The Most Perfect Rendition of the Star Wars Theme You’ve Ever Head


I post videos every so often that’s the _______ theme played on the ________ and it’s usually pretty cool, but today, the Star Wars theme played on the Electone is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Why? Because it’s a magic instrument that lets the player replicate almost every piece of orchestra equipment that was used in the original theme, making this a nearly perfect rendition of the theme.

Just for good measure, she threw in the 20th Century Fox trumpets too. If you go to the actual YouTube page, you can see how many themes this girl can actually play on this thing like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Very cool stuff.

  • jim

    looks like a girl…just throwin that out there

  • mike

    Uhh… pretty sure there are two breastesses under that sweater buddy.

  • Hmmm… I think the pianist is a ‘she’ as opposed to a ‘he’. =)

  • Nipils

    dude, it’s a chick!

  • Yep, yep, my bad. It’s been a long morning.

  • Josh

    That may have been the greatest thing I had ever seen.

    Until I saw here in a dinosaur suit playing the Pirates theme.

  • Josh

    *her. Damnit, Unreality. Get a real commenting system. Seriously, just install Disqus already.

  • Bryan

    Not too impressed. Too easy to pre-record all the different tracks and relay them down afterwards. Then just practice the finger movements. And why no face?

    Sketchy, IMO.

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