The Real Crime Would Be Painting Over It

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This picture was taken in I believe England, where street kids like to express themselves in rather creative ways, as opposed to a mere few scrawled letters on stone.

I’m not sure if they’re in a gang, but if they are and their mascot is a bunch of AT-ATs with kickass speaker systems? I sure as hell wouldn’t want to mess with them.

Hopefully there are more murals in this series waiting to be discovered.

  • Online9

    This is in Brighton, in the south of England, a few friends of mine live there and they have pictures of themselves with it. As far as I know; not a gang.

  • Gale

    Ah I thought this might have been Brighton, I live here and I can’t say I’ve seen that piece but I know we’ve got some of the most stunning graffiti I’ve ever seen around

  • Jim Lahey

    That is one of the coolest pieces of street art I’ve ever seen

  • jam

    This is in my neighborhood in Brighton. I walk past it everyday, and it’s one of my favourite pieces. The local graffiti is amazing, there are even tours you can do. This is just one example; people come from all over the world just to see the graffiti here. We even have huge pieces of graffiti right outside the offices where I work. The local residents allow the entire exterior of their buildings to be used for street art. Most of them are in an area known as the North Laines, a bohemian set of streets housing everything from trendy design agencies to pubs, bars and some of the best clothing stores in England. If you’re ever in the UK come to Brighton, it’s overtly friendly and has something for everyone. The building featuring the AT-ATs has been derelict for a while, and the local council encourage street art to ensure that even disused buildings embrace the Brighton style.

  • EarthThePlanet

    This is in homage to the album cover for, Pendulum – Jungle Sound Gold. It’s an awesome album if you like Drum & Bass, and they are one of the best groups for it.

  • Levi_Classic444

    I stumbled upon this article today.

    I has this Star Wars street art as well as a few more!

  • the artist is aroe, from a graffit art crew msk and HA

  • ric

    great post, and yes I agree it would be stupid top paint over such a brilliant art work (if you interested I also have a site Thanks again unreality team keep up the great work, and thanks for inspiring me to open my own site up

  • Anon E. Moose

    Paul, you know shit about graffiti and the culture surrounding them. Watching Exit Through the Gift Shop doesn’t give you a PhD in street art, nig.

  • This is all a clever deception and distraction by anti-Imperial revisionists who want you to believe that Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire. The Rebel terrorists planned the whole thing, and now THEY are in charge!!

    Join the Movement for Alderaan Truth now! What is the New Republic hiding?! Demand answers, or the fate of the Jedi we will share!

    …and I wish someone would paint that on my house. Totally cool.