The Scarface School Play That You Don’t Want to Fudge With


I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I first saw this video today. A bunch of kids recreating Scarface for a school play subbing in “fudge” for “f*ck” and popcorn for cocaine? This was too good to be true. It’s a must watch, and will most definitely be the next viral video to sweep the country.

Buuuut yeah, it is too good to be true, and the whole thing was staged by director Marc Klasfeld, who has done music videos for Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. The audience is made up of family, friends and extras, and the kids were found using a casting agency that specializes in finding kid versions of adult actors.

So sure, it’s all fake, but that only makes it slightly less awesome. Check it out above and hopefully some progressive school will make it a reality someday. Kids gotta grow up some time right?


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