The Pacific Rim Trailer Gets Better with the Power Rangers Theme


Pacific Rim is supposed to be Guillermo Del Toro’s love letter to giant monster/robot movies, but those of us who grew up after Gundams or Godzilla would have a different impression of what’s a “classic” in that genre.

That would of course be the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers whose theme song really spices up the Pacific Rim trailer as you can see above. I swear they’re going to do a big screen reboot of Power Rangers someday soon, for better or worse. Mark my words.

  • hookerproblems

    Godzilla – 1954
    Gundam – 1979
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – 1993

  • some guy

    that is exactly what i thought when i watched the trailer! and it made me even more excited to see it!!!

  • Austin

    Yeah, probably meant to say “after” there, not “before”. Although the stuff del Toro is homaging isn’t Gundam, but more classic super robot shows like Mazinger and Getter Robo.

  • Chris

    Power Ranger is the final proof that american like to transform any
    foreign genial thing in shi#…