The Ten Best Movie Trailers of 2012

5. The Avengers


The first Avengers trailer was actually garbage, but the second one? It was definitely chill-inducing. It was a perfect way to assemble all the heroes, and showed enough action so we could get a sense of the scope of the thing. The closing moments where the group is all together might be one of the most badass five second clips in trailer history.

4. Looper


Looper took a rather complicated concept and somehow managed to make it completely understandable in a mere two minute trailer. It may have confused me about who was starring (wait, that’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt?), but damn, does it ever kick in by the end. Dubstep time travel, woo!

3. Les Miserables


I love a trailer that utilizes music well, and damn, does Les Miserables do it right. And Anne Hathaway can sing! Again, not an action film, but a gorgeously put together and scored trailer that’s everything it needs to be.

2. The Dark Knight Rises


Yes, The Dark Knight Rises actually did make my list last year, but that was the FIRST trailer released for the film, this is the THIRD and in my estimation it’s leagues better. Even watching it now, it’s still goosebump-inducing, and it really gives the right impression as to the quality of the film. “Not everything, not yet.”

1. Prometheus


It’s well known around this site how much I ended up hating Prometheus, but that doesn’t stop me from giving it my trailer of the year award. After years of doubting Ridley, this was the trailer that made me have faith in him again, as everything was just so jaw-dropping and intense that the movie contained within HAD to be good. Every movie is using that BWWARRR sounds with quick cuts to black these days, but Prometheus does it better than all the rest and this is a truly incredibly spot.



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