The Midwest and Hoth are One in the Same

We have a contender for coolest dad of the year. I’m not sure how exactly the snow sculpture was made, nor how it’s able to support the weight of a child, but I’m duly impressed all around. The best thing I’ve ever crafted out of the buckets of snow we have out there was an igloo. But then it collapsed because I can’t even make a building secure, much less a snow walker on four scrawny legs.

[via Flickr]

  • Guy Incognito

    Sorry to do this Paul but I believe the term is “One AND the Same”

  • Gale

    I love how this kid doesn’t seem remotely impressed, I get the feeling this was 100% Daddy’s dream, not hers

  • Jax

    Looks like Daddy used the family BBQ as a base on which to build this. Only thing I could thing up to be that sturdy to hold a kid.