The Most Badass Rendition of the Wizard of Oz You’ve Ever Seen


(click to enlarge)

I’m going to assume this is from DeviantArt, since where the hell else would something like this come from? Someone just ripped it to Imgur without any artist credit, which is a bummer, because I’m definitely curious to see what else they’ve done after witnessing this badass piece.

Lord knows Tim Burton will probably try to remake The Wizard of Oz someday, and I guarantee it won’t look anything like this, which gives us Batman Begins‘ Scarecrow, The Wolfman‘s Cowardly Lion, and The Iron Giant‘s Tin Man. And college coed Dorothy of course. I would pay large amounts of cash to see this come to the big screen, but please, keep Burton away.

Seriously though, I’m stunned no one has remade The Wizard of Oz by now. It would likely be a travesty yes, but I think the Hollywood money machine would see lots of dollar signs coming from a 3D CGI-live action version of the film. Expect it announced within five years. I guarantee it. We’re making goddamn Battleship and Stretch Armstrong movies now after all.

Update: Frank found the artist.