The Three Batmans Collide

So I was late for Harry Potter this weekend, and I missed every single preview, including the one for The Dark Knight Rises. I’m resisting hunting it down online because I would still like to see it in the theater, though I have a hunch they’re not exactly going to play it in front of Captain America next weekend.

This mashup above I found rather cool, as it takes the three films and combines them together into one image. The first one is the formation of the symbol, the second, the Joker watching the world burn and now we have Bane apparently crushing Gotham with his bare hands.

I really can’t wait for this movie.

  • Sam

    The I’m a marvel and I’m a dc guys made a spoof of the trailer that’s pretty hilarious.

  • Skeebo

    Don’t bother seeing it in the theater, just find it somewhere and watch it. It’s ok.

  • Sylkmatic

    Its been officially released online.

  • ted

    Have you got a higher resolution of this?