The Greatest Costumes of Comic-Con 2011

Well I told you this was coming and here it is, a gallery featuring the absolute best costumes from this year’s Comic-Con, where I am seriously blown away by how much effort people put into their outfits.

Yes, there are plenty of hot girls to be found, but as you can see above, they weren’t the only stars of the show, as there were some amazing entries across both genders.

All of these pictures come from a massive thousand picture gallery from ComicVine, which produces by far the best gallery of the show every year, but I’m going to save you several hundred clicks and just post some of the highlights you might miss otherwise.

Check them out below, and if you still want more, head over to the full gallery here.

  • too bad hollywood would never make a superman movie with its hero bleeding like that. that’s what people want to see! and not some untouchable bland of steel.

  • jus

    Jessica Nigri aka Pikachu Girl: So awesome, she got featured twice in two different costumes!

  • Guy Incognitus

    Holy crap Jessica Rabbit! Too bad she didn’t finish the costume by dying her hair red.

  • George

    Considering this site’s love of Sexy Pikachu, I am actually surprised that the two Jessica Nigri costumes weren’t commented on in the actual post.

  • Bert

    @ThomasR – If I’m not mistaken, that’s a Superboy-Prime cosplay. It’s confusing, but he’s not the “traditional” Superman that most of the stories are about. He’s the Superman analogue from the Earth of another dimension, which was obliterated by the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths. It gets more complicated, but that’s the gist.

  • Drester

    Harley Quinn is awesome. Really hope to see her in the upcoming movie, though I doubt that will happen.

  • johnny

    The second costume, “No Face” from spirited away is actually Adam Savage from Mythbusters

  • Andrew C

    Oh man, the Female Scout was by far my favorite.
    The Sith Joker had some really good makeup, too!
    Most people who try to do the Joker usually look like Heath’s Joker in the interrogation room in TDK. Makeup sweated off and hair dye wearing thin.
    Help’s that the dude has a really creepy smile too…

  • @Bert

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I just got a little nerdier!
    Then I would skip the classic superman for that one!

  • Skip R

    I would of thought that Adrian Curry costume would of made it on the list. She got kicked out of CC for it being to skimpy or slutty, but man its nice.

  • What costume is the one with the girl holding the fish?

  • Drester


    That’s the female scout from Team Fortress

  • Katie

    Did you know that the guy in the no-face costume was Adam from Mythbusters?


  • bendemolena

    Oh man these are so good. I think Psylocke and Doom are somehow my favorites.

    What’s that Wolverine wearing, though? I saw it all of once in the comics (granted, I don’t keep up with everything \: ) and never had it explained.

  • Smeck

    as the last picture shows theres no getting period stains out of white skirts

  • Maegan

    Did anyone else but me realize that the women in the white dress with the white hair was supposed to be GLaDOS from Portal 😀

  • blahblahblah

    …why does Belle from Beauty and the Beast have hairy legs?

  • bridge.troll

    …I think I might be in love with that dude dressed as Lobo…

  • Mer

    @blahblahblah – she doesn’t have hairy legs. They are pantyhose that have a darker design on them. Can’t tell what kind of design.

  • Phil E. Drifter

    Proving it’s all about money, they let the ugly women in too, and boy this page has a lot of them.

  • reeser ray

    I look like most of those creatures when I first get up in the morning without even trying.

  • Anachro

    Needs more sexy guys.

  • Love the iron man one

  • Rasher

    Generally good, but the cute girl with a lightsaber? V nice but not exactly a great costume.

  • dude

    I find it amusing that the “best” are mostly women. You guys need to get laid.

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