The Phantom Menace Guy Reviews Attack of the Clones


A while back you might remember me posting an hour and a half long review of The Phantom Menace from some crazy guy who sounded (and acted) like a serial killer. Well, as it turns out, that video series was pretty awesome, as he tore George Lucas a new one for 90 mins, and made a bunch of valid points as to just why the the movie was so terrible.

Well he’s back, and he’s reviewing Attack of the Clones in the same way, and I didn’t think it was possible, but he hates it even more. His serial killing antics continue, and I have to wonder if he’s going to get to Revenge of the Sith, which is actually quite a bit better than the other two.

Watch his Phantom Menace review here and Attack of the Clones below:

Part I


Part II


Part III


Part IV


Part V


Part VI


Part VII




Part IX


  • Tekkfu

    Some of his videos have been taking down by YouTube via Cartoon Network. He said he’s looking into it on Twitter.

    I think it is Lucas who behind it.

  • Velovan

    The serial rapist thing is stupid and annoying, but the review is epic. The truly sad thing is that even though the video’s 90 minutes long, you know he could easily continue for at least another hour.

  • Drester

    I don’t care what anyone says, with Natalie Portman as Padme you can’t go wrong.

    Btw, is the reviewer Dr. Zoidberg?

  • joe

    Who ever said he was a serial rapist? Seems more like a serial killer to me…

  • MacGyver1138

    These reviews are awesome. This one wasn’t quite as funny as the first, but the actual analysis is spot-on.

    I keep thinking what it would be like if this guy had written the prequels. He has thought way more about the nuances of these movies than I ever did, and I think he would have fit the prequels with the original trilogy much better than what was done.

  • Lagrange

    dude, I love your picture-choice ^^

  • Gill

    The absolute best way to end these Star Wars reviews (perhaps after he does Revenge of the Sith) would be to reveal that the reviewer is, in fact, a drunken, strung-out George Lucas.

  • Mil

    I’m not disagreeing with this guy but there is this really interesting look on the prequel trilogy on
    Scroll down to The Phantom Menace. It makes you not hate the prequel trilogy so much.

  • alby

    Cannot UNSEE!!!! 🙁