The Hollywood Good Idea Parade Continues: A Mortal Kombat Reboot


Anyone on the site been around long enough to remember when I used to write as “Sub-Zero”?

It’s probably a bad sign that a reboot of Mortal Kombat only seems like the twelfth stupidest franchise restart I’ve heard about over the past year, but that doesn’t make it any less of a dumb idea. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:


I do not believe this rule carries over to all games, as I think God of War, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Uncharted and others could all make great games if DONE CORRECTLY, but fighting games? Never ever. Why?

A fighting game is made up of 20 or so different storylines, all smashed together in the form of some tournament that exists for unknown reasons. Each of these individual storylines are pretty crazy in their own right, and at MOST they intersect with one or two other characters’ stories in the tournament. To make a movie out of this will result in a fractured plot and nothing more than a series of forced cameos of all the fighters who shouldn’t logically fit into the plot.

Mortal Kombat presents additional challenges though, as in movie/games like Tekken or Street Fighter, the participants are content to knock each other out and move on. MK on the other hand? Most fights end with someone’s spine getting ripped out or falling ten stories into a pit of spikes. How exactly do you make a movie where you kill off 99% of the characters you introduce?

That being said, I think  an MK movie would have the potential for some pretty badass fight scenes, assuming the film goes with a “hard R” rating. But the much more likely scenario is this project will just go the way of all the fighting game films before it, and we’ll see its skeleton floating down a river of acid in a year or two.

  • IcemanD

    I remember when you used to write as Sub-Zero. Well, I remember articles written by Sub-Zero and had no idea you were one and the same.

    Also, a Mortal Kombat movie will fail on multiple levels.

  • illeaturfamily

    Dude I had no idea you were “Sub-Zero.” What prompted you to stop using the alias?

    Anyhow, I have to agree with you and Iceman. No good will ever come of this. The only thing we’ll get is a laughable “action” movie that’s on a Steven Segal level of quality.

  • Madison

    Yeah, this is a terrible idea. Maybe if it were CGI it’d be decent, but using actors makes the whole thing seem silly…again.

  • LawlessClutch

    MK could work as a TV series, meaning one that actually features the core characters and takes its time telling each story, but that also brings up the fact that it’s not 1995 anymore, and as fun and nostalgic as Mortal Kombat will always be to most of us, it’s certainly beyond its peak of popularity.

  • MacGyver1138

    I agree that it would be awesome if they went for a hard R, and we could see some interesting fights, but I’m sure this will be a crappy PG-13 affair. I don’t even understand the logic behind spending money to reboot a franchise that hasn’t been popular for years. Maybe if a new game had recently released and was doing well I could understand, but the last game using MK was MK vs. DC, and it sucked.

  • MacGyver1138

    Also, that picture of Sub-Zero seems to have the Shredder’s head.

  • matt

    I think if they just went ahead and ignored plot and just went ahead and made a movie that was four hours of the characters kicking the fuck out of each other that would be top notch.

    I also think that LawlessClutch had a great idea. Put the show on Showtime or another channel like that and they could actually do something pretty awesome with it.

  • sunchips

    every fighting game movie has been a severe shit fest so far. but i honestly still believe street fighter could be made into an awesome movie. if it moved along the lines of the animated movie released in the 90s and focused on ryu, and m bisons plan to use his power. ryu and ken have the most fleshed out and likable stories in the franchise. every attempt so far was bad just cause they werent approached with enough attention or any thought of making it anything but a cash generator. you just focus on ryus path, have him cross paths with ken, show pieces of there rivalry, “lightly” mix in complementing characters and you wont have a total piece of shit on your hands