The Most Badass Die Hard Tattoo That’s Even POSSIBLE


Clearly, those of you who haven’t seen the movie won’t get the reference, but those of you who have? How awesome is this?

It took me a moment to connect the dots on the Season’s Greeting tape (which I’m still not sure was in the movie?) but in any case it references the time frame. And in addition to being a cool idea, the tattoo itself is just incredibly well executed, and looks like it’s literally popping off his back in three dimensions.

I dare you to try to find something that tops this.

  • Lyre

    Coolest tattoo ever. Pure win.

  • josephbruce

    Die hard???

  • Dep103

    The tape was absolutely in the movie. OUTSTANDING.

  • Madison

    Yippie-ki-aye, Mr. Falcon!

  • SirEdward

    As a tattoo artist myself, I’m impressed.

    Don’t know if I’d get a tattoo referencing Die Hard on my back, but hey, to each their own.

    I’d like to get the name of the artist.. They’re good.

  • Velovan

    Epic win. Major props for the detail of the handgun.

  • Dom

    Yippie-ki-aye, mother trucker

  • Leonhart

    Excellent. And by the way, yes, the season’s greetings tape was in the film.

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  • MacGyver1138

    That’s awesome. If you’re going to get a tattoo, you might as well make it as bad ass as possible, and this has that covered.

    As others have said, the “Seasons Greetings” tape was the tape from the movie. He picks it up off of a cart that appears to have been used for gift wrapping.

  • TheGooch5396

    Thanks for loving on the tattoo. It is my first and only tattoo. I told Mark what my idea was and he was so excited to do something new he went out and bought the movie just so he could pause it to get the right angle on it and to try to draw the tape accurately. He actually owned the gun so all he did was basically trace a picture he took of it. He did an AMAZING job on the detail. I was more than impressed when he showed me the initial drawing.

    His name is Mark (don’t know his last name) and he owns Rising Tide in Newark Ohio.