The Fifteen Best Pictures of Emma Watson

I wasn’t going to do another one of these so soon, but I felt I had to jump on the Hogwarts Express before it fully left the station. One of the coolest things about the series was watching the young actors grow up before our eyes. They were all just kids when it started, but now they’re big and tall, and quite good looking.

Obviously one that’s caught our eye more than most has been Miss Hermoine Granger. She started off as a frizzy haired know-it-all, but grew up and the actress who plays her, Emma Watson, is now 21 and gorgeous. She’s classically beautiful in a way you don’t see often in Hollywood anymore, and I thought she was a prime candidate for our feature which has spotlighted the likes of Mila Kunis, Christina Hendricks and Olivia Wilde before. She has a far different look than any of them, but is still absolutely stunning in her own right.

So I’ve done the exceptionally taxing job of hunting through the internet to find the absolute best pictures of Emma Watson in existence. I’m happy with my finds, and hopefully you will be as well. Check out the gallery below:

Hogwarts Summer Vacation

Ooo Nice Wallpaper!

In School Uniform

This is My Angry Face

Far Away Gaze


Ten Points for Griffindor


British cowboy

Emo Ballerina

There’s a Not So Serious One!

Can Even Get Away with Short Hair

She Should be a Royal

Couldn’t Forget the Rest of the Gang




  • Daniel looks SO gay in the last one xD

  • Random Leon


  • Gank

    She is effortlessly cool.

  • Joe

    Daniel looks like Wallace Wells. For the win.

  • Jim Lahey

    Paul, if you have any control over nattyb, you should rip his email controls away from him. I definitely do not want emails from Nate Berman AKA letting me know about this exact article. If you are going to spam people, you should let them know that when they have to input their email for commenting purposes

  • Steve

    It still amazes me how much she looks like Lea Thompson.

  • @Jim – no more emails for you, apologies

  • I don’t think these pics are all of her when eh’s 18+ so I’ll refrain from commenting on her hawtness.

  • Jim Lahey


    Damn you! I always look like an asshole because you respond to my rages so graciously and you’re always quick to solve problems I notice with the site!

  • Drester

    First Kim Kardashian en now Emma Watson. These two don’t even come close to the other three.

  • john

    @JapJay hahahahahhahaa. read my mind

  • Patty

    that first cover image you have is by far my favorite.

  • IrishChick

    She’s soooo stuck up it drives me insane. She can’t model at all, and Harry potter is the only movie she has been succesful in. She should have stayed in Brown(which she only got into because she’s famous), because she’s screwed now.

  • Steve


    I guess you could say that she was GREEN…with envy….YEEAAHHH!!!

  • @IrishChick

    Jealous much?

    Here’s to wishing for a re-imagining of Casablanca with her in the Isla role and say…Joe Manganiello as Rick?

  • Nick D Pags

    Someone likes your stuff. He credits your site and then refers to you as “some young guy”

    I don’t know if you read his site Paul but he’s a pretty good writer.

  • toni goethe

    the first pic is my fave, I agree with Patty.
    Even when she tries to look wild (Ten points for griffindor) her elegance simply can’t be concealed. There’s tiny bit of sluttiness there but certainly with class. Slutty but not trashy. I don’t know if she deserves to be in Brown and, frankly, I don’t care as I don’t think that her education will shape her. If she’s very careful in choosing films or projects which she wants to be associated with regardless of their box office receipt, she’s on her way to be a great actor, believe you me.

  • A.

    @ IrishChick

    “(which she only got into because she’s famous)”

    – yeah. That and the fact that she’s got straight A’s on all of her classes and exams.

  • V


    Because she’s famous?

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  • she is looks bad on sort hairstyle…

  • beautiful

  • she is cool

  • faizan

    she is beautiful

  • Eric

    She is a natural beauty no doubt, filled with a great deal of charm, poise and self-awareness well beyond here years. I suspect she will have an amazing career!

    • Tait

      Agreed, natural beauty at its finest

  • MegaSolipsist

    You described her perfectly with ‘classically beautiful’. First celebrity crush, and looking round at the others, still my favourite.