The Echelon Conspiracy Trailer Reveals Least Terrifying Conspiracy Ever


There is a phone…

that can do…


I guess Echelon Conspiracy is being marketed solely at technophiles who spend their days with their pants around their ankles while browsing Gizmodo. I’m just not sure what’s remotely a good idea about making a movie based around a magic cell phone that tells you how to win at casinos and changes stoplights, but it was a good enough pitch for someone to give them a few millions dollars to make this absurd concoction.

As it turns out, other people want this magic phone and will kill you to get it. It’s kind of like The One ring from Lord of the Rings, if Lord of the Rings was set in the present day, and was incredibly stupid. I thought that Clive Owen movie about evil banks was the least scary “conspiracy” I’d ever heard of, but now “omniscient cell phone” definitely wins the grand prize.

And didn’t this come out last year when it was called Eagle Eye?

  • Dani

    its always funny when someone acts like they are above technology and its so low brow… yet they run a blog…

    this looks like a fun movie (surely also too low brow for ‘those’ people) and I’m sure it has enough plot to get by, and enough special effects to keep you entertained… so quit complaining that this isnt the best…

    and go shane!!!

  • patrol

    funny movie 🙂 but Shane is my darling babe 🙂

  • Tom

    thats not what the movie is about at all have you even seen it?