The Fifteen Best Pictures of Emma Watson

I wasn’t going to do another one of these so soon, but I felt I had to jump on the Hogwarts Express before it fully left the station. One of the coolest things about the series was watching the young actors grow up before our eyes. They were all just kids when it started, but now they’re big and tall, and quite good looking.

Obviously one that’s caught our eye more than most has been Miss Hermoine Granger. She started off as a frizzy haired know-it-all, but grew up and the actress who plays her, Emma Watson, is now 21 and gorgeous. She’s classically beautiful in a way you don’t see often in Hollywood anymore, and I thought she was a prime candidate for our feature which has spotlighted the likes of Mila Kunis, Christina Hendricks and Olivia Wilde before. She has a far different look than any of them, but is still absolutely stunning in her own right.

So I’ve done the exceptionally taxing job of hunting through the internet to find the absolute best pictures of Emma Watson in existence. I’m happy with my finds, and hopefully you will be as well. Check out the gallery below:

Hogwarts Summer Vacation

Ooo Nice Wallpaper!

In School Uniform

This is My Angry Face

Far Away Gaze


Ten Points for Griffindor


British cowboy

Emo Ballerina

There’s a Not So Serious One!

Can Even Get Away with Short Hair

She Should be a Royal

Couldn’t Forget the Rest of the Gang





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