The Seven Best Steven Spielberg Movies

We don’t have to get into talking about how amazing Steven Spielberg is.  I think we know this.  His body of work speaks for itself.   Spielberg’s  movies have been some of the most imaginative and creative movies of the past 40 years and I’m sure we’ll continue to see his greatness for years to come.

And since the man is in the spotlight again with Warhorse and The Adventures of TinTin, I figured it was a good time to reflect on the forty plus feature films he’s directed.   Unfortunately we can’t rank them all but I decided to come up with seven films that I feel to be his best.

They are in no order and feel free to comment after the jump….

Schindler’s List

It’s pretty tough to argue that this movie isn’t one of the best movies of all time let alone one of Spielberg’s best.   Not only was the directing great but each and every single actor was fantastic.  From Neeson to Fiennes it was non stop drama and an absolute tearjerker.   Anyone who didn’t cry or get chills at the end of this movie deserves to go to hell.   Spielberg is an amazing story teller and his portrayal of Schindler and his fight to protect the Jewish people at a crucial time was exemplary.


I put Jaws on her because A.  It deserves to be but B.  Because I think it’s the most influential film of all time.   And when I say this I mean it influenced real action.  Anyone, and I mean anyone who saw this film never reacted the same when swimming in the ocean ever again.   Over the course of nearly 40 years we’re talking millions of people who get scared in the ocean because of a movie.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Jurassic Park

Spielberg has been known for his groundbreaking movies before and Jurassic Park is no exception.   First came Jaws with that giant shark.  Then came E.T.   Even Close Encounters had those funny aliens.  But perhaps no more detailed were his depictions of creatures than in Jurassic Park.  This movie started to pave the way for CG not to mention it absolutely kicked ass.   I’m curious to see if he does a 4th installment as the rumors would have it.

Saving Private Ryan

Veterans of nearly every war since 1940 have said that this is the most accurate war film ever.   The first 15 minutes of this movie have been recognized as possibly the best war scene of any movie ever.   But to tell a story in such a brilliant way (from the perspective of having to save one man yet harnessing the mentality of an entire war) was most impressive.   And clearly Hanks kicked ass, as did his team.