The One Man Disney Movie Who is a Must See


I’ve featured a lot of these split screen YouTube videos on the site before, an as impressive at it is to see one guy sing the Pokemon theme acapella, or play the Zelda theme using various instruments, they all pale in comparison to what you’re about to see.

This is Nick Pitera, a Pixar employee who can not only sing, but who can sing like a vast array of Disney characters, both male AND female. He plays the hero, the villain, the supporting characters, even the chorus. It’s not one movie, it’s many, and he pulls songs that I know you’l recognize.

This is far and away one of my favorite videos I’ve ever posted here, and considering that’s out of hundreds, that’s really saying something. Do yourself a favor and check it out above.

  • Jim

    Dude is… goode ^^

  • Andrew C

    OH. YOUR. GOD.
    He is amazing. I can’t believe that’s really him singing the female parts! Unbelievable voice on the guy!

  • George

    Needed more villain.

  • Darren

    Holy ferfrakkin’ crap!

  • Micktrex

    Own achievements now small and embarrassing in comparison.

  • Skrolnik

    Still needs to do a duet with that one transexual singer from Thailand’s got talent.

  • Arafax

    Does he really sing all this or is it lip-sync?

  • Ihatebrooms

    Having checked out his channel on YouTube, he’s legit.

  • Josh

    That was pretty amazing. To the poster above me, not all of the snogs are dead on (the scar song is a little off) so I think he does them all himself with no syncing. I’m wondering if he is using some voice alterer though? Whatever he does, it’s amazing, and if it’s really his voice all the way through then I am even more blown away.