The Most Badass Alphabet Ever


Sometimes I find things on the internet that leave me speechless with their awesomeness. And considering it’s my job to find crazy stuff all day long, that’s actually saying something.

But today I am bowing down to “The A-Z of Awesomeness,” a series of illustrations by Neill Cameron, where he takes each letter of the alphabet, crafts an absurd sentence around it, then brings it to life with an excellent drawing as you can see above.

There are 25 more epic letters to go, and you must check them all out below:


























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  • wannes


  • chrystani

    Man if I learned alphabets this way I would be a completely cooler person…

    Or not….

    hahaha.. Good find.

  • Tishy


  • Troopershades

    Z mos def the best.

  • Limitus

    that on elementary school^^ just imagine . . .

  • Bert

    Lucas should have had the foresight to recognize that R2 needed a mustache.

  • Velovan

    That gets an E for Epic Win.

  • FrankenPC

    I want your job.

  • Brendan

    The most awesome way I have seen the alphabet depicted…there is only one problem. I went to show my girlfriend how awesome it is and her not being a dork resulted in not knowing half of them. I thought about explaining them but then I realized I’d half to tell her I read a manga about a boy who turned into a girl when doused with cold water when I was 14…

    Is it bad when you know each and every reference including Edna the neighbor who kept giving Darren and Samatha shit in Bewitched?

  • Banditone

    edna even?

  • Lauren

    The awesomeness of this is beyond compare.

  • LawlessVictory

    I’m pretty sure “Xenophobic Professor X” is my new favorite character.

  • WryTerra

    Hate to say it but evil edna is actually a sentient, anthropomorphised television.

    That’s her in the picture, by the way.

  • Laura

    this is basically the book Animalia except vamped up for 2010

  • Charlie

    Just Joss.


  • hb

    ZZ Top one is freakin’ AWESOME! Love it!

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  • Carter

    Awesome! Here’s more Comics recent buzz, pics:

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  • Sean Shrum

    Cerberus? That’s freakin Alf. Cerberus is a 3 headed devil dog that guards the river Styx from mortals entering Hades…oh wait…nvrmnd.

  • Unmerciful

    Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this. I am going to teach my kids the alphabet with this and hope they get awesome by osmosis.

  • andy

    awesome awesome awesome list – if you like the typography in these sets, check out – it is a typography forum with about every font imagineable. from free fonts to exclusive. eames century modern was just released there last week i believe.

    anyhow, thanks again for this badass list!

  • Fayetteville Videographer

    W was wonderful.

  • gajackson

    H & O had me laughing out loud. As a teacher, I sorely wish I could print out & put up the whole set, but a couple of them just aren’t appropriate for a classroom, sadly. :(

    And where is Frank in Z???

    Still decidedly awesome!

  • Eric

    The inebriated Iron Man is too funny.

    He didn’t even bother to take off the helmet :)

  • kate
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  • Kenny Cross

    Except for the fact I couldn’t read R’s lettering (getting old I guess – thank you for the translation at the bottom) and I hated the original Doctor Who (because a friend of mine forced me to watch his VHS’s tapes over and over again every time I went to his house) and have never watched one episode of the ‘new’ Doctor Who (don’t own a television anymore, never will again – yea yea I could download it but no thanks) – This is a great alphabet. Better than Sesame Street that’s for sure.

    As for Wonder Woman. I’ll gladly take her off of Wolverine’s claws, er hands, if he doesn’t want her.

    Optimus Prime obliterating Oompa Loompas…all-time favorite. Thank you!

  • joe

    Absolutely made my day! Thank you for this!

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  • niceguyted

    Awesomeness is definitely the word. This alphabet rools.

  • Corina

    Love the anime references πŸ˜€

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  • jimmy washington

    lame content jack. should’ve reported and just linked to the dudes site for the bulk… f-

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  • Jeremy

    Great line up, very impressive work.

  • Alyssa

    It’s not meant to be Cerberus. πŸ˜› It’s Cerebus, the aardvark.

  • RJC

    This is great collection of work! Is the art from a book? It reminds me the book by Maddox, Alphabet of Manliness but this is damn awesome!

    Love the references, wonder how long it took to create those images!

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  • Prink

    OMG. What just happened?! That was awesome.

  • Keith

    Q and Q quaffing quinine.

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  • Shiai

    Start to finish, this is hilarious. Amd ‘Q’ is particularly brilliant. πŸ˜€

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  • Latz

    “Optimus prime Obliterating Oompa Loompas” … that one really tore me up :)

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  • The Sanity Inspector

    Oh, my sides…

  • Doc Brimley

    I wonder, do Brits pronouce ZZ Top as “zed-zed Top”?

  • Alexandra

    I found this by using stumble upon, my bf would really get a kick out of this and i cant wait to show him. Hes a really big nerd and would understand most of these more than i would. My favorite is letter “Z”

  • Laurie

    This needs SO VERY MUCH to be a coffee table book or a set of posters.

  • conor

    Great list, but making Yoda gay?! That’s not something I can forgive …

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  • Billy

    Totally awesome!

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  • Rodalcantara

    where can i get this on a better resolution?

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  • Kir

    This is all kinds of amazing.

  • KerryJ

    Love it! Except for the sexist L – but the J made up for it so what the ‘L!

  • blarg

    Cool stuff. But Maddox still did it better, and manlier, but good nevertheless.

  • v


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  • cock face and ball chin

    why did this make me think of porn?

  • dd

    That list is hilarious! :) Great work…

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  • Dan Ramos


  • bivouac

    Trying to teach my daughter her ABC’s these days, this might help. She would dig the Doctor Who reference, at least.

    Also, @ Brendan waaaaaaaaaaay up there? What an egregious comment. There you are bragging about getting a “Bewitched” reference about Edna the neighbor- not only is Evil Edna the tv from “Willo the Wisp”, but there was never any Edna in “Bewitched”, the neighbor’s name is Gladys. I wouldn’t have mentioned it but it’s such a pompous comment. You remind me of that statistic: 75% of the population believe they have above-average intelligence.

  • Mark

    This is great, my only nit pic is that there’s 3 band members to ZZTop not two.

  • Ukrainian Artist

    This is really unusual and funny. You have good imagination.

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  • Joseph Scandura

    What a creative way to teach the alphabet!

  • David

    awesome, but my one nitpick is that there’s no love for DC Comics here.

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  • sven

    LAME RIP OFF OF BOB MCLEOD’S BOOK “SUPERHERO ABC” from 2006 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akshay

    Awesome!!!great work

  • lau

    EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC i’m reblogging this.

  • Lisa581


  • Boazjohn
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  • Ivor Tetteh-Lartey

    Very educational art.

  • Megiddeh

    Did I just find a way awesome boarder to my 5 month old’s bedroom? I think I did. K’s my fave…J’s just kreepy.

  • damn it

    This is the 4th time i’ve stumbled upon this same thing. It was ok the first time, now it’s getting annoying.

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  • Miss Displaced

    OMG! This is the most kickass thing I’ve ever seen!
    I bow to your Awesomeness!

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  • Robbie

    terrible…. loads of grammatical errors…lol!
    but it’s an interesting twist for our ABC!

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  • Jerod

    most heinous.

  • Coastal Cottages

    Very cool, liked all the letters, great work

  • Preto


  • Danthok

    I am speechless all that needs to be said is thank you. Stumbled on this and as a result I will now be a regular at your site.

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  • internetgurl

    holy wow. i need to beef up on my dorkitude. galactus was probably my favorite though.

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  • Me

    hmm, kinda lame knock off from some rapper dude who goes from a-z. Whatev

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  • babydracula

    love it!!!!!!!!!!

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  • mattitude



  • Thatoneguy

    It was better the first time I read it in Maddox’s book….

  • SamSung

    Great use of creativity!

  • diego

    fucking awesome dude

  • katerlake

    Awesome. Great idea.

  • seth

    Z was deff the best haha ZZ Top

  • Gregory M. Figg

    nice !!

  • A. Sales

    If this were a kids book, I would buy it for my daughter!

  • HereticPrincess

    Those are hilarious!

  • Noryvian

    Genial, fuera de lo comun, badass alphabet! haha… just great!

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  • Mike


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  • Philip

    P,T and F best

  • Steve

    “# Doc Brimleyon 27 Mar 2010 at 3:48 am

    I wonder, do Brits pronouce ZZ Top as β€œzed-zed Top”?”

    No we don’t, because it’s the band’s name :)

  • bandaid

    P should have had something to do with pirates

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  • sir jorge

    that’s beyond awesome

  • Kairam

    Very Nice!
    Though you could have Captain Carrot in C.

  • Anonymous


  • Mitomke

    Hey If only you guys were around teaching this stuff when I was in First Grade. I wouldn’t be such a daydreamer now.

  • Jarv2ie

    I like this, however has anyone else noticed that the drawing for the letter V is anatomically impossible?

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  • Tara

    I was listening to the ranma 1/2 first opening theme when i read the one for “R”…coincidence? I think not.

  • pingu

    i’m all about the comics, movies, etc. but this is just kinda shit.

  • llolll

    Funniest thing about this is that there’s actually a Captain Britain, hillarious!

  • laptop screen repair

    Haha @ captain britain thats comedy.

  • jamesfox849

    Thats it guys
    We’re done here
    We can shut the internet down now

  • Simon

    Shear Fucking Awesomeness! Love the Letters A, D, K, P, Q, S, and Y but the letter Z is the Top in my book.

  • Gabriela

    This alphabet is so cool, i laughed many times and sent it to my friends!
    Thanks for sharing it :)

  • red

    AWESOME, props for ‘t’, Tintin is awesome however points taken off for Vehicle Voltron, I get it’s ‘V’ehicle but it only says Voltron and Lion Voltron is infinitely better :(

  • dd
  • blargh

    There is a lot of fail in here. Like J and B, I mean how could you not use Batman? Fuckin’ gay.

  • Mutty

    Brilliant! Having Evil Edna in there was inspirational.

  • Bill

    I think I like the Cthulu kid’s alphabet better. I am not lying, there is one!

  • Zuke

    Cmon, we all know that wolverine would friggin’ love it if wonder woman was wasted. Who wouldn’t? I totally heard she’s crazy into bondage ya know…

  • http://facebook Torento

    I ironically know exactly how Wolverine feels. Some wasted woman spilled beer in my crotch at a Van Halen concert one time. It’s impossible to choose a favorite out of all of these, although I like the ZZ Top zapping zombies one a lot. ^_^

  • Hellboy

    Cerberus is a three headed dog.

  • Sarah

    Points off for R font being unreadable at the top, yet points gained back for including it, at the bottom in easier to read font. The ZZ Top one is brilliant lol.

  • DANO

    niiiiiiice!!! =-D

  • Trent Tj Herzog

    I saw this eighteen months ago, and they haven’t come up with anything as good as this since then.

  • Emanuel Camacho

    That’s not Voltron…that’s Dairugger XV! Oh My God I’m a nerd…

    …I’m sorry.