The Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts


Cinemassacre did a nice job of putting together this Top 10 list of Jackie Chan’s stunts.  It’s pretty amazing that he’s still in one piece after all these years.  Even if most of his movies are pretty crappy, it’s admirable and impressive that Jackie performs all his own stunts.  He makes all these moves look so easy, but I’m willing to bet that trying them would result in a broken leg – if you were lucky.

But try them anyway, and let me know how they go.  I won’t judge.

  • Keen

    I like the AVGN even when he isn’t yelling and cursing about video games. And wow, this video was so much more than I expected….I have infinite respect for Jackie Chan now!

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  • I am the biggest fan of Jackie chan. He is a superhuman and a living legend. No one EVER will be able to match his action and stunts.

  • Madison


    No one will ever compile the body of work that he has, either. The odds are too great; they’d end up killing themselves.

  • LIke you I’m a big fan of Jackie Chan and has been for more than 30 years, since I was a young girl. He’s absolutely awesome in every way and I can’t even begin to describe how I feel about this guy (sorry, husband ;-).