“The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard” Gets Bad Reviews: Gee, That’s Surprising


Wait a second.  Please don’t tell me that anyone was actually pumped up to see this.  The trailers alone give away how bad this thing was going to be.  “Yay let’s beat up the Asian guy because of Pearl Harbor!”

I mean come on.   There seems to be absolutely nothing redeeming about this movie.  And yes, I’m saying that completely based on the cast and well…the cast.

David Koechner?  Come on.  He was half decent in waiting but the guy isn’t really funny.  I mean if you give him a manly beer gut role he’s sort of decent, but when you allow him more than 30 minutes of screen time you know you’re screwed.

Piven?  Let him just play Droz in PCU 2 or be John Cusack’s best friend if he’s gonna do film again.  Otherwise I suggest the dude sticks to Ari and milks it for as long as he possibly can.

Someone please tell me why this movie is half worth seeing.  Oh yeah, because it’s being advertised on our website!


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