and his emotions are just so raw….tearing up just thinking about it again….

  • Travthulu

    Ok, not sure if this has been mentioned but the end of The Mist.

    The end of Shaun Of The Dead when Shaun goes out to the shed always seems to bring a tear to my eye.

    Also 100% agree with Iron Giant being on this list.

  • RaRul

    pff forest gump always gets me, i just cry my eyes out every second of that movie. when forest friend bubba dies my eyes just start fucking watering and i feel my throath closing, forrest gump is just a awesome movie!!!!

  • Harold Barcoda

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Several occasions. That Spielberg sure knows how to milk it!

    I mean, ET dying in the bathroom, the whole bloody cinema was bawling when I first saw that movie!

  • Joe

    How is Black Hawk Down not on the list? That movie was full of parts that were specifically designed to make you cry in front of other guys, especially that part where they are trying to resuscitate the one guy on the makeshift operating table.
    Shaun of the Dead is another one, when Ed farts and says he’ll stop doing it when Shaun stops laughing, and Shaun says “I’m not laughing.” That always gets me.
    And the show “Kings,” when David’s brother dies, and David takes his brother’s bloody cloth, walks onto the frontline of a battlefield and delivers a speech in front of an enemy tank. You’d have to see it, it’s impossible not to want to ball watching it.
    The ending of MGS3.
    And the movie Hook, when Capt. Hook stabs Rufio, and Rufio tells Peter Pan, dying while in his arms “I always wanted to be a father.”

  • Uzisero

    Yeah, Iron Giant saying “Super-man!” made my tears well up.

    @Pepe Veraz/@Lani/@Caroline/@Kieran: The classic anime “Grave of the Fireflies”, look for Roger Ebert’s excellent review of it. I’ll add the scene where the little sick kid, after seeing his brother cry becasue there was no more food, offers him his “food” made of dirt. The delirious kid apparently had been eating the “imaginary food” while his brother went outside scavenging. BTW, the movie was written by a guy who also watched as his kid sister died of starvation during WW2. His conscience bothered him because he thinks had he eaten less she would maybe be still alive.

    @James: “Old Yeller”, the scene where they have to shoot the poor lovable mutt cause he got rabies.

    @Jeremey/@Mike: yeah, Optimus Prime’s death scene in the classic 80s “Transformers the Movie” cartoon made me cry – I was just a damned kid, and even though I found him corny as hell I still loved the guy!

    @Jimmyduds/@Daboos: the “Futurama” episode where Fry is by the grave of his brother, with Simplemind’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” in the background as the credits start to roll. Added bonus on the 80s nostalgia.

    @Nip: yes, “My Life”, when Michael Keaton does his video message to his kid that he won’t live to see.

    Already mentioned “Titanic” scenes where the mother tells stories to her children in their cabin, the old couple lying in bed together, and the band deciding to play on as the ship sinks.

    But most definitely, below are 2 more movie scenes guaranteed to make most adult men cry, Man Law or not (SPOILERS ALERT):

    “Frequency” (Dennis Quaid, James Caviezel): 2000 movie about a freak atmospheric storm that enables a man in the present to talk to his dad in the past over the ham radio. Scene where the long-dead dad tells his grown-up son that he is proud of him.

    “Carriers” (Chris Pine, Christopher Meloni): 2009 postapocalyptic disease movie. The scene in the abandoned town, where the infected little girl wants to poo. The dad (played by Law&Order:SVU’s Meloni) encourages her to walk by herself to the far away portalet so that he can stay behind with the others in the car and make sure they don’t leave them behind. She walks wobbly then falls. Daddy runs over to pick her up, says sorry to his little girl, looks meaningfully at the others, and carries her over to the portalet, asking her to sing with him her favorite nursery ryhme so that she won’t see the others throwing their bags out of their own car, leaving them behind to starve and die in the empty town.

  • mb

    The scene in Pearl Harbor after the bombing where you see the soldiers trapped in the ship while it fills up with water, then Ben Affleck holds the guy’s hand as he drowns and his hand goes limp. Heart wrenching.

    In Across the Universe when they sing “Let it be” and they show the riots in Detroit, then the little boy’s funeral.

    The scene that gets me in Titanic is when they are getting the women and children on the life boats and you see a little girl trying to hold onto her dad and you hear her screaming “daddy! daddy!”

    Moulin Rouge – Roxanne number when Nicole Kidman is nearly raped.

  • Sam

    RENT. This movie kills me at the funeral scene… I feel like my heart is breaking along with Collins’ :(

  • martin7341

    Hey Dad, Wanna have a catch?

    Of all the movies listed in the comments, that’s the only one that really surprises me by it’s absence on the list.

  • chris

    hell yea man i have cried at many a futurama espicially the dog ,i was bawling then,even ther movie when lars is actually fry

    but lotr yes,just saying make me tear up “you bow to no one”

  • Blake

    “Something for Joey” 1977. When John Cappelletti (Marc Singer) is accepting his Heisman Trophy and starts talking about his little brother Joey I lose it every time.

  • OperaGhost288

    My boyfriend would kill me if he knew I was writing this (but it’s anonymous, so what the hell…) but he cries at Mr. Holland’s Opus. It’s very endearing.

  • jeffthemaori

    braveheart, definitely, the fact that is a true story makes it even more powerful

  • Hekate464

    I think there are missing two other scenes. One from second part of Lion King. The scene where Simba without a proof that Kouvu had cheated him, just yell at him to go away.
    Second scene that for me is missing here is a scene from movie “The Green Mile” where John Coffey is watching a movie just before they have to kill him and when anyone knows that he is innocent…

  • monnanon

    Another girl vote lol. Hmm the film that makes me cry the most is AI, after all that nonsense about the loverbot and finding the blue fairy the ending is so sweet. I was watching it one night and woke my bf by crying at it. Its so sad

    The other film i had a little blub at was Avatar but i wont say the bit so i dont spoil the film.

  • Boheefus Jr

    Avatar – when the marines start firing at the great tree, all to get at a mineral

    United 93 – two scenes…when the older woman hands her seatmate a cell phone and says to call her family “Hi mom, it’s me… this really kind woman handed me the phone and told me to call you” and the end when they’re fighting to gain entry into the cockpit at the end. I’m a complete mess by that point.

    Star Trek III – as Kirk and co. are watching the Enterprise burn up in the atmosphere “My God, Bones…what have I done?”

  • Alex

    3:10 to Yuma where the father tells the son to go home and he has to take Russel Crowe to the station.

  • German

    Well…i may be the only one, but Philadelphia always gets me….but there are many other films, but it’s quite hard to remember all of them!

  • Shpank

    Mr. Holland’s Opus – the end scene when directing the band.
    Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey, when Shadow comes limping over the hill to Peter

    Still can’t keep it together.

  • Sully

    Homeward Bound, when Shadow falls in the train yard and says “I’m too old.” With Chance yelling at him to get up because he loves him. Oh childhood movies, why were you so sad?!?

  • http://rjmitchell.deviantart.com RojaMitchell

    Well, how bout Volcano, when the firefighter is saving someone who was on the subway and is carrying the guy, and walks on the lava… he saves the person but dies… melted…

  • Raine

    City of Angels
    The Road
    Fox and The Hound
    Lion King

  • Jackson

    Being a firefighter, I’m not really that big a fan of ladder 49. That being said, the funeral scene’s really get to me.

    Also letters from Iwo Jima anyone?

  • http://ihaveaphdinhorribleness.tumblr.com Dr. Horrible

    I am a sixteen year old girl who has never * cried at a movie/tv show. Hell I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cried in my life.
    *Except for when I was rewatching How I Met Your Mother Season 1 and Lily leaves Marshall (fuck you hormones). This incident doesn’t count in my mind though- long story.
    Anyway, I’m starting to feel like I must be some cold heartless bitch. I mean I’ve seen some tearjerkers. Dunno why it never makes me cry. Then I’ll crack a joke about the movie afterward and the other tearful movie watchers will look at me like I have a third head.
    Ugh. Maybe I’m a psychopath.

  • cytokinesis

    Most of the movie “The Road” had me on the brink. When the dad has to teach his son how to commit suicide if captured by the cannibals….that was intense.

  • idunno

    I never really cry because of a movie, although if a movie has really affected me, I’ll just get very cold after words. One movie that’s affected me more than most, is the Plague Dogs. It’s an animated film (made in 1982; not anime, it’s British), but this film is most certainly not for kids. I can’t believe how anyone could think that a Disney film could compare with a film like this. I also found Grave of the Fireflies sad, but I wasn’t as affected. And DO NOT see the dub on that one. The voice of Setsuko sounds like an old lady on helium.

  • Mtwrz5

    It takes alot to get me to tear up during a movie but I have 3 suggestions that moved me quite a bit:

    “Pursuit of Happiness” –> The “cave” scene is pretty emotional too, but I didn’t shed a tear until the end when it all works out for him when he walks outta that building after getting the job and starts clapping…. Tears of joy, yes, but tears nonetheless

    “The Blind Side” –> Relatively early in the movie when we see just how sad and desolate Mike’s life really was (he spent the night in laundromats some nights) before he was taken in by the Tuohey family…. Also, the scene where he has the car accident is pretty tough too

    “Crash” –> I must admit, the scene where the store owner shows up at the Hispanic guy’s house with the gun and shoots the little girl… He unknowingly had blanks in the gun, but I must admit that had there been ACTUAL bullets in that gun, I would have been all broken up

  • MrMojoRisin

    “Big fish” when the son finishes his dad’s story(my father in law was dying with cancer at the time my wife and i saw it in the theatre.) “Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind” When he’s trying to hide Clementine in his deeper childhood memories and its starts raining in the living room with row row row your boat….beautiful scene. “About schimdt” The end when he feels that he has’nt made any difference and no one will remember him when hes gone….than he gets the letter from the african boy he’s been fostering. “The wrestler” all i can say is final scene….like wrestling or not if you have a soul you should cry like a baby.

  • DanaS

    I’m not sure if anyone yet mentioned the latest Harry Potter and the scene after Dumbledore dies and everyone raised their wands to honor him… now that is sad.

    I have to admit that I had a very hard time watching Twilight, so many things just remind me of my own relationhip (to make things clear: i’m a girl, not gay ;D ). The movie itself is only okay, dont count me as a fan though.
    But then again, I tend to cry a lot, especially when I’m hangover or otherwise messed up.

    Lion King… dont even talk about it. If I’d watch it now I would die.

    Many many LotR scenes, they’re just so perfect, the music and all.

  • Brent

    When I saw My Dog Skip in theaters I was definitely brought to tears when the boy hits skip when he was messing around at the baseball game and skip runs away. Another big one is Pay It Forward. Saddest thing ever.

    But then also I cry no matter what to the ending of Friday Night Lights. It’s a combination of the sad scene and then how I can relate in my life.

    There are so many more that bring a tear to my eye but these are the main ones I can think of right now.

  • bob q

    Land Before Time, definitely my favorite movie as a kid. that and Jurassic Park solidified my love of dinosaurs.

    the movie that hasn’t been listed here yet that gives me that tight spot in my chest and tears at the corners of my eyes:

    “The Abyss” when the aliens have Ed Harris in their ship. they show the scenes of torture, suffering, hate, and war humans have perpetrated on each other. tidal waves rise from the oceans, ready to snuff out humanity. and then they stop the waves with the simple text message from Ed Harris to his wife: “I love you.” damn scene is so powerful. argg it’s got me.

  • mike

    Braveheart. The two funeral scenes. First, his father’s, and the little girl giving him the flower. Then, the same little girl becomes his wife. At her funeral, her father is standing over Mel Gibson as he bows in front of him. The father starts to grab at him, then changes his mind last second, and rests his hand on his head, and mourns with him.
    I bawl like a bitch EVERY time.

  • Dan

    I did not read all of the comments, but I wanted to add one film. My wife always teases me about the fact that if anyone even mentions the movies “Life Is Beautiful” or “I Am Sam”, I throw my hand up and shout “Enough! Don’t want to talk about it!” I Am Sam gets me in several places.

  • rumo

    life is beautiful gets to me every time. I’m a girl, but… people only need to mention that film and I start crying like a baby


    I have not seen anyone mention “One True Thing” If you have a mother you will find this movie very emotional.

  • Blake

    Band of Brothers, Episode 9, “Why We Fight”

    When they open the concentration camp.

  • Krystle

    I don’t know if anyone has seen it, but Lorenzo’s Oil.
    The scene where the father is reading up on the ADL (or ALD?) disease and just falls down stairs clutching his heart and crying? Had me bawling like a baby….absoutely heartbreaking to see the outpouring of grief.

    Also, The Tigger Movie. Sounds lame, but when Tigger is stuck up in the tree after the avalanche and realizes that he’s the only tigger? I was bawling in the theatre.

    It seems that I cry more from sad scenes from a Disney/Pixar type movie than one with real humans…lol.

  • Erik



    I saw the title of this list and that one came to mind instantly. The only other movie that makes me cry is The Green Mile. Great list.

  • Tony

    As a movie lover there are many movies that have touched me. But only a few have reduced me to tears. A movie needs to invoke emotion in the audience. Any one man or women that says that a movie didn’t bring them to or close to tears is lying, in a comma, or maybe just a sociopath. If you laugh when things are funny chances are you‘ll feel the pain in the melancholy genre. For me a kid dying does it all the time. “Pay it Forward”, “Bridge to Terabitha”, “My Girl” and an oldie “Penny Serenade”. Penny was great although the ending seemed hackey and slapped on to give it a somewhat happy ending. Maybe it was the time 1941 or maybe because of pre-war jitters it didn’t end where it should of. The ending, they are about to split up because the pain of loosing their daughter is too much to bear when they get a call from the adoption women to tell them that there was another child for them, and this one was just as they described their ideal child in the beginning.

  • MuseFacade

    The end of Moulin Rouge always gets me.

  • LShea

    I absolutely HATE crying in general and often when I watch something sad I try to hold it back until it’s painful, but some scenes have gotten me, both in movies and anime. First, the most powerful:

    1. In Cowboy Bebop, the scene where Ed and Ein (and Faye) leave and ‘Call Me, Call Me’ is playing in the background – I’ve never been able to watch it w/o crying or repressing crying yet

    2. The ending of (Tenkyuu no) Esaflowne when Hitomi embraces Van, telling him “I’ll never forget you, even when I’m old” because then I knew for sure she’d never come back, also the rest of the ending. And the part where he goes to rescue her from Dornkirk – Yoko Kanno’s a musical genius and even listening to the soundtrack w/o the scenes gets me.

    3. In The Passion of the Christ where Jesus was carrying the cross and fell and his mother has a flashback to him falling as a child and helps me up and he says (something like) “You see mother, I make all things new”) That music and everything!

    4. When Setsuko dies in Grave of the Fireflies and Seita gives up living.

    Some others: the destruction of Hometree in Avatar and Neytiri when Eytucan dies, the Pokemon scene when Ash turns to stone (bet it would still get me now), in Homeward Bound when Shadow turned out to not be dead, in the Pursuit of Happyness, the “cave” scene and his clapping at the end, the Million Dollar Baby scene when the meaning of “Mo Chuisle” is explained.

  • LShea

    *Tenkuu (天空のエスカフローネ)

  • Rachel H.

    Click, hands down
    right when Adam Sandler is on the floor dying, with his last words he parts his wife and family saying, “Will you still love me in the morning?”

    “Forever and ever babe..”

    UGH my heart dropped as did my tears. And I don’t mind having my heart ripped out anytime, over and over again to this movie.

  • Rachel H.

    OH and Where the Wild Things Are! :)

  • Blake

    The scene in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” right after Harry brings Cedric Diggory’s body back and Cedric’s father is wailing in pain over his son’s body. “My boooouuuuuuuuuyyyyyy! That’s my booooouuuuuuyyyyyyy!”

  • Lauralyn

    Pan’s Labyrinth and The Boy in The Striped Pajamas, of course.

    But honestly, if you can get through watching In America without crying, you do not have a soul. That movie. It kills you.

  • Adam J. Sjoberg

    My Top five of all time.

    #5: Green Street Hooligans. Loss and fault on both sides. No real bad guy when you think about it.
    #4: Saving Private Ryan. Don’t we all just want to be told we’re good?
    #3: The Lion King. I saw it with my father in theater. He died in 1995.
    #2: Buffy the Vampire Slayer “The Body” When she comes in and finds her mother lying dead on the couch. The episode ends with her saying “Mom? Mommy?”

    #1 of all time:
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. When Link finally is reunited with Saria only to have her awaken as a sage and he’ll never see her again.
    “… Saria will always be your friend.”

    For those of you who say scenes from Rambo and The Patriot and Life is Beautiful and my personal fav Buffy Season 6 when Tara is killed, I’m reminded of this quote:

    I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to share my feelings. I want to find the person who did this. And I want to look them right in the eye…
    … And THEN I want to share my feelings.

  • http://WadesterP@aol.com Wade Phillips

    These would be my top 5 most touching moments

    My top one in The ending from Casper. When Casper gets his dream to have his special romantic dance with Kat. This sceen Always gets to me every time. That song that is played in the background ” Remeber me this way” It doesn’t leave one eye dry.

    The end of Forest Gump were He is inroduced to his son for the first time and then when Jenny dies.

    When the song “The day I fall in Love from Beethoves 2nd. Even seeing the two dogs showing their emotions for eachother in this seen is touching.

    The ending of Rugrats in Paris when Chaz and Keria dance with Chuckie and Kimi.

    • http://feedmetrendy.com Ashley

      just watched casper and i bawled at that part. so sad.

  • cha

    for me its the part where all the people in china vow before MULAN after she had save her country againts the enemy.. not sure if it’s vandals or what but it sure does touches my husband’s heart i saw him shed a tear hehehe=)

  • cha

    please watch the korean film HEARTY PAW you’re so damned stone hearted if you won’t shed a tear in this one i guarantee!!

  • me

    dude, hiorrible list. you only got me with lion king. gladiator? seriously, with the family’s bad acting and the shitty resemblance to greeks or romans, more like watching brady bunch in togas. and i’m sorry but forrest gump is just the imaginary story of how u can be a fuckin retarded american and life will be ok. no, jenny was a slut, hated her and that bastard child, could be anyones kid. big fail. saving private ryan. old douchebag american goes to pay respects to his dead buddies he didnt even know who sacrificed to save his ass and his family is taking pics of him. siorry big fail as well. the iron giant……………… really….. do i have to say it?……… bad judgement.

    life is beautiful was great but lord of the rings and rudy might as well make a war mongler cry, stupid movie with stupid actors and had overall… a stupid impact of the world. hopefully u can get your priorities straight, and start crying for a good reason, or if not start crying at what a shitty list you made. GOT to be universal. you help yourself in no way expressing your… prejudice white environment.

  • Martina313

    i’m not a guy,But that scene from The Iron Giant always gets me!
    No matter how many times i watch it.

  • ozsie

    for me one of the most touching scenes was in the fox and the hound, when the momma fox runs and gets shot and stuff, another one that i didnt expect was the death of the little girl in bridge to terabithia just when they had started to like each other :S

  • will

    i think that pay it forward is my no. 1…. i may be a kid but in my time i have seen some damn good movies!

    in pay it forwards where all the people come to the front door with flowers makes me cry like a baby every time…. it gets worse when it zooms out so you can see that thousands of people queue outside the house :'[

    click is good as well… its the part where the dad dies that got me..

  • Tasmanian devil

    The last time I cried was at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis when Data dies. He would have to be one of the best characters ever created for television and I didn’t see his death coming. I cried for hours afterwards and was extremely angry they killed him off.

  • delp meindrop

    it’s probably on here already, but there’s too many to look at.
    Terminator 2 : Judgment Day; the end “thumbs up” scene

  • bawlbag

    #10 – Highlander (1986)

    #9 – Free Willy (1993)

    #8 – Edward Scissorhands (1990)

    #7 – Armageddon (1998)

    #6 – E.T. (1982)

    #5 – I Am Legend (2007)

    #4 – Platoon (1986)

    #3 – Saving Private Ryan (1998)

    #2 – Schindler’s List (1993)

    #1 – Silent Running (1972) Boy am I dating myself here.

  • Matt

    Just saw Up for the first time today, bawled my eyes out at the beginning.

    The Notebook got me big time, as my mother had just passed away from Alzheimer’s.

    The graveyard scene in Saving Private Ryan and the survivors and family scene at the end of Schindler’s List always has me bawling.

    But…..the one I can’t believe hasn’t been mentioned is the ending of Pan’s Labyrinth. So sad.

  • Ninjinister

    Spoiler-free list

    Donnie Darko – The ending

    Repo! The Genetic Opera – “I Didn’t Know I’d Love You So Much”

    Pokemon Heroes, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew – A lot of people have mentioned the Ash dying thing in part one, but it was the climaxes of these two that got to me.

    Of Mice and Men (’92) – Even after having read the book, George’s last act toward Lennie still got to me.

    Bridge to Terabithia (’07) – Having read the book years earlier, I warned people that the trailers was not reflective at all of the plot. Nobody quite knew what I meant, or disbelieved me. Then came the “event”. WHAM. Every time I see that movie with someone who hasn’t seen it before, their jaws drop open and all of the color leaves their faces.

    Grave of the Fireflies – The entire f***ing movie. Seriously, forget that it’s an anime film. This is the most depressing piece of cinema I’ve ever seen, bar none. There are no mecha or super-villains here… just cold, harsh reality.

  • turbo

    i think i am legend when the dog sam dies the first time i saw it i bawled my eyes out i know its fake and the dog would still be alive but i think everyone cried in that scene also from i am legend the second time hes in the video shop “please say hello to me please say hello to me” that got me to but when you think about it the whole film is sad since all thats alive is him and his dog but his dog dies half way through

  • mike

    dancer in the dark
    (yea yea i know)

    house of sand and fog

    i can’t even watch the ending of “jurassic bark” anymore.

    boy in the striped pyjamas

    life is beautiful

  • Lisa

    These get my husband every time: E.T. dying and then leaving; the funeral scene in My Girl; the beginning of Up; the Lion King; Fox and Hound.

    For me, add in the end of Ghost, and if you haven’t seen it, Breaking the Waves will leave you bawling like a baby.

  • Andy Simon

    Truly surprised that this one was not on the list:

    * The ending of Chaplin’s “City Lights” when the flower girl recognizes her benefactor

    Less surprised about the omission (because the film is less well known) of the ending of “Bella” (2006 film), when the waitress meets her daughter for the first time.

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  • Jessica

    Agree with all of these 100% but I have to say – Dead Poets Society. It just kills me every time, and I can’t help but sob uncontrollably throughout the entire end, starting with the play.

  • Jessica

    I forgot to add this – Also, the “Let it Be” scene in Across the Universe. It gives me chills and makes me absolutely bawl without fail.

  • stodnof

    you forgot the ending of old yeller. very few dudes can hold back their tears there, especially if they’ve ever owned a dog in their life.

  • Chrischan74

    I think, one of the most moving filmmoments is missing here. The funeral-scene in “4 Weddings and a funeral”.


    The scottish accent adds to the tragic moment and the oh so sad poem of W.H. Auden

  • Brandon M. Sergent

    Citizen X


    “He calls you the one man in the world that he would least like to have after him. An intelligent, methodical, painstaking, passionate, detective who would rather die than give up… Again, I concur.”

    He cries, and then I cry. Every Time. Including this time.

    If you don’t cry watching the whole movie alone, you’re not human, or you’re a true psychopath and I envy you in some ways. :)

  • Brandon M. Sergent

    #2 and #4 Excellent choices.

  • Rare

    Selena the movie. Makes me cry.

  • JohnDoe

    I can honestly say I’ve never cried during a movie. But the movie “Champ” with Jon Voit is one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen.

  • Ted

    PS I love you made me cry the entire movie. It’s so sad but still a good movie

  • tclark

    Omg Up was sooo sad. i shouldnt have been crying that early in a movie. period. But the one that gets me every single freaking time is in Armaggedon when Bruce Willis says “I know I promised I would come home to you…” then the ensuing montage- im tearing up typing about it!!!!!!!!!! Another one is Air Bud. I couldnt stand it when he abandons poor buddy, i saw that when it first came out and i have refused to watch it since! And I agree with DanaS, Dumbledore dying was so sad. But I think i cried harder when i read it in the book. DAMNIT now i need some tissues!
    Another one that got me was the Peter Pan movie that was made like the playwrite. At the very end when Peter sacrifices himself for Wendy and is sitting on the rock and says, “I think dying would be a very great adventure..” JEBUS! oh, and Finding Neverland got me too

  • http://www.madrigaldesign.com John

    I’m suprised no one has mentioned the TV series Dexter….. The end of season 4 hurt and was SO unexpected. I’m not gonna ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watched it but it was a real emotional ending to a season.

    Movies: The Green Mile always gets me.
    Even though it’s considered a chick flick: A Walk to Remember when she dies.
    And Rocky III when Mickey dies. That made me lose it.

  • TheDarkRat

    I’m a girl, but I totally agree with all of you on these movies. Iron Giant, The Land Before Time, Up, Gladiator….Gladiator, the ending gets me every time.

    But I can’t believe that Serenity is only mentioned once in these comments. I BAWLED at his death.

  • Fender

    As I can’t find the link, it bugs me. Buut, I think watching G-baby die in Hardball is a tear jerker. >,>

  • Skylar

    Great list, except for LotR. That’s one is weird, but I would have to add the scene from Crash with the little girl and her dad.

  • Luke

    What about the champ death scene made me tear up or the green mile?

  • Chanel

    Gone with the Wind had three awesome tear jerker scenes: Bonnie’s death. Melly’s death. Rhett leaves Scarlett. It’s the closest I’ve seen my boyfriend come to crying.

    Also, the Boy in the Striped Pajamas, when his father finds his body. Doesn’t show it, but not seeing it makes it hit home all the harder, I think.

  • John

    The ending of BlackAdder 4 brought on the tears !!!

  • Greg

    The part in Saving Private Ryan where the medic is dying after being shot and he’s crying out for his mom. This got me because of the story he told about pretending to be asleep when his mom died…so sad.

  • Masteradept

    Only agree with half of this list.

  • Mikey

    The ending of Terminator 2 with the “thumbs up” -moment had me at holding back tears.

  • Matt H.

    The one that always gets me (along with the ones mentioned) is the last sequence in Chasing Amy at the Comic Con when Holden says goodbye forever to Alyssa

  • Jamie

    I’m a girl, and I’ve never cried (or even shed a tear) during a movie.

    Sure, there has been lots of movies that has made me sad, but I’ve never cried at any of them… does that make me emotionless? haha..


    Okay… I read about half way down the page and saw that NO ONE MENTIONED THE SCENE FROM THE NEVERENDING STORY WHEN ARTEX IS SINKING IN THE SWAMP OF SADNESS!!!!! Atreyu is begging his horse to fight the god damn sadness! My face leaks everytime.

  • Brown

    The final death scene in The Road

  • Mr Pink

    BIG FISH, where he’s making up the story, for his father on his deathbed

  • Superxcm

    – “I am Sam”… cried during all the movie.
    Saw it write one time before too, bu I agree, “Casshern” and not only the end… amazing, althought not really famous movie.

    “Giant Iron” as in the list… 100% agree. Got me everytime.

    Dexter end of season 4… Bridge to Terabhiata….

    “Quill” also, is a japanese movie about a guide dog… Tears Maker!!

    “Yip Man 2”, when the guy is killed by Twister.

    And finally, the best for me is “La vita e bella”… because this mix between humor and sadness… a piece of Art.

  • islo

    man…rudy…I really cant hold the at least goosebumps I get when D-Bob says “whos the wild man”….its epic…

  • kro

    HARDBALL?! idk if its cuz im from a suburb of chicago but all my friends saw that and its probably the first movie that would pop into any of our heads with this topic. G-BABY!!

  • AlexanderGK

    I must say that the emotional transistion in Harballs is insane. Going from G-Baby winning the game to him dying. Absolutely insane.

  • Steve

    Definitely the 6th man

  • Theta

    “A Muppet Christmas Carol”, when Belle sings “When Love Is Gone” in the past and Michael Caine joins at the end and gets choked up…Niagra Falls…

  • darren

    first movie scene that got me crying was when littlefoot was chasing the his shadow thinking that it’s his deceased mother. i dont know but i connected to it

  • Will

    [Bambi and his mother are eating grass; suddenly she stands in attention]
    Bambi’s Mother: Bambi. Quick! The thicket!
    [they run; a gunshot is heard]
    Bambi’s Mother: Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don’t look back! Keep running! Keep running!
    [Gunshot is heard, then silence]

    There are no words. This single scene tops everything on the list.

  • Misterguydude

    BEST SAD MOMENTS! (My opinion, of course):

    * Californication Season 1 – Episode 8 ‘California Son’. The main character’s father dies, and throughout the show it flashes back to how much of an ass he has been to his Dad. In the end, he finds a letter that his father had sent to him before they became estranged. My buddy and I were smoking a blunt watching this otherwise hilarious episode, and we both got silent as death watching it just trying not to lose it.

    * What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? – The movie’s a debby downer as it is, but at the end of the movie when the Mom character finally forces herself to climb up the stairs to get in to her bed and dies right there. They burn the house down because they don’t want people in the town to berate their obese Mother. Ugh…

    * The Truman Show. When the main character is trying desperately to get out of the world he knows isn’t real and is fighting against the weather machine in that little boat. When he screams out…that line just guts me.

    * Stranger Than Fiction. When the character willingly accepts that he is going to die, and the audience doesn’t understand how…then the series of events unfold to him walking out in front of the bus. I know he lives…but I swear I didn’t think he was going to. Bummer really, that would have made that movie A W E S O M E (I’m French, we love tragedy).

    * Rome – Season 1 – Episode 11 ‘The Spoils’. The best friend character Pullo is arrested and sentenced to die in the arena. He’s given up on himself since he was only good at his job, being a soldier. When the main character, who’s only real friend is Pullo, finally comes to see his friend be killed he can’t help but climb into the ring and help even though it almost kills him. It was this brotherhood emotion that did me in…

    There are SOOOO many more, but I’m tired! Good start, have at!

    • tufftimes

      I can’t believe that nobody remembers the last scene in Field Of Dreams… when Kevin Costner’s dad says… “wanna play catch son”?……….I was a blithering fool when I watched this.

  • http://n/a christi

    you are so right about that movie up! i’m not a guy, but that was the sweetest scene and i really did cry

  • Madii

    All you are crazy….
    Lion King- Animation
    Could it happen – Yes…
    Up- Animation
    Could it happen – Yes besides the balloon house n stuff
    Schindler’s List
    REALITY it really happened in 1939-1945
    I dont see any symphony for it..
    A cute little girl died!!!
    They are all dead. Done,Gone, and never coming back..
    innocent people
    As in never did anything were killed
    Now people this can make you cry i bet look up 1 word on google:
    Now tell me which one is sadder

  • erika

    i thought up was extreamly sad not just for his wife dieing but for the fact that they couldnt have children and then they couldnt save up enough money for their vacation because stuff in their house kept breaking and then she died.

    The notebook hit close to home my husband and i both worked with alzhimers residents

    My dog skip
    old yeller
    grave of the fire flies
    lion king
    the lion the witch and wardrobe

    pretty much anything where animals are hurt or killed,

  • Keyser

    The ones on this list were spot on. If there was anything wrong with it, it only has to do with ones that weren’t included, like when they have to put Old Yeller down, Butch and Sundance Kid’s death scene, that one scene from Field of Dreams, the execution in Green Mile, and actually in Toy Story 3 (another Pixar one) at the very end where Andy plays with his childhood toys one last time.

  • dude

    Totally agree with most of the list, I’d add in Edward scissorhands. The end, with him up in his lonely mansion carving away and her dancing in the snow… it just gets me.

    Also, its not a film, but the Futurama episode “Jurassic Bark” when seymour sits and waits for Fry to return until he dies where he sat. That got me so badly it was unreal, how can a TV show do that?

  • Ichikara the Swift

    I guess that i am a robot then. Of those movies i have seen, i didnt quite laugh, but i was nowhere near emotional

  • Manu Jose

    It is a good list i ever seen. But you missed a great film “Troy”.


    From the list posted, I fully agree:
    – “Up”, totally unexpected beg., and like in “Finding Nemo” thankfully doesn’t set the scene for the entire picture.
    – “The Lion King” – plus “Bambi”, “Dumbo”, “Toy Story 2,” et al. In fact, several Disney & Pixar films have truly heart-wrenching scenes.
    – “Schindler’s List” – Toward the end when he begins lamenting over how many MORE people he could have saved. Incredible!
    – And of course, LOTR/ROFTK – And I concur that film should have ended there.

    Now, my own personal favorites, added to the many that have been mentioned in the above comments (all good ones, btw):
    – “Return to Me” – when David Duchovny’s wife dies tragically in the car accident. It’s one of the best scenes in which he is in shock when he comes home, and finally breaks down after telling his dog she’s not coming home. Very true-to-life.
    – “Dead Man Walking” – At the end of the movie, when the Sean Penn character finally confesses to the Sister (Susan Sarandon) his involvement in the murder, and she says thru’ her tears, “There are depths of sorrow only God can touch.”

    – And finally, in “As Good As It Gets” – When Greg Kinnear’s character is in the hospital bed after his beating, and he looks in his friend’s compact mirror at his mangled face, and utters the words, “Where did I go?” OH ! ~ I just lose it every time!

    All great films!
    Thanks, Everyone.

  • http://Unreality10MovieScenesThatMakesGuysCry Zach Cloutier

    Toy Story has some pretty depressing moments when Buzz Lightyear figures out he’s a toy and that he cannot fly but just falls down and breaks his arm buzz lightyear feels bad for himself. Woody tells buzz that he does not really know how to fly woody tells buzz that its hard to deal with but woody also mentioned that he can do other fun things too and buzz lightyear tries his best to pull himself together about flying and not to.

  • yetti

    The scene in Shawshank when Brooks kills himself is very difficult to watch. Along with the ending of Toy Story 3. UP was intense too, but I was hit harder by the scene towards the end of the movie when he finds all the pictures his wife had put in that special book. UP is very difficult for anyone who has ever lost a grandparent.

  • BoBo

    life is beautiful is the only movie here i seriously cried, saddest movie i’ve ever seen

  • poppy

    I think that the boy in the striped pyjamas should be up there i cried so hard at the ending of that film.

    • Gabreya Bradley

      OMG. That movie, especially the ending destroyed me! :,-(

  • me

    I never cry in real life, but movies just get me. Its weird, i didn’t cry at my grandma’s funeral, but I cry at these

    AI: Artificial Intelligence- when he gets to spend the day with his mother

    Saving Private Ryan- “tell me I have led a good life, tell me I’m a good man”

    The Railway Children- when she runs down the platform shouting “Daddy, my daddy.”

    The Iron Giant- when he closes his eyes and pretends to be superman as he flies to his death

    Toy Story 2- Jessie’s song

    Toy Story 3- when Andy plays with them one last time/say goodbye to them all

    Up- when Carl looks though the scrapbook near the end of the film

    Monsters Inc- when he says goodbye to Boo

    Edward Scissorhands- the ending where he is still up there, carving ice, and she dances in the snow

    Dumbo- the trunk through the bars

    Forrest Gump- when Lt Dan turns up at the wedding and he has new legs

    Schindler’s List- when he walks out of his factory with all the people he saved either side of him, when they all lay stones on his grave at the end, when he says he could have gotten more/ the whole fricking movie

    Life is beautiful- I’ll be back soon, Joshua, very soon

    Whale Rider- when she invites her grandfather to her class performance, but he doesn’t come

    All Dogs Go to Heaven- when he says one last goodbye before dying

    Grave of the Fireflies- when his sister dies

    The Green Mile- when John doesn’t want the hood over his head because he’s afraid of the dark

    Jurassic Bark (Futurama)- Seymour waits forever

    Leela’s Homeworld (Futurama)- Leela’s parents were always looking after her

    oh, and Futurama is a work of genius

  • Shawn

    Have to agree about Lost where charlie dies… You have so much more time to love the character then when he sacrafices himself. *sniffle. Definately Green Mile.. The innocent John coffee getting ol sparky, not to mention seeing the stern guards barely keeping it together practically gives you the greenlight to bawl. Shit… Maybe it spawns from my own fatherly issues but I bout lost it in Click. Seeing a mans life pass him up, and him die in the rain trying to redeem himself. So choked up in that scene. :*(

  • Scrappy

    My sister cries to Wall-E everytime when he leaves earth behind and the poor little cockroach is left all alone… It really gets her when he wiggles his antenna…

  • http://none jeff

    What about “Patch Adams”?..So many in that movie…

    And another that makes me cry tears of joy..or don’t know whether to laugh or cry..”Poltergeist”..I think the first one..The end where the little girl and her mommy fall into the tub,and when she revives..Just the way she says “Hi Daddy” is so sweet..I am torn between laughing and bawling tears of joy..But its so sad also that lil Heather O Roarke did actually die.

    I think there may even be another scene or 2 from those movies,I can’t think of them just now.

    • JeremyAus

      When Mel Gibson walks in to see his family at the end of We Were Soldiers.

  • Emma

    I cried during the WHOLE movie Deathly Hallows Part 2

  • matt

    I think the part in Saving Private Ryan when the mom is cleaning the dishes, see’s the car pull up and she goes to the door and her knees give out when she realizes why the car is there.
    E.T. when he goes home. I was 3 and cried in the theater and I remember everyone just kinda staring at me like, “whats his problem?”
    The book got me bad but also when I saw Of MIce and Men I cried pretty good.

  • Ceara

    The one that makes me cry hardcore is the scene in The Land Before Time right after littlefoot’s mother dies and he chases his shadow because he thinks it’s her. And then the old dinosaur tries to comfort him. Come to think of it, a lot of cartoons make me cry. Plus when dobby dies in deathly hallows part 1, and the end of marley and me. But yeah, I definitely gotta agree with iron giant and up.

  • Joe

    In “Major League”, at the end, when Uecker goes: “The Indians win it! The Indians win it! Oh my God, the Indians win it!” Always get a little glassy-eyed at that one.

  • John Smith

    For me its two Toy Story scenes. The “When She Loved Me” scene always makes me choke, but didn’t have me bawling as much as I was at the end of Toy Story 3. Seeing Andy wave goodbye to Woody, and the series ending with a shot of the clouds, it’s just heartbreakingly bittersweet. Then again, I’m the guy that cried when I saw the TRAILER for this movie.

  • Couter

    The scene from Blow, where the dad is listening to the tape recorder in the garage was the first scene to make me cry. Just watched Dead Poet’s Society as well. O’ Captain! My Captain!

  • Alvaro Martín Gómez

    After 33 years, the last 95 seconds from “Rocky II” (excluding credits, of course) still make me sob. There have been many other movie moments that have truly moved me, but I think no other comes close to this one.


  • meee

    Marley and me. NOT a kids film, should never have been made :)
    End of toy story 3
    the notebook
    a few of you mentioned futurama (definitely)
    The Green Mile

    awesome awful films.

  • Mister E

    Another vote for Click. Seriously, it was supposed to by a comedy starring Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken. What the hell happened.

    Also, someone mentioned Avatar: the Last Airbener; those scenes were nothing. You wanna see something in that series that will really get you, go watch “Tales of Ba Sing Se.” More specifically, the end of “The Tale of Iroh.” If that doesn’t at least get you misty-eyed, then you have no heart, sir. NO HEART!

    And since they also mentioned anime, Imma just throw this one out there: Fullmetal Alchemist. Hughes’ funeral. Full stop.

    • Daniel Anderson

      Or that crap with Nina…

  • Matias

    not sure if anyone said rocky IV where apollo dies but that makes me cry no doubt, brian’s song gets me big time, and well a lot of the ones that have been named a ton already

  • Javi

    The end of the movie “La Bamba” where Esai Morales’ character is on the bridge and screams “Ritchiiiiiiiiiie!” gets the tears going.

    The most recent one that killed me was “Rio”, where baby Blu is captured and when he’s shivering in the box.

    • Nattyb

      Great call.

  • Juky

    Good list, the major piece missing in my opinion is the scene in black hawk down when he asks eversley to tell his parents that he “faught hard” right before he dies.

  • Michael Euler

    My top ultimate sad scenes in movies:

    -Star Wars Episode III, after Anakin has just murdered the children in the Jedi Temple and it shows him looking out over the city, with tears streaming down his face because he knows what he just did but truly believes it will help him save Padme.

    -The Patriot, when the Colonel’s youngest daughter finally starts speaking because she believes it will keep her father from leaving again, so she sobs “I’ll say anything you want me to! Just don’t go!”

    -The Road, when the boy’s father dies and his son is left alone. Then right after that when he is adopted by the family, and the boy asks him if he is “carrying the fire”, and he says he is.

    -William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, when Romeo poisons himself just as Juliet is waking up, and they both realize he is dying, then she kills herself. Heartbreaking irony.

    -LOTR: ROTK when the Rohirrim assemble to attack the enemy, knowing full well that they are outnumbered and will not survive. They all form up, the king gives a speech about how it is a good day to die, and the whole army starts screaming “Death!”, and charges the field recklessly. Very poetic and heroic scene.

  • Sean G

    I need to add the recent film Gladiator (2001) in which the 2 Conlon brothers are fighting in last few minutes where the one brother has the other in a choke hold but saying “I love you!”…I can’t believe how badly I cried over that damn flick…

  • Subhajit Shome

    Up really made me cry. It was an unexpected opening and I still cry after repeating the movie. You should add Zack Efrron’s Charlie St Cloud. It is a real tear Jerker.

  • Morgan

    Sean, that movie is actually called Warrior, and came out in 2011. :)

    I cry every time I see that movie! Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte were great in it. I Also cry when Nick Nolte’s character gets drunk in the hotel and is so upset while listening to his Moby Dick audiobook, and Tommy finally FINALLY lets go of some of his anger and resentment and consoles his dad, rocking him to sleep like he’s the parent…UGH. Right in the feelings.

  • cakemixus

    Neverending story…..agreed!

    They look like big strong hands….



    Check it out….moonchild….

  • DrummerGuy

    I think Wade the medics death was the saddest part of Saving Private Ryan to be honest. when he’s laying on the ground, and he knows that his liver was shot and he knows hes going to die, so all he can tell them to do was give him morphine so he doesnt die painfully, and he’s keeps saying “momma, momma, i wanna go home.” shit hits me every damn time. also Up and Forrest Gump are the other ones that get me on here.

  • Sara

    The Vow was a sad movie, but the scene that gets me crying everytime is when “Leo” is playing that song on his guitar and talks about the first time “Paige” tells him she loves him. I can’t get through that part with bursting into tears!

  • Sandy

    What about the movie Dad with Jack Lemmon? when the son (Ted Danson) is carrying his old man in his arms….makes me cry like a child!

  • Howard

    The death and burial of Private Rome Clay, late Brigadier General, Confederate States Army, in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. Particularly moving was the respect shown to him in death by his former adversaries.

    This is not a scene that could possibly appear in a movie today or for the foreseeable future.

  • billy

    agree on most of the list. But you must be joking if maximus scene is sadder than “freedom” of brave heart and the ultimate love from a father to his daughter and ‘son’.
    And did you forget titanic? No I’m not pointing to bunchy crappy heroic action of leonardo, I mean the violin group (CMIIW), when panics attack and they stand still to deliver their job

  • Jamie

    Forrest Gump. Their wedding is just so “cute” and the music is amazing, and the fact you know that Jenny won’t make it but they marry anyway

    Empire Strikes Back at the end because again the music is so perfect and I hate/love how it’s all so unresolved and it’s not a happy ending as such but it’s still beautiful.

    And poltergeist when Steve and Diane say their possible last goodbye before she goes into the closet with the spectral light, it’s so damn romantic.

    Atonement made me wanna kill myself it’s so tragic and there is hope for a fleeting 10 seconds :(

    And ghost of course is so sad

  • Fredo

    Reservoir Dogs, the last scene, with Mr. Orange and Mr. White.

  • Django


  • Leo

    I cried si much when Leslie died in Bridge to Terrabithia.

    • Nik

      i dont think ive ever cried so from a single scene..

      • Rooksmoor

        ‘The Bridge to Terrabithia’ was so bleak I really regretted taking a child to see it. Afterwards I got him to focus on the fantastical elements at the start of the movie. It is a highly depressing movie and discourages children from taking any risks. The book is not well known in the UK and I made the mistake of judging the movie suitable on the basis of the trailer rather than reading about the very distressing content first. We get all of this information about ‘one use of mild bad language’, etc., but then they leave out that in fact you are off to see a really tragic movie. I never made that mistake again.

  • Jimmy

    zombieland when tallahneese sons died

  • Wild95Cat

    Click…. when Adam Sandler rewinds it over & over again to hear his father say “I love you son.”, so Adam can say “I love you too dad.” as it is the last time he will ever see him.

  • naturallyinsane1

    Rocky 3 Mick dies…Rocky 4 Apollo dies?

  • Sacksamson

    The Fox and the Hound forest abandoning scene always gets to me badly even as an adult, it’s so brutally sad

    forrest gump – got me crying badly as a kid but not at all anymore

    the lion king- don’t think it ever had much of an affect on me

    life is beautiful – i just thought “oh well that sucks”

    the iron giant – i didn’t even get upset over when i watched it as a kid, i just thought it was a surprisingly good movie at the time

    saving private ryan – i felt pretty sad but not to the point of crying

    lord of the rings – nope, not at all

    rudy – never seen it

    schindler’s list – didn’t get to me

    Gladiator – nope, just enjoyed it

    up – recognized it was sad but didn’t feel any strong emotions over it

    • SuperWittySmitty

      That’s because you are dead inside.

  • Brandon Roberts

    what about the wrestler where he apologizes to his daughter for his shortcomings on the peir or the end or mighty joe young where it looks like joe is dead than hes not and they all pitch in to get him a new home

  • Joobie

    I cried when Kong died, both movies. Cried when Charlotte died in Charlottes Web, Cried during Toy Story, like a baby during Precious, 12 Years a Slave, Terms of Endearment, Lion King, Passion of the Christ.
    There are plenty others too.

  • tevra

    Saving Private Ryan was a thinly disguised anti-war movie that didn’t impress me one little bit. They didn’t do a very good job of making it seem like it was from that era. I have never been able to stand anything with that creepy Adam Sandler…..
    one of the most over rated movies of all time is the racist and half witted Green Mile and right along side is the equally unrealistic Shawshank redemption which only makes the film makers feel good about themselves for portraying the prison systems they way they wish it was instead of how they really were or are…..once again the want to remake the world in all these films. American Beauty is another one that should never have been called a great or even good movie ….these films all should have been up for Razzies.

  • http://northierthanthou.com/ northierthanthou.com

    Can’t say that any of these pull a tear outta me. For me, that would be The battle of Washita as portrayed in little Big man, The hospital scene in To Live and the kitchen confrontation in The war Zone.

  • Trent Tj Herzog

    This list is inaccurate due to not having the set up for the final shoot out in the Shootist. In my opinion the final show down of western’s greatest actor is the only time it is appropriate for men to weep.

  • Marney_5

    You missed out the scene from Neverending Story when the horse died…. That ruined my childhood and I still refuse to watch that movie.

    • Nathaniel79


      • Marney_5

        Please don’t! I might start crying in work…

  • Marques

    Not a well known movie but very powerful, “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” Throughout the entire movie Shia’s character, Francis Ouimett, father disapproves of him playing golf for a living. Francis’ father is a hard working immigrant who isn’t afraid that his son will succeed playing golf, he’s more afraid his son will be hurt by the so called gentlemen that play the sport since Francis doesn’t come from a wealthy background. At the end think his father would never be there to celebrate his win, he looks down the grab donations for his caddie and notices it’s his father handing him a dollar. The look says it all, that moment when a father and son connect and he know deep down his father loves him and is proud of him no matter what.

  • CasualPotatoes

    Forrest Gump is my favorite movie. I shed a tear more then once in this entire movie, what gets me down is noticing how little he has by the end. Only a son and Dan. No mother, no Jenny, no bubba, he’s alone. That’s what killed me all 3 deaths.

  • Josh Harrison

    T2 end scene

  • http://zemtupeles.info/ baronc

    the artist stoped drawing a lion, i will cry now 😀

  • BlindedbyArgyle

    As a father of four (2 of whom are now grown and on their own!) I turn into a blubbering fool at the end of Finding Nemo. After all Marlin and Nemo went through to be reunited, and upon realizing that Nemo has “grown up” just a little bit (during their Rescue of Dory from the fishing net), when Marlin goes over to his son, who he now sees in a new light, and it flashes back to him holding Nemo as an egg…I’ve told my kids that THAT is exactly how every parent feels. No matter what, they’ll always be our babies in our hearts. Dammit, why is my screen getting blurry just writing this? :’-)

  • Jacob Fleet

    No scene has hit me harder than the ending to Requiem for a Dream, except for maybe the whole last part of Interstellar, from the black hole to the credits, I was bawling.

  • Hip Gnosis

    About six of the ten in the listicle did get me. UP really stands out for how early in its runtime it elicits the waterworks.

    Easily worthy of the top ten: the ending to Gran Torino. Grit your teeth and sob.

  • Laika & Mishka Fan

    *sniff* You’re making me all Verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves. Oh wait. You already ARE!

    Great list, seriously.

  • Gabreya Bradley

    Rorschach’s death and Dan/Nite Owl II’s reaction in ‘Watchmen’, The Terminator’s death and John Connor breaking down at the end of ‘Terminator 2:Judgment Day’, and Evil Ed’s painful death in the original ‘Fright Night’. Who knew that scenes like these can be so damn gutting? :,-(

  • Rooksmoor

    The one which hit me is a line in ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ when Stoick tells his wife, Valka, who he has not seen for 20 years: ‘You are as beautiful as the day I lost you’. I think that though they are animated movies, they have some excellent lines and some great portrayals for children about the reality of relationships.

  • RobD

    “I have been and always will be…your friend”–Spock’s death, of course!

  • Zeratul

    Terminator 2 – “I know now why you cry. But it’s something I can never do.”

  • dorseybelle

    “Larry Kozinski, I would love to dance with you.” Isabella Rossellini to Ted Danson, the last line in “Cousins.”

  • whirlaway

    Schindler’s List – When Schindler says he could have saved one more person and he didn’t.

    Forrest Gump – At the end when the feather takes off from near Forrest’s feet and sails away in the breeze.

    Shawshank Redemption – When Red reads the letter from Andy: “Remember Red, hope is a good thing; maybe the best of things”

    Lion King – When the scene shows the little Simba and his friends, and then the very next scene shows the grown-up Simba with his friends.

    Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – When the camera pans from the deserted station square towards the heavens.

  • mnbvcxzl90

    That lion king stuff is just impossible…