The Recession Hits Everyone as Darth Vader Robs a Bank


Ever wonder how the Empire got the cash to build a second Death Star when surely the first one set them back several quintillion credits? Well, meet Darth Vader, bank robber, gettin’ that cash for the Emporer.

But seriously, this is probably the coolest bank robber I’ve seen, outside of the whole “endangering people’s lives” thing.

I guess people thought it was a joke, that is until the gun came out. What, too good for lightsabers now Vader?

After the robbery, Vader jumped on a bicycle and ran away. I’m half surprised this story didn’t end with his cape getting caught in the chain and him getting arrested along with a joke about “the Force not being strong” with him. But it seems he got away clean, and surely the Emporer will be pleased.

[Fox via Geekologie]


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