The Real Reason Women Go for Bad Guys

You think that some girls go for jerks because of their fathers? Well a far more likely explanation (just go with it) is that they were covertly influenced by the Disney movies they loved growing up. Yes, we all know that it taught them that you’re only important if you’re a princess, but what about the princes they always chased after?

As you can see, even if we didn’t know it, these movies were predicting future dating life for many girls, and so it should be no surprise that we as men conformed to these archetypes, as hey, we were watching the same movies, right?

  • trashcanman

    I’ve been saying this for years. Classic Disney has some of the most socially fucked-up themes in cinema, and it’s all aimed at kids. Hell, look at Lady and the Tramp. And I’ve talked to waaaaay too many batshit animal rights activists who use Bambi as their primary philosophical defense.

  • Steve

    Well, I can stop blaming Miley Cyrus and Britney/Jamie Lynn Spears now.

  • Torento

    The middle picture of the guy with his shirt off and a sword who looks like he’s from Mulan but I’m not sure is definitely me. Most feminine girls suck, and not in the good way. That’s why I like tomboys so much. The less feminine they are, usually the better they are, at least IMO.

  • Your mother

    dont forget
    tarzan- retarded