The Make-upless Joker


I’m not exactly sure why, but one of my favorite parts in The Dark Knight is that split second where you see Ledger’s Joker dressed up like a cop in the crowd, without his white makeup on. It’s only a briefly glimpse, but it’s like you have a moment of insight into the character somehow.

Well, now you can live that moment again and again with this picture, which shows Ledger in his scars makeup, without all the white, black and red gunk on top of it. Still got a bit of the green hair going on.

Side note: I don’t want Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Riddler, as much as I like the actor. They just look too damn similar.

  • kensington

    Ledger is hardly recognizable in The Dark Knight (apart from that split second you mentioned), so I would not mind Gordon-Levitt.

    But if I could chose one of the Inception’s castmember for the Riddler, I’d take Tom Hardy. I really liked his performance in it. Cillian Murphy was great too, but he already played Scarecrow, so…

  • support

    They don’t look alike in my opinion !

  • chrystani

    Tom Hardy is too thick to be the Riddler.

    Riddler has to be someone thin and wiry like…
    Um… Jim Carrey.

    hahaha. I made a funny.

    But for real Cillian would have been a sweet ass Riddler.

    And Joseph would do the hell out of that role, and he would look freakin hot in a slim tailored suit.

  • jaromir

    I would like to see a different villain appear in the next Batman movie…..

    I dunno;

    Clayface, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Hugo Strange, even a better take of Mr. Freeze, or even better….introduce Talia and lets get a story arc involving the Demons Head.

    Riddler, imo, is a lame character as is Penguin. I would just rather see something else, especially if this is Nolans last batman movie.

    As for the joker pic, can’t help but feel that such a talent was lost.

  • LawlessVictory

    I’m for Gordon-Levitt. As kensington said, Ledger was barely recognizable, so I don’t think the resemblance would be evident.

    I feel like Riddler’s just never gotten a fair shot on the big screen and that he’s perfect for Nolan. Catwoman too. She’s been a blonde zombie psychopath and, um, whatever Halle Berry was, but never the street-tough cat burglar she’s supposed to be.