The Joker Blogs: The Complete Series


Apparently these have been around for quite a while, but I just stumbled upon The Joker Blogs recently, and I have to say, they’re pretty damn cool. They’re meant to be a series of tapes recorded by Dr. Harleen Quinzel right after the Joker’s imprisonment in Arkham following the end of The Dark Knight, kind of like something you might have found in the Arkham Asylum video game.

I’ve heard mixed reactions to the lead actor’s portrayal of Ledger’s Joker. I think his makeup his dead on, and his lines are very well written, but his voice is a bit off. However, I promise you will get used to it by episode three, right around where things start to get interesting. If you don’t like the first one, I suggest you push through, I think this ends up being a rather cool little series overall.

1. Therapy Begins


2. Arkham Bound


3. Meet Steve


4. Dreams Come True


5. Hypnotized


6. An Apple a Day


7.  Artistic Merit


8. BRB


9. Find Patient 4479 



Died on the Fourth of July


The Easter Charade


April Fooled


My Funny Valentine


The Dark Knight Before Christmas


  • Thogo

    Why do the guards still let him wear his make-up? He’s in a asylum, you would only reduce the change of making the patient sane again.

  • Ellie


    That’s what Dr. Quinzel complains about; that the villains at Arkham (for example: Dr. Crane aka Scarecrow) being able to still wear their masks and etc is wrong and doesn’t allow them to recover.

    Nevertheless, Dr. Arkham and the guards allow the Joker to still wear his makeup because, for his lipstick, he bit a guard’s finger off, so Dr. Arkham gave him all the makeup that he needs.

    (This is all explained in episode 6, An Apple a Day)

  • Claudia

    I can’t wait to see what happens next in The Joker Blogs! Thanks for linking to these! 😀

  • Shbadger

    I absolutely love these guys!! I can’t say it enough haha, Blog boys acting is spot on with the joker, i’d love to see what else he could do in the future, after the joker blogs is finished. B)

  • ariencalen

    Update!! XD

  • Thanks for posting these Joker Blog videos. There is some great footage there and I love the concept.
    Joker is one of the most intriguing villains, IMO.
    I went to let your readers know about some uncanny, creepy, and amazing drawings of Joker that have been submitted to my fan site at, all created with the Draw Something game. What some of these artists are doing with an iPad or an iPhone and a pretty rudimentary drawing game is really impressive.

    Check out this one of Joker: