Epic Facebook Movie Typecasting Thread is Epic


Apologies for the absurdly long picture, but I think it’s worth it. How come my Facebook friends are never this cool? Surprisingly, I can’t think of any more to add to the list at the moment, but feel free to chime in with your own suggestions and maybe if I’m bored I’ll photoshop them in.

[via Reddit]

  • Ikue

    I’m cool… I said I love you guys..

  • Tishy

    I gotta say, I’m a really big fan of that movie where Matthew McConaughey grins stupidly for 90 minutes. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Lagrange

    Sean Connery… elderly, confident, eloquent, still good looking gentleman
    Christian Bale… angry and agreesive guy with a manic dedication
    Woody Allen… neurotic guy who reads, talks and dates alot and tries to convince you of his opinion
    Hugh Grant… misantropic idiot, who acts heartless, then is kinda sorry and in conclusion magically manages to get the girl
    Bruce Willis… tough guy who has to protect something
    Arnold Schwarzenegger… too easy

    Ben Affleck, Scarlet Joanson and NPH don’t have too many characters eighter but at least more genres

  • Madison

    @ Lagrange

    Nice work. Like the Hugh Grant call.

    I’d add Pacino – suave older man with a penchant for insane outbursts.

  • Lyre

    I always really enjoyed Anna Faris in that movie where she’s really hot but completely clueless.

  • chelsea

    i like that one movie where adam sandler yells a lot and is kind of immature. or the one where he makes nonsense words and sounds.

    i also really like that johnny depp movie where he plays a pale, eccentric outsider…. that is my favorite.

  • Sanchez

    I really like that cop show where the detective looks at the body, says something trite but witty and then the credits roll.

  • Sanchez

    I almost forgot how much I love the hospital show where the patient has a life threatening illness, cardiac arrests and then is back to normal and greatful by the end of the show.

    That show is SO real

  • Whatever

    I like the movie with Milla Jovovich where she plays a tough as nails, kick ass chick who is more than meets the eye. Yep, my fave

  • BrockSamson

    I like that one movie where Vin Diesel plays the jacked bald dude with a deep voice. I think Michael Clarke Duncan was in that one too.

    Also, the flick where Vince Vaughn plays that one fast-talking wise-ass guy. Man, I thought he was NEVER going to get the girl in the end, but he sure had my sympathy!

    Dude, have you seen that one M. Night Shyamalan where there’s the crazy twist? HOW BAD DID THAT FUCK WITH YOU?!

    Have you seen that one where Channing Tatum is the worst actor in the world, but he’s like…super dreamy?

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