My Five Favorite Christmas Movies of All Time


I was going to write a “Top 10 Best Christmas Movies Ever” post today, but I figured eh, screw it, they’re all just going to be whatever movies I like the best anyways, or else it’s just going to have to be A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life as the top three.

So here we go, these are MY favorite Christmas movies of all time, and I happen to think they’re all pretty great. See if you agree:1. Love Actually


Love Actually is not just one of my favorite Christmas movies, it’s one of my favorite movies period, it just happens to be set during Christmas. The holiday does play an important role in the film as it’s the catalyst for children’s plays and radio #1 single competitions, but it’s secondary to the eighty million love stories found in the film.

Best Scene: The Prime Minister’s Dance


2. Elf


It’s pretty hard to make a “new” Christmas classic nowadays, but Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell delivered just that. Buddy the Elf is probably Ferrell’s best man-child role, because it’s in a movie that actually calls for that type of character. Buddy’s journey into the “real world” and finding out it’s not as magical as he hoped, it touching and hilarious all at the same time.

Best Scene: Buddy Discovers New York


3. Home Alone 2


I actually like Home Alone 2 better than the first because I believe it’s the more Christmas-y of the pair (no, I don’t count the other six sequels they made). Christmas in New York is a pretty awesome thing to behold, and in between bandits getting hit with bricks that should in all likelihood kill them, we get to see a hell of a lot of holiday spirit.

Best Scene: There are a lot, but I’m going to have to go with this one because of Tim Curry


4. Jingle All the Way


Everyone seems to think this movie is shit, but I personally love it. It’s absurdly over the top, but Arnold is superb in it, as he’s one of the few action stars who I believe does comedy well. Plus you have Sinbad and Anakin Skywalker, how can you beat that? The search for an elusive toy culminates in probably the best ending of any movie here, as Arnold takes on the mantle of Turboman himself, and his kid thinking his dad’s a superhero is probably one of the greatest gifts you could ever give.

Best Scene: The multi-Santa fight scene, but sadly no one has uploaded it to YouTube. Can anyone help me out?


5. A Muppet Christmas Carol


There are many Muppet movies and there are many Christmas Carol movies (trust me, do NOT see the new one), but when the two met it was probably the greatest Christmas movie ever made. Michael Caine might have been a bit too kindhearted for Ebenezer Scrooge, but the Muppet cast filling out the film was priceless, and things even got a little terrifying once the ghost of Christmas future showed up.

Best Scene: Marley and Marley’s Duet



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