The Most Inspirational Fictional Movie Moms

It isn’t mother’s day.   In fact the holiday isn’t even close yet.   Still though, I found myself watching Forrest Gump yesterday and I never realized how awesome Sally Field was in this movie.  And it got me thinking about movie moms.

Not just movie moms who were good.  That’s a fun list and a huge one at that.  But I was thinking more along the lines of movie moms who are inspiring.

I’ve put together a short list of  movie mothers I thought inspired….

Leighe Anne Tuhoy – The Blind Side

Played by Sandra Bullock, Tuhoy is a great real life example.   It’s worth mentioning as A.  Bullock got an Oscar for this role and B.  This is one of the greatest motherhood stories we’ve seen in a long time.  Taking in a homeless “giant” of a kid, Tuhoy not only does this unconditionally but she gives him direction and eventually sees him succeed as an NFL player.   All along the way having to overcome obstacles of racism, and constant danger.

Mrs. Gump – Forrest Gump

Played by Sally Field, you have to admit that Mrs Gump is one of the most courageous and devoted mothers in movie history.   She goes to great lengths to ensure that little Forrest has the same life and opportunity as any “normal” person.   In fact she even has sex with Forrest’s principal in order to keep him in the normal schooling system.  That’s dedication.