The Other Droid You’re Looking For

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You’ll probably recall that a week or so ago, we featured an R2D2 patterned bathing suit on the site that every girl ever should buy. Well it was so popular, the company behind it (Black Milk) decided to shoot for a sequel in the form of a C-3P0 version, that I actually find cooler. And also this time, it’s being worn by a model rather than a Suicide Girl. +1 face, -3 ass.

But yeah, I’m a big fan of this, despite the fact that most one piece swimsuits are ’90s relics and/or for moms. What else could they do in this series? A Chewbacca one made out of fur? That might smell weird when wet. At LEAST do a Vader one, if you haven’t already, Black Milk.

  • You beat me to it dude. I was gonna say that girl needs to eat a big mac or something cause she’s got nothin to work with there.

  • Paul, thank you for your untiring efforts to show me awesome things while I should be working.

  • Josh

    Yeah the suicide girl one is still the my background. This is a semi- letdown

  • Bigdingo

    I’m looking for her ass…

  • they kinda do have a Vader one:

    I rather it be styled similar to these (i.e. Vader’s suit/armor)