The Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Arrives


The Avengers is out in a few days, and is getting rather stellar reviews so far. We always knew it would be a big Marvel vs. DC, Disney vs Warner Bros. showdown, and it’s impossible to tell who’s coming to come out ahead as the better superhero film, Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises.

Both suffer from impossibly high expectations, but I think TDKR even more so as it’s Chris Nolan, who does NOT make bad movies, and because TDK made SO much money and was exceptionally beloved by fans. We’ve seen very, very little from the film, and this new trailer is promising to be the “final” one, despite the movie’s release being two months away in July.

What do you think? For me it’s intriguing, but doesn’t quite send chlils up my spine the way the Dark Knight’s spots did. Something like the recent new Prometheus trailer had that effect on me, while this did not. Not to say the film won’t be good, but I don’t know, something just seems missing to me.

They’ve clearly cleaned up Bane’s voice quite a bit so it’s perfectly understandable, and I think that was necessary for final release, as I couldn’t hear a word he was saying in the older trailers. Class warfare is certainly a relevant topic, but I’m still not exactly sold on Bane as a villain. Perhaps what I’m most curious about however, is what Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s true role is. We’re not seriously believing that he’s just some random cop, right?

Update: Alright, I’ve watched this a few more times, and it is rather fantastic, I admit.


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