The Retro Goodness of Judy Garland

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I don’t normally just post pictures of random actresses, but since this is Judy Garland and it’s from like a hundred years ago, I’m declaring it retro enough to be relevant.

We all know her as Dorothy from Oz, but that film wasn’t exactly showing off her best assets. Here we see her in all her jaw-dropping glory, putting our current starlets to shame.

I wonder if 60 years from now someone will be posting a 2D picture of Natalie Portman and writing something similar.

  • talking about retro goodness, you should post a gallery of actress Paulette Goddard.
    she was married to Charlie Chaplin for some time and had roles in his classic movies MODERN TIMES & THE GREAT DICTATOR 🙂

  • potempkin

    Judy Garland is pretty classy. That is until she overdosed on barbiturates and died alone in a bathroom.