The Other Side of the Story

I remember the good ol days of Star Wars, back when you imagined Stormtroopers were actual people with families just trying to earn a paycheck, not cloned Mexicans bred to kill.

This piece takes us back to a simpler time, before the new trilogy when human elements in the Star Wars universe still existed. But in Lucas’ new dystopia, they probably bred clone troopers without genitalia so they wouldn’t be distracted while serving the Empire.

Credit to the artist when I find it, and no Tineye is giving me nothing.

  • In an episode of the new “Clone Wars” cartoon one of the clone troopers deserted and knocked up a Twi’lek. And in “Star Wars Battlefront II”, during the story mode they mentioned that they were trying to phase out clones and were bringing in actual people. So the Stormtroopers can be pretty much whatever you want.

  • J5

    That stormtrooper looks like Kurt Warner….

    Is this what he did before the NFL? I thought he was bagging groceries.

  • Tony

    Yeah in all the original stories Han was in the Imperial Army until he went AWOL and became a smuggler/ badass. If I’m not mistaken he was a storm trooper. So just to through that out there

  • James

    Temuera Morriosn is from New Zealand!! Stormtroopers are Maori 🙂

  • werejohn

    It’s Gary!

  • Rigs

    “C’mon!…C’mon, Gary, use the force!!”

    I thought Gary was a bachelor though? He seems to sleep alone…lol…