The Product of a Robotic Chicken


It lays little EVE eggs!

But seriously, this is a wicked cool art project, and one I’m definitely trying out next easter with my little cousins, as even I think I could do it without screwing it up too badly. Well, the blank ones at least…

“You want tye-die eggs Nikki? NO, we’re making ROBOTS!”

Then I’ll show her Wall-E and she’ll stop crying. Man, I’m going to be a good dad someday.

  • Bashman

    This is genius!!

  • Brendan

    “Man, I’m going to be a good dad someday”

    Ever since I was about 18, I thought how awesome a dad I’m gonna be. I’ll make my kids mix-tapes of Saturday morning cartoons instead of the crap that’s on TV now. (I’ll show you Ninja Turtles and transformers!) I will ban them from playing the next gen systems till they prove they can beat the 8bit/16bit classic. And I am going to constantly play grandiose practical jokes/ on them.

  • I think raising them solely on entertainment from decades past is a pretty grandiose practical joke in itself.