The Top 10 Most Hilarious Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and though I have my costume in order, many don’t, including hot girls who are looking for creative ways to wear the least clothing possible this year.

But most of the traditional “sexy’ costumes are pretty played out at this point. The nurse, the cop, the girl scout, even the Hogwarts student have all been done a million times over.

Well I decided to check out some of the more unique Halloween costumes out there, and for that I really only had to browse around one site, They specialize in the creative, and have the rare ability to sexify anything, including mental patients, as you can see above. You may remember them from the sexy Chewbacca costume I featured here last year.

Check out their ten most hilarious sexy Halloween costumes I could find:

Sexy Willy Wonka

Better than a sexy Oompa Loopma. *chills*


They send her in to distract you while a sniper puts a round in your forehead.

Sexy Shark

She’s a maneater.

Sexy Platinum Card

I can honestly see some girls wearing this to the club.

Sexy Nemo

I’m pretty sure she’ll have daddy issues.

Sexy Mary Poppins

A spoonful of sugar indeed.

Sexy Hulk Hogan

Whatcha gonna do when a girl with a mustache runs wild on you?

Sexy Clockwork Orange

Kubrick would be proud.

Sexy Etch-a-Sketch

I’m at a loss for puns. Something about shaking, or twirling knobs.

  • dre

    What, no sexy freddy krueger? Or sexy jason vorhees?

  • andrew

    All I could think about on the etch-a-sketch costume is that the knobs are in the wrong place. Zing!

    That Clockwork Orange costume is shithot, but wrong on so many levels.

  • OMG I am torn between sexy shark and sexy Alex (clockwork orange) ….. oh my!

    CWO is my all-time favorite book, and the movie is a Kubrick classic. Not all hot girls are imbeciles. 😛

  • LoyalFemaleReader

    I’ve read this blog for a long time now, but I think this post might be the final straw. I understand that the internet is all about men, especially the “nerdier” side. Almost every “nerdy” gaming site posts galleries of airbrushed naked or near-naked girls every day, even as these sites claim to post for both sexes. However, as Mandy has already mentioned, the CWO comment was out of line. This site is not a welcoming atmosphere for women at all. Constantly, I feel alienated (woooooo!!!! MORE HOT GIRLS ALL DAY E’RYDAY!), but I kept reading because 1) I enjoy your TV reviews (and started watching quite a few shows on your recommendations), and 2) you post some non-sexist good links once in a while. I understand that you think you’re joking, but the attitude that this kind of thing doesn’t matter is what keeps sexism alive.

    Yesterday’s “How to get your girlfriend to play video games” (Make up a friend’s hot girlfriend? Really?)started this thought process, and this post has brought it to conclusion. You’ve lost a loyal reader in me, and until you learn that women aren’t mannequins for gaming costumes, I won’t be back.

  • Cheryl

    I’m loving Sexy Nemo…but more for the leggings and the skirt is tu-tuish. There is nothing sexy about the Hulk Hogan one…and it’s not just the moustache’s fault.

  • Mike

    If a girl showed up as a sexy Hulk Hogan I think I’d propose to her right then and there. That would be the funniest costume. Can’t beat a girl with a sense of humor.

  • abby

    i was actually Alex DeLarge last year, i wore all white, only makeup on one eye. the only difference is that i was wearing white shorts, not a mini skirt. This year i’m gonna be Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

  • Sideshow

    The Etch-A-Sketch one reminded me of a headline from Onion News.

    “Tragedy today as the entire nation of etchisketchistan was wiped out in a massive earthquake.”

  • @LoyalFemaleReader

    I am sorry you feel that way, and your point is well taken. The CWO quote was too far, and I apologize. And that girlfriend link from yesterday? I genuinely don’t have time to read every link I post, but yeah, it turns out that was a rather idiotic article and I should have double checked.

    We don’t try to have hot girl costume overload on the site here, but as we get close to Halloween, it’s probably going to happen a bit. And we feature both male and female cosplay in other articles, but yeah, the female costume generally seem to have a bit…less to them. But I’m just as happy posting a girl in an awesome set of Samus Aran armor as I am a a girl in Slave Leia bikini, so long as it looks cool.

    I want this site to be geared toward everyone, but it’s hard because we’re writing as guys and so we post about stuff we know guys will like. But yeah, I can see how sometimes that would be alienating. I’d actually love to have a female writer on the site at some point for a bit of a different perspective.

    Anyway, hope you end up sticking aroud.

  • come on now

    I kind of miss posts about TV and games. Now that I’m engaged, posts like these just seem juvenile.

  • Steve

    Lol, sexy Hulk Hogan doesn’t work. His own daughter isn’t even sexy Hogan. That being said, the etch-a-sketch should’ve just been all blank with a bush in the bottom center of the image.

  • Zligo

    Looks like an ad for a costume company to me…

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    female hulk is it