The Origin of Species in Prometheus

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I’m not sure whether I’m still that upset about how dumb certain aspects of Prometheus were, or I just like watching people feel the need to vehemently defend it for some reason.

This image shows the “Origin of Species” as it were with all the various creature combinations featured in the film. You probably won’t have any idea what this means if you haven’t seen it, but don’t stare too hard I guess if you want to avoid any semblance of spoilers.

Above all else in the film, the black goo’s properties bothered me the most, as there were too many weird combinations of things to follow, and there were some pretty big leaps made using it as a catalyst. (Actual spoilers) one drop of goo makes a guy super sick, but before he’s super sick he has sex and the girl gets pregnant and gives birth to a squid that ends up growing into a huge facehuger that attaches itself to the protohuman which gives birth to the original xenomorph? If that was the biggest run-on sentence in the world, that’s because that’s what it felt like in the film.

Thanks Carlos for making this, check out more of his work here.


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