The Phantom Menace Sucks, But These Posters Don’t

In celebration of…err wait, celebration isn’t the right word. In mourning of The Phantom Menace’s 3D re-release this week, here’s a set of posters that shows how the film could have gone if anyone with proper artistic sensibilities had been involved.

They’re from Travis English, and show nearly all of the major characters from the new trilogy. Surprisingly missing is Anakin himself, but as boy version and adult version were two of the most annoying movie characters in history, it’s probably best we just forget about him, even if the entire series is about him.

UPDATE: Nevermind, found Anakin and a few more. Thankfully, still no sign of Jar-Jar.

See the gallery below:

  • ryan bonline

    Am I just being a pervert when i notice that the sub image in Queen Amidala’s pic looks like an erect phallus?

  • Nutcookie

    @ryan its her ship you pervert or hey maybe you have a pointy dick and tentacles coming out from your balls in that case I understand how you can see it

  • @Nutcookie ok, that made me lol

  • JZ

    How many times per day are you gonna say phantom menace sucks? also nutcookie bahahahaha

  • Keithycheggers

    I like how everyone’s colour is the colour of their lightsabre, except Mace Windu, who is brown instead of purple. Harhar.

  • ryan bonline

    @nutcookie, you mean yours doesn’t?

  • zero

    People need to take it for what it is. Watching action movies is like watching porn. It’s a platform to convey no stop jedi ass kicking. Let’s see some more light saber fights or boobs, or both. Story… story is for the academy.

  • @zero Even if we agreed that the film should be a platform for “non stop jedi ass kicking”, it still fails even at that. Half of the bloody film is taken up by boring as Senate meetings.

  • glad2notBu

    if The Phantom Menace “sucks”, then that shitty “new” Star Trek is literally just an expensive pile of dog crap that was spray-painted gold for “effect”.

    …which makes the IMPRESSIVELY TERRIBLE Green Lantern a massive pile of elephant crap w/ green vomit on it instead of gold spray paint. seriously.