The Top 10 Most Hilarious Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and though I have my costume in order, many don’t, including hot girls who are looking for creative ways to wear the least clothing possible this year.

But most of the traditional “sexy’ costumes are pretty played out at this point. The nurse, the cop, the girl scout, even the Hogwarts student have all been done a million times over.

Well I decided to check out some of the more unique Halloween costumes out there, and for that I really only had to browse around one site, They specialize in the creative, and have the rare ability to sexify anything, including mental patients, as you can see above. You may remember them from the sexy Chewbacca costume I featured here last year.

Check out their ten most hilarious sexy Halloween costumes I could find:

Sexy Willy Wonka

Better than a sexy Oompa Loopma. *chills*


They send her in to distract you while a sniper puts a round in your forehead.

Sexy Shark

She’s a maneater.

Sexy Platinum Card

I can honestly see some girls wearing this to the club.

Sexy Nemo

I’m pretty sure she’ll have daddy issues.

Sexy Mary Poppins

A spoonful of sugar indeed.

Sexy Hulk Hogan

Whatcha gonna do when a girl with a mustache runs wild on you?

Sexy Clockwork Orange

Kubrick would be proud.

Sexy Etch-a-Sketch

I’m at a loss for puns. Something about shaking, or twirling knobs.