The Ninja Turtles That Could Have Been


I know people are still pissed about the makeover the Ninja Turtles got for the recent Michael Bay-produced reboot, but to be honest, it could have been much, much weirder. Namely, they could have adopted the concept art of Anthony Francisco, who went a bit extraterrestrial with the turtles, attempting to get them to look even more like actual turtles.

The end result is a creature that seems like it might rise out of the sea to fight alongside Aquaman, or at the very least, be kept in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude alien zoo. I do kind of like the jagged shell however. All in all, it’s a bit too extreme, even with a mask and weapons, and so we got the only mildly creepy version we saw in the film. And will see again in a sequel, because it made money.



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