The Legend of Chun-Li makes $4.7M, I Might Go See It Out of Pity


For the thousandth time, WHAT THE **** IS SHE WEARING? 

To be fair, I completely expected the Street Fighter movie to open in eighth place at the box office and score a fat 00% on Rotten Tomatoes, but now that it has happened it’s actually kind of sad. I mean, I love Street Fighter, I love Kristin Kreuk so it’s really painful to watch them suffer in this way.

Now I might actually go see it because A) I feel bad and B) It would probably make for one awesome review. Bad movies are ten thousand times more fun to write about than good ones. What’s that? Oh, I have advance free tickets to go see Watchmen tomorrow? Nevermind. Later guys.

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  1. Alison March 4, 2009

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