The Top 10 Baddest Girl Posses in Cinema


I’ve seen many a list talk about the “badass babes of cinema,” but nothing that ever really covers when they all get together. Here are ten badass posses of chicks, which delves into that very issue, along with allowing me to use the word “posse” for the first time in years.

10) The Angels (Charlie’s Angels)


Say what you will about the movies, but any of these girls could physically kick your ass in about two seconds. Unless you have the muscular physique of say, Cripsin Glover. But seriously, even though the Angels are probably the most well known girl-posse around, we’re just warming up.

9) The Bank Robbers (Banditas)


What the hell? There was a movie with Penelope Cruz AND Salma Hayek in it that wasn’t purely in my imagination? Why was this not the highest grossing movie of the year? Oh, it was terrible. Well, OK. But whatever, two hot chicks that rob banks is pretty badass in my book no matter if it’s believable or not. Which it is apparently not.

8 ) The Spelunking Brigade (The Descent)


These chicks are tough as nails. Not only can they climb through unexplored caves with the best of them, they can fight off the humanoid demon creatures that inhabit them. Well, at least most of them can. And then they turn on each other. But whatever, they’re tough!

7) The Stunt Troupe (Death Proof)


Sure they like to talk for an absolutely ridiculously long time in diners as a camera slowly, slowly circles around them, but once the action starts, the girls from Death Proof brought us possibly one of the coolest car chases ever, with the craziest of them strapped to the hood of a car.

6) The Schoolgirls (D.E.B.S.)


Uh, what the hell is this movie, and where can I see it? Schoolgirls are recruiting by the government to take out other rogue hot chicks that they end up falling for. No this is not a late night Cinemax movie, it actually has people you know in it like Jordanna Brewster, Meagan Goode and Devon Aoki. Must. Rent. Now.

5) The Prostitutes (Sin City)


As they say in the film “the girls can take care of themselves.” This is proven exceptionally true when they take up arms against the local gang, setting and springing a trap that amounts to shooting fish in a barrel. Oh, and one of them is a mute samurai who appears elsewhere on this list.

4) The Witches (The Craft)


A dream come true for all the scorned emo girls of high school. People mean to you? Just curse their asses! Oh but wait, you’re not a real witch. Just listen to Lamb of God then. But these girls were witches and they magiked the hell out of anyone who looked at them the wrong way. You can’t mess with that.

3) The Go-Go Dancers (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)


I flipped this movie on one time because the title was so ridiculous, and what I saw was a punch of large chested women beating the crap out of guys in the desert. Sadly I had to go somewhere before it concluded, but I never forgot it. I didn’t even know cleavage like that existed in the sixties! A cult classic with some badass chicks in it.

2) The Runaways (Thelma and Louise)


As proven by Penelope and Salma, posses can be two people, even if said people are not anywhere as hot as Penelope or Salma. Thelma and Louise had a badass murdering, robbing cross country adventure that stacks up as one of the greatest road trips of cinema. Also along the way one of them banged Brad Pitt and at the end they drive off a cliff into the Grand Canyon, which is officially the most awesome way to die EVER.

1) The DiVAS (Kill Bill)


You don’t get much more badass that the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Sure, they let a guy in, but he was the boss’ brother, and the girls are the core of the group. Sure they end up splitting apart and turning on each other, but in their prime, no one could touch them.

  • Nattyb

    Solid list, I would add the chicks in Jawbreaker.

  • Lyre

    How could you forget the diamond thieves from “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”?!?! Good list though, guess I’ll have to watch “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

  • Twitch

    Wow. Rosario Dawson’s in there twice.

    Great list. =]

  • Josh

    awesome Death Proof was just awesome and those chicks were the shit

  • Topov

    What? No Lizzies from The Warriors?

    Ever seen a movie made before 1990?

  • IcemanD

    @ Topov: Your giving a guy shit for not including a group from The Warriors? There’s you, me, and four other people that remember that movie.

    Can you dig it? CAN YOU DIG IT?

  • @ Topov and IcemanD: Yes! The Lizzies!

  • Josh

    No Plastics from Mean Girls?

  • Madison

    What about the Lovely Ladies from Baseball Stars? Oh, NES games don’t count…my bad.

  • CNA

    I am either having de ja vu, or I have seen this exact list somewhere else in the past.

  • Yeah, I actually wrote this in March. Sorry for the repost, but I just finished moving in to my new place and didn’t have time for a new article. Regular posting shall resume tomorrow.

  • Duke

    Did you know they are making a remake of that Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

  • I would also add the girls when walking down the hall in Jawbreaker. When I saw what the list was.. that was the first thing that came to my mind.

  • NoName_

    En Catwoman dan?? Zij is de Besteeee !!
    Love Her!! ♥♥

  • Are U kidding?

    May I suggest that you watch the bank robbers chicks in “Set It Off”. Now on the real side, Queen Latifah could kick any of these lil girls butts with maybe the exception of Tura. Maybe!!!!!