The Hollywood Good Idea Parade Continues: A Mortal Kombat Reboot


Anyone on the site been around long enough to remember when I used to write as “Sub-Zero”?

It’s probably a bad sign that a reboot of Mortal Kombat only seems like the twelfth stupidest franchise restart I’ve heard about over the past year, but that doesn’t make it any less of a dumb idea. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:


I do not believe this rule carries over to all games, as I think God of War, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Uncharted and others could all make great games if DONE CORRECTLY, but fighting games? Never ever. Why?

A fighting game is made up of 20 or so different storylines, all smashed together in the form of some tournament that exists for unknown reasons. Each of these individual storylines are pretty crazy in their own right, and at MOST they intersect with one or two other characters’ stories in the tournament. To make a movie out of this will result in a fractured plot and nothing more than a series of forced cameos of all the fighters who shouldn’t logically fit into the plot.

Mortal Kombat presents additional challenges though, as in movie/games like Tekken or Street Fighter, the participants are content to knock each other out and move on. MK on the other hand? Most fights end with someone’s spine getting ripped out or falling ten stories into a pit of spikes. How exactly do you make a movie where you kill off 99% of the characters you introduce?

That being said, I thinkĀ  an MK movie would have the potential for some pretty badass fight scenes, assuming the film goes with a “hard R” rating. But the much more likely scenario is this project will just go the way of all the fighting game films before it, and we’ll see its skeleton floating down a river of acid in a year or two.


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