The Girls of Guardians of the Galaxy


While I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, one aspect I wish had a little more time devoted to it was the explanation of the relationship between Nebula, Gomorrah, Thanos and Ronan, which was confusing at best, and nonsensical at worst. I know there’s more of a history in the comic, but both seemed willing to betray their “father” Thanos at the drop of a hat. I believe that’s because they were technically captives, but why would he think they’d be loyal to him if he didn’t keep them on a leash? I didn’t quite get that, as it was like, “duh, of course they’ll betray him.”

Annnyway, artist Andy Park has come out with some concept art showing what alternate versions of each character could have looked like. The final products were pretty close to these, but there are some definite tweaks, especially in the other pics below which you should check out.




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