The Most Relaxing Thing You’ll Hear All Day


Since I was at most three years old in the 80s, my appreciation of 80s music usually comes from its use in cult classic movies from the modern era. Therefore, the only reason I know shit about The Pixies is because of that memorable building destruction scene at the end of Fight Club where the haunting tune plays over the chaos. And I have to admit it’s a pretty rocking track.

This piano instrumental version the internet sent to me is simply amazing though,  and I truly believe it to be one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever heard. Strangely enough it’s set to some movie from the 1920s, but I usually just bookmark it and let it play while I’m doing stuff in other windows.

Oh snap! After writing this article, I actually found a place you can download it. If it’s not a torrent and it’s not Limewire, it’s legal right? Sure, let’s go with that! Here’s the link. The download button that looks like an ad is the real one, just uncheck that box first.


  1. James March 29, 2010
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