The Scarface School Play That You Don’t Want to Fudge With


I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I first saw this video today. A bunch of kids recreating Scarface for a school play subbing in “fudge” for “f*ck” and popcorn for cocaine? This was too good to be true. It’s a must watch, and will most definitely be the next viral video to sweep the country.

Buuuut yeah, it is too good to be true, and the whole thing was staged by director Marc Klasfeld, who has done music videos for Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. The audience is made up of family, friends and extras, and the kids were found using a casting agency that specializes in finding kid versions of adult actors.

So sure, it’s all fake, but that only makes it slightly less awesome. Check it out above and hopefully some progressive school will make it a reality someday. Kids gotta grow up some time right?

  • J5

    Bummer….cant see the video at work.

    In other news, anyone else want to destroy their xbox due to the malfunctions with live right now? I waited 20 minutes to d/l the new maps then found I couldnt join a single game.

    Come to find from a friend that there’s and update I have to download with it that hasnt even been released yet.

    I’m actually paying for that shit?

    Sorry……had to vent somewhere & this si the one place I know CoD news is welcome.

  • J5

    And all this happened on my lunch break. Shoulda just played battlefield instead.

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  • J5


    “Donde está el biblioteca
    mi llamo t-bone
    la araña discoteca.

    discoteca, muñeca, la biblioteca
    está en bigote grande, perro, manteca

    manteca, bigote, gigante, pequeño
    cabeza es nieve
    cerveza es bueno.

    buenos díaz,
    mi gusto patatas frías,
    el bigote de las cabras
    es Cameron Díaz.”

  • something something something

    Cameron Diaz.

    I’m going to have to really psych myself up to spend $15 on that shit. I’m already 90% of the way to just converting to Battlefield.

  • J5

    I just got lucky I bought a bunch a points when i had extra funds. The maps looks sick, but not being able to play them made me want to snap the disc in half.

    I ended up getting stomped on some battlefield before heading back to work, angry. I need to get my own copy of BC2 so I can start getting my roommate to C4 my atvs when i drive them into bases.