The Doctor vs. Darth



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Seeing as The Doctor (his name is NOT “Doctor Who” people) can go anywhere and anywhen, it stands to reason that if he wanted to, he could in fact visit a galaxy a long time ago, far far away. This pair of paintings from Drombyb imagines what that might look like. Above, we have the good Doctor taking on Lord Vader. It seems the sonic screwdriver is causing a bit of a lightsaber malfunction. The other shot below is equally cool, as the Doctor is instructed by Luke in the ways of the lightsaber himself. “Gorgeous!” I can hear him saying already.

Just a very cool series all around, and I hope Dromby does a few more of these. Who knows, maybe with Disney letting the apron strings go on the license a bit, perhaps we COULD see a Star Wars/Doctor Who crossover someday. And wouldn’t that be something?

Check out the other picture below:



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