‘The Double’ is How Not to Do a Movie Trailer


Yeah, I know, two movie trailers in a week, but I featured The Raid because it was absolutely amazing. Today I’m posting The Double because it’s the exact opposite of that.

There have been a lot of complaints that trailer show the whole movie, and I’ve learned there’s a reason for that. It’s been a purposeful shift because marketers have realized that to get people in the theater, they need to know what to expect, and teasing doesn’t accomplish that.

But sometimes it’s taken way, way too far. I was actually intrigued by the concept of a man (Richard Gere) hunting down the world’s most dangerous super spy, but a reveal in the middle of trailer causes me to think I needn’t bother with the film at all now. See what I’m talking about above.

  • i hope that reveal happens in the first 15 minutes of the movie, cause then it’s like part of the premise, and there’s enough time for another twist or two near the end..
    that actually might be interesting, but i don’t think it’s gonna be that way..

  • Morono

    I’m still gonna wanna see it.

  • Carmelo

    The makers of the trailer have outsmarted themselves. they figured they would “trick” the audience by giving away the plot that isn’t the real plot. But who wants to invest in a movie if they think they already know the plot.?

  • Matthijs

    If this twist really is ‘the’ twist of the movie, they have already spoiled it in the title of the movie.

  • Understand

    That’s not the true reveal, it’s like face off, but as someone else already said, with a more obvious title. This post is just as stupid as the people who seemed to think the trailer ruined Terminator Salvation, when Marcus being a robot was heavily implied within the first ten minutes.

  • stimp

    This has to be either an awful/sad statement on movie marketing folks, or there has to be yet another twist in the movie plot or something which isn’t revealed in the trailer? I mean this looks ridiculous on the face of it.

  • Matt

    lololol he was hunting HIMSELF! way to give it away…

  • Wermine

    First rule when writing detective novels: The antagonist can never be protagonist! Seems like movie makers think they are “clever”. But I agree, the main twist of the movie can’t be that.